Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 608

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 608: Tianku’s Final Days

“The road to success is strewn with setbacks, refining a cauldron of Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water, is it truly difficult?”

Tianku shook his head, ignoring White Elder who had entered again. He added some charcoal fire and blew a mouthful of life essence. Then, the charcoal fire under the copper cauldron burned even hotter.

In the cauldron, Ye Chuan who was considering whether to desperately fight back or not suddenly calmed down and watched quietly.

The words of Tianu sounded like talking to himself, displaying his dissatisfaction toward White Elder’s disturbance, but in fact, he was secretly warning Ye Chuan to not act rashly. If he jumped out of the cauldron now, then all the previous efforts will be wasted. Not to mention he would die, he would also implicate Tianku.

“Your Excellency Tianku, I’m very sorry, I disturb you again.”

Upon hearing the dissatisfied words of Tianku, White Elder didn’t get angry. He just pointed at the cauldron and said, “But, can you tell me why there is a drop of blood here?”

Inside the cauldron, Ye Chuan was startled and became nervous again.

After the injury, his wounds had been bleeding, and just a moment ago when he hid inside the cauldron, he was in a great hurry, so he couldn’t get rid of marks on the ground. If there were just some footprints, then that would still be justifiable. It would be hard to distinguish whether they were left behind by Ye Chuan or numerous disciples, but the bloodstain, however, was different!

This old fellow looked deathly pale like a ferocious ghost, but he was experienced and ruthless than an actual ghost!

Ye Chuan gritted his teeth and subconsciously circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. He even took out Dragon Slaying Flying Sword, preparing his strongest move. Once the White Elder open the cauldron’s lid, he would launch an all-out attack!

“Just a drop of blood, what’s so strange? White Elder, you aren’t thinking that it is left behind by that uninvited guest, are you? Fine, I will let you see to make it clear.”

Tianku coldly said. Ye Chuan was very tense in the cauldron, but he didn’t even bat an eyelid and remained cold. Just after he finished speaking, he suddenly took off his armor, and grabbing on the two sides of his clothes, he directly tore them open. Instantly, together with White Elder, everyone was stupefied.

What kind of body was that?

The disciples standing outside the door were greatly surprised and even trembled in fear.

Kumu Warrior Tianku appeared doughty, making people feel powerful pressure, but under his thick battle armor, his body was too horrible to look at. His skin was dried up like a withered bark and distorted beyond recognition, in addition, his every pore was bleeding. At first glance, that doesn’t resemble a person’s body, it was like a withered and decaying tree trunk that was about to completely decompose. Without the cover of clothes and battle armor, an unpleasant smell spread all around from his body. That was the rotten smell of a dead person.

This person was about to die, his body was twisted and rotting!

Outside the door, the disciples were shocked and didn’t dare to look at Tianku again. They also retreated subconsciously. Even very experienced Black and White Elders were shocked. With their Half Sage realm cultivation, they were already able to sense the circumstance of Tianku was not good, and his end was right around the corner, but, they had never expected that Tianku’s circumstance was so serious. Not to mention his skin was cracked and bleeding, suddenly collapsing and dying on the spot wouldn’t not be any strange.

As it turned out the rumors were true, Tianku was truly about to die!

The people recalled the rumors and became sad.

His position was high, his cultivation was also high, but in the end, he still had such a day. Compared to average people, the lifespan of a person who cultivates was much longer. After breaking through to Daoist Master realm, living for several thousand years was not an issue. But, as long as you haven’t broken through to the Sage realm, there will come a day when your life would end!

“Your Excellency Tianku, what is inside this cauldron? Can you open it and let me take a look?” White Elder’s limbs were somewhat cold and he also didn’t dare to look at Tianku’s body, but he still didn’t give up. He doubted that Ye Chuan might be hiding inside the cauldron.

“White Elder, as the sect’s senior expert, dignified Half Sage realm expert, don’t you even know sect’s secret Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water’s smell?”

Tianku who had been indifferently sitting still finally stood up in anger and emitted powerful energy fluctuation. Then, he ferociously added, “Now, my heart demon has flared up and my end is also approaching. I can only depend only on this Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water to see whether I can recover or not. In the sect, who don’t know that it should be refined for seven times seven forty-nine days, and it must not be opened midway. Once opened, the essence would leak and this cauldron of medicinal fluid would be useless. White Elder, you didn’t come here to search for some uninvited guest, rather under the secret order of that old fellow Tianqing, you have intentionally seized the chance to make things difficult for me, forcing me to the road to ruin. Since you push people too hard, come, let’s straightforwardly fight to the death. If I die, it just means that my end came in advance, but I might be able to inflict serious damage to you or even rip off your one leg. That would be a profit for me, Tianku, hahahaha…”

Tianku roared with laughter and his energy fluctuation rose higher and became more powerful. He looked like he wanted to risk his life to perish together. He had been restraining himself and let others break in and even search his place, but now, seeing White Elder was unyielding, he was finally unable to suppress and erupted!

Upon hearing what was said, the disciples’ face became red and were also terrified at the same time. They then hastily retreated far away. Originally overbearing Black and White Elders also looked unsightly.

Heavenly Yao Demon Refining Water, ever since ancient times, this panacea had been used to resolve the heart demon of sect experts. According to the legend, it was a secret recipe passed down by the founder of Heavenly Yao Sect, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, which especially was used for crossing calamity and resolving heart demon. The materials required for this medicinal fluid were extremely rare. Perhaps, one might not be able to gather all the materials required during one’s lifetime. Even if one luckily gathered all the materials required, one needed to continuously refine for seven times seven forty-nine days, and it must not be opened midway, or else, it would become useless. All the previous efforts would be wasted.

The end of Tianku was already approaching and his body was already deteriorated to this state. He had gathered all the required materials to refine this cauldron of medicinal fluid with great difficulty, and he had entrusted all his hope on it. But now, he had to open it for inspection, if this was not making things difficult for him and not bullying him, then what was it?

The disciples were sad in their hearts. They also somewhat sympathize with Tianku who had a limited lifespan, but, no one dared to stand out and speak up. In this operation, Black and White Elders had the final say, these ordinary disciples were just small lackeys, nothing more. Behind Black and White Elders was Deacon Elder Tianqing who controlled the entire Heavenly Yao Sect. Among the big three of Heavenly Yao Sects, the conflict between Tianku and Elder Tianqing had been going on for a long time, perhaps, Elder Tianqing truly wanted to take advantage of this occasion to completely get rid of Tianku.

When immortals came to blows, mortals suffer disaster. At this moment, no one dared to utter a sound. Everyone understood a loose tongue spells trouble.

“Heh heh, fight to the death? Tianku, are you my opponent?” White Elder said in stern countenance and similarly released astonishing energy fluctuation which quickly surpassed Tianku. Instantly, the wooden cabin was filled with killing intent and a fierce battle was about to ensue.

“Yes, Tianku, do you think you are still that past Tianku?” A sinister voice resounded.

The Black Elder also stood out, coldly looking at angry Tianku. His energy fluctuation also rose rapidly and was by no means inferior to White Elder. A single Half Sage realm expert was already heaven-defying, could easily sweep through Daoist Master realm, with two Half Sage realm experts standing together, who can resist?

Outside the door, the disciples’ heart sunk. It seems the final days of Tianku have arrived.

Now, after Heavenly Empress treated Tianku coldly, he still had some remaining prestige, but if he truly made a move, then he was definitely not the opponent of Black and White Elders. He would be totally defeated in a few moves!

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