Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 606

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 606: Nowhere to escape

In the dense bamboo forest, Ye Chuan ran wildly.

It was still dark, it seemed that there was still some time left before the dawn. Although there was the cover of darkness and bamboo forest, Ye Chuan was still unable to completely shake off the pursuing troops. What’s more, he was nearly caught up by Black and White Elder several times, and the injuries on his body increased.

Was he truly going to die here today?

Ye Chuan’s heart was heavy. He felt like all the energy within his body was already squeezed out and he couldn’t run any longer. After such a fierce battle, he had completely exhausted his vitality, but the pursuing troops were getting closer and closer. Ye Chuan had no choice but to grit his teeth and run. After a while, a clear lake appeared in front of him. Compared to Small Yao Lake, this lake was smaller, but the water of this lake was clear and it had a picturesque scenery around. In the bamboo forest on the other side of this lake, Ye Chuan could vaguely see a wooden cabin.

Inside Heavenly Yao Sect, how could there be such a simple and crude wooden cabin?

Ye Chuan was a little surprised, but he didn’t have time to think more. He crushed several more Black Mist Pills, and taking advantage of the moment when the pursuing troops behind stopped, he gritted his teeth and flint across the lake surface with all his strength, then entered into that wooden cabin.

“Eh, where did that kid go?”

“Chase, spread all around and search, that boy must not have run far away!”

Black and White Elders were furious and looked around for the traces of Ye Chuan with strong killing intent. Even after two Half Sage realm experts personally made a move, Ye Chuan actually slipped away from right before their eyes. This was a big slap to their faces. If they were unable to find Ye Chuan and let him ran away, then not only they would lose their face, rather they wouldn’t have any face.

Soon, numerous disciples joined the search with torches in their hands. Some searched along the lakeshore, some spread throughout the bamboo forest for a thorough search, and some even removed their clothing and jumped into the lake to look over. Even the bottom of the lake was not missed. More and more people who rushed over upon hearing the news joined the search. They wanted to find Ye Chuan even if they had to dig three feet deep.

When the pursuing troops were searching all around, Ye Chuan, however, was standing still in the wooden cabin. His limbs were ice-cold, but his entire body was sweating profusely.

Inside the wooden cabin, a six or seven meters tall giant was sitting cross-legged on the ground. He was quietly watching Ye Chuan who had suddenly intruded. He had a tall figure and was wearing heavy battle armor. He was none other than Kumu Warrior Tianku whose status was equal to Elder Tianqing and Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia in Heavenly Yao Sect.

Last time when he had come to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, Ye Chuan had seen Tianku. Later, they had even fought side by side. At that time, Tianku was already Peak Daoist Master realm, but now, after a few years, his cultivation still seemed to be Peak Daoist Master realm without any progress, but, not to mention Peak Daoist Master realm expert, any Daoist Master realm expert could kill the current Ye Chuan. He was already an exhausted oil lamp, he couldn’t even move, therefore, he sneaked into this wooden cabin, wanting to hide from the pursuing troops, but, beyond his expectation, he walked into a tiger’s den like a moth farting into a flame! He had never thought that he would meet Tianku here.

Ye Chuan’s complexion was tense. He didn’t utter a word and also didn’t dare to act rashly. But, unexpectedly, Tianku also didn’t speak and also didn’t attack. He just sat still and looked at Ye Chuan had who had suddenly broken in.

The atmosphere in the wooden cabin was a little wired and it was very quiet. After a moment, a cold wind blew and the bamboo door closed automatically. Ye Chuan involuntarily became even tenser.

After a long time, Tianku broke the silence. His voice was hoarse, “Noble son Ye, that uninvited guest that forcibly crossed Small Yao Lake is you, isn’t that so?”


Ye Chuan replied as he secretly looked around.

The Kumu Warrior Tianku had been sitting cross-legged on the ground without any movement. The furnishing inside this wooden cabin was also simple without any restrictions or formations. There was just a copper cauldron as big as a human behind Tianku. Via a small crack, Ye Chuan could vaguely see that it was filled with anonymous medicinal liquid that emitted unpleasant smell. Below it, there was a pile of a bright red charcoal fire. It seemed that he was refining some kind of medicinal liquid.

Outside the wooden cabin, the footsteps of pursuing troops gradually became clear. Someone who was searching along the lakeshore had arrived here. Now, there were more experts of Heavenly Yao Sect that joined this search. All of them were far stronger than the normal disciples.

Ye Chuan became somewhat pale as he groaned inwardly.

Even if he was uninjured, he might not necessarily be the opponent of Kumu Warrior Tianku. Now, he wanted to look for a place to avoid the pursuing troops, but beyond his expectation, he encountered a formidable enemy. What’s even worse was, it was already too late to retreat. The pursuing troops were already near. As soon as he walked out of this wooden cabin, he would immediately be discovered. And in his exhausted state without any Black Mist Pills, it would be impossible to breakout of their encirclement.

“This time, you came to Heavenly Yao Sect…, is it to save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia?” After a long silence, Kumu Warrior Tianku asked. He looked calm and his expression couldn’t be discerned.


Ye Chuan nodded his head. Although he was nervous and perplexed, upon seeing Tianku was not attacking immediately beyond his expectation, he vaguely had a glimmer of hope.


Looking at Ye Chuan, Tianku indifferently said, “Small Yao Lake is unfathomable and dangerous. It is even more dangerous in Heavenly Yao Cave. Even Half Sage realm experts might be frozen stiff there. With your current cultivation, I am afraid that even if you break into Heavenly Yao Cave, you will not be able to save anyone, instead, you will lose your life too. Can it be that you truly don’t fear death?”

“Because, Zixia, she…, is my woman.”

Ye Chuan paused and openly admitted his relation with Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

Tianku didn’t ask again and became silent again. Ye Chuan also didn’t speak more, this sentence alone was enough.

“Chase, capture that boy, capture alive!”

“Scatter, carefully search every corner of this place, that boy must not have run far!”

Shouts resounded one after another. The pursuing troops were already near. From their footsteps, they were just several meters away and they seemed to be rushing towards this wooden cabin. In addition, the aura of people leading in the front was not unfamiliar to Ye Chuan, they were none other than Black and White Elders.

“Quick, hide inside the medicinal cauldron, don’t come out no matter what happens!”

Tianku suddenly used a technique, then the medicinal cauldron suddenly vibrated and the lid automatically opened.

“Many thanks, Your Excellency Tianku!”

Ye Chuan expressed his gratitude and without thinking much, he jumped into the cauldron filled with stinking liquid. Just after he entered, Tianku used his technique again and the lid was tightly closed again.

If Tianku was scheming or this was a trap, then Ye Chuan truly had nowhere to escape. Usually, he wouldn’t have taken such a risk, but now, he had no other choice. Although he didn’t know why Tianku was helping him, it was the only way to avoid the pursuit. Black and White Elders were arriving soon. If he would found, then he would die for sure!

Bang! Just after Ye Chuan had hidden, the wooden cabin’s bamboo door was kicked open, then Black and White Elder leading a group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts ferociously charged in. Instantly, the small wooden cabin was filled with strong killing intent.

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