Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 609

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 609: Kumu Technique

“Correct, I am indeed not the past Tianku, am already a dying person, hahaha, come, is Half Sage realm so great? I will let you all experience the power of Kumu Space, hahahaha…”

Tianku roared with laughter. Facing the pressure of Black and White Elders, these two super experts, Tianku was fearless, in addition, there was a hint of indescribable madness as if he was endlessly excited to perish together with Black and White Elders. Such madness made other people’s scalp tingle. What was even more terrifying was, the entire wooden cabin creaked, the floor, walls and ceiling transformed into thick roots as the entire wooden cabin instantly transformed into a big tree.

Kumu Space!

In anger, Tianku held nothing back. He immediately used his unique technique, Kumu Space. Now, the disciples outside the door were in one world, and Black and White Elders were in another world. It seemed that this small and crude wooden cabin actually had some other mysteries. In this space, Kumu Warrior Tianku was an unmatched master. Even Black and White Elders, these two Half Sage realm experts, were under the binding of Kumu Technique, reducing their combat power. Tianku, however, was like a tiger that has grown wings here!

Outside the door, the disciples had their eyes wide open in horror and subconsciously retreated again.

Inside the door, the complexion of overbearing Black and White Elders also changed suddenly.

Their cultivation was quite higher than Tianku, but who was Tianku? He was one of the big three of Heavenly Yao Sect, was the sole bodyguard of Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi for several thousand years. According to the legend, he was the peak expert enlisted by former Heavenly Empress. After ten thousand years, although his cultivation had remained stagnant in Peak Daoist Master realm, in these endless years, no one knew how many secret arts and treasures he had collected. Being suddenly trapped in the Kumu Space he controlled, a slight carelessness might make even a Half Sage realm expert fall here!

Black and White Elders were also nervous and panicky. They start to regret their previous decision to fight. They had never expected Tianku to be so fierce.

Tianku was already at the end of his life, he didn’t mind perishing together. They two, however, had a long life ahead, and they still dreamed of breaking through to the Sage realm someday. Although they didn’t care much about Tianku, they didn’t want to truly fight desperately against him, and it was also not worth the price!

“Black and White Elders, come, let everyone see today, is my Kumu Space powerful or you two are fiercer? If I can drag two Half Sage realm experts to be buried with me, then I will not have any regret in this life. Furthermore, if I am able to kill you two and absorb your essence blood and energy essence, then I might be able to breakthrough my body’s limit, directly breaking through to Half Sage realm, becoming the first Half Sage realm Kumu Warrior throughout the history of Wilderness World, in addition, that will also increase my lifespan by at least 100,000 years! This trade is too profitable, you two have come at just the right time, hahahaha…”

Tianku roared with laughter, watching powerful Black and White Elders. At this moment, his eyes were blazing as if he was looking at two priceless treasures and took the initiative to press forward with dense killing intent. It didn’t look like Black and White Elders forced him to make a move, rather he had prepared a trap in advance, waiting to swallow Black and White Elders for a long time.

Ordinary people feared death, but who would know that cultivators feared death even more. The stronger the strength, the longer the lifespan. The so-called saying of cultivators had no fear of life and death was something used to say to inexperience ordinary people, was a way to trick them. All real cultivator was well-aware of this fact.

An expert who had lived for a long time when reached the end of his life saw a way to lengthen his lifespan, then what would he do?

There was no doubt that he would strive for it by fair means or foul!

Precisely because of this, in Wilderness World, there were many who cultivates reincarnating, rebirthing and so on techniques, or even sinister techniques that directly robbed other people’s life essence. The distinctive identity of Tianku was, he was not a human cultivator, he had stayed in Heavenly Yao Sect for a very long period of time, it was nothing unusual for him to know techniques that could seize other’s life or energy essence.

Along with the laughter of Tianku, the complexion of Black and White Elders became even more unsightly. If they were in the same situation as Tianku, then they would also not hesitate to use similar means. As long as there was a chance to extend their life, they would not let it go!

“Tianku, devouring other people’s cultivation and life essence is the way of evil sects. We are also Heavenly Yao Sect’s elders, do you dare to do so?” White Elder stared fixedly at Tianku. His energy fluctuation was still astonishing, but his imposing momentum was gone. Fighting to the death with a dying person, in addition, in the divine space of the latter, who was that stupid?

“Yes, Tianku, do you think you have that ability?” Black Elder also stared fixedly at Tianku.

“Heh heh, what is there to not dare? Black and White Elders, if you two were in my place, then I fear you two might have already made a move in secret!” Tianku sneered and coldly added, “As for whether I have the ability or not, you two will know very soon. I don’t need high certainty, just a small certainty is enough for me, hahaha…”

Tianku roared with laughter and took a step forward again. Then, the big tree the wooden cabin turned into began to sway and emitted poison mist. Just inhaling a little, Black and White Elders felt their throat dry, and they also felt scorching and tingling pain in their internal organs. After careful analyze, the complexion of the two greatly changed. This poison mist was not so simple. Clearly, the dense death aura of Tianku was mixed with it. If they inhaled too much, before Tianku made move, they might get killed.

“Tianku, do you think we brothers truly don’t dare to kill you?”

White Elder got angry and also shocked. His terrifying energy fluctuation also rose rapidly again. And as if he had a tacit understanding with Black Elder, both of them took out a black and a white flying sword. These two flying swords appeared ordinary, but they gave extremely dangerous feelings. Even Ye Chuan hiding in the cauldron could feel that.

A fierce battle to the death was about to erupt.

At that moment, a cold voice came from far away, “Tianku, Black and White Elders forcibly intrude your wooden house, this is their mistake, but, infighting to death just like this also infringe the sect’s law. You will not be able to explain this to Heavenly Empress in the future. How about we just let the matter drop here?”

At the critical moment, the Deacon Elder Tianqing who controlled the entire Heavenly Yao Sect instead of Heavenly Empress finally appeared personally and transmitted his voice from far away.

“Humph, Tianqing, look after your lackeys more, don’t repeat this!”

Tianku coldly snorted and stopped at the right time, withdrawing Kumu Space. Then, the big tree swayed and returned to its previous simple and crude wooden cabin state.

Black and White Elders didn’t utter a word. They looked at each other for a moment and turned away. Many disciples outside also flew away to look for Ye Chuan in other places.

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