Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 605

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 605: Ferocious Devil

Ye Chuan stood still, but his heart was uncontrollably beating faster and faster.

Before taking this action, he had especially inspected the current circumstances of Heavenly Yao Sect, paying special attention to the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect. This Black and White Elders in front of his eyes were well-known senior experts of Heavenly Yao Sect. According to the rumor, they had broken through to Half Sage realm several thousand years ago. Thousands of years ago, they had jointly eradicated a large sect, leaving not a single person alive. Their means were more ferocious than many so-called great devils. They were known as Heavenly Yao Sect’s Black and White Malignant Duo. They had been infamous in Wilderness World for a period of time. Later, after this duo entered seclusion to attack the bottleneck of Sage realm, their infamy slowly faded away over thousands of years.

Some disciples who had recently entered Heavenly Yao Sect didn’t even know the fierce name of Black and White Elder, but Ye Chuan had carefully gathered information before setting out to Heavenly Yao Sect. He knew how powerful these two fellows were. It seemed that they two hadn’t broken through to Sage realm as they wished, but their cultivation was already outstanding, not any inferior compared to Qing Tianhou!

“Boy, kill yourself!”

Black Welder coldly looked at Ye Chuan. His pitch-black face also had cold expression as he emitted dense killing intent, looking like the legendary fiend of hell.

“Big Brother, it’s not very good like that, we must give the other person a chance.”

White Elder was in all smiles, merely, his smiling face was even more frightening. He looked like a ghost who had just climbed out of the grave. He was clearly smiling but people felt chill. He paused for a bit and added, “Boy, if I am not mistaken, you are still a youngster. Speak, which sect do you belong? Who is your master? Perhaps, your master is our old acquaintance. This lord is very curious, which fellow has taught such a disciple? At such a young age, you are actually able to ignore the restriction of Small Yao Lake and move freely.”

White Elder was smiling, but it was just a fake smile, making Ye Chuan feel even more dangerous.

At the distance, when the disciples saw Ye Chuan was stopped by Black and White Elders, they felt relieved and rushed over with torches in their hands. Just these two old fellows were already difficult to deal with, once these numerous disciples arranged layer upon layer of defenses, it would be very difficult to break out of the encirclement!

“Who is my teacher? You are not qualified to ask. He, even more so, wouldn’t have acquaintances like you two.”

Ye Chuan sneered and slowly calmed down. He then examined the surrounding, looking for a way to break free.

After calming down, even when facing Black and White Elders, he was undaunted. He also had no intention to beg for mercy. His words sounded very arrogant, but he was truly not talking nonsense.

In this life, his life technique was Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets he accidentally found in God Burial Valley, and he walked alone in the path of cultivation. Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu who had disappeared many years ago was just his nominal master. As for the real master, there was only one. He was Heaven Concealing Old Man who had handed him Heaven Concealing Secrets in his previous life. He was a great hidden expert. Even Ye Chuan had only followed him for an extremely short period of several months in his previous life as just the latter’s write-in disciple. But, in just those several years, his cultivation progressed rapidly, establishing a solid foundation to become Heaven Concealing Great Sage of Wilderness World later.

Ye Chuan was extremely grateful and respectful towards that aloof and refined Heaven Concealing Old Man. He had never talked about that Heaven Concealing Old Man to others. Even Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress who stayed beside him every day also didn’t dare to ask about his master. Although these Black and While Elders’ cultivation base was pretty good, they had no qualification to ask this question which even Blue Eyed Yao Empress didn’t dare to ask.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, boy, we don’t have a qualification to ask?”

White Elder roared with laughter, then his tone suddenly turned cold, “Boy, considering it was not easy for you to achieve your current cultivation base, it would be best to speak honestly, otherwise… heh heh…”

“Humph, second brother, why are you talking so much nonsense, directly capture him and refine his soul, then we’ll know everything!”

Black Elder coldly snorted and suddenly rushing towards Ye Chuan, he reached out to capture Ye Chuan alive.

After cultivating in seclusion for over a thousand years, although these brothers didn’t breakthrough to Sage realm, they still stood at the peak of Half Sage realm. It was as easy as flipping their hand to deal with a Peak Daoist Master realm expert, not to mention Ye Chuan was already badly injured.

Ye Chuan still stood motionless, but when he saw Black Elder rushing over, he suddenly took out a black pill from his Cyan Lotus Space. And his originally listless eyes suddenly lit up.

“Big Brother, be careful, this boy is a little strange!”

White Elder sensed something was wrong and similarly rushed towards Ye Chuan.

With two Peak Half Sage realm experts against a trifling Peak Daoist Master realm expert, even if Ye Chuan truly had some sinister tricks, so what?

Black and White Elders had no fear, especially Black Elder who had taken the lead to make a move. He looked cold and his energy fluctuation suddenly rose sharply along with his killing intent.

Bang! The black pill in the hand of Ye Chuan suddenly exploded and turned into a thick mist that shrouded the radius of several tens of meters. Upon inhaling this black mist, the Peak Daoist Master realm disciples felt dizzy. Black and White Elders were also hardly any better. Caught unprepared, they felt unwell and hastily retreated. In the next moment, after the dark mist began to fade away, Ye Chuan had already disappeared without a trace.

It was absolutely impossible to defeat them even if Ye Chuan was at his uninjured peak state, so Ye Chuan chose to retreat without any hesitation.

Cloud Mist Sect had always been good at growing medicinal herbs and refining pills. In the past, not to mention Ye Chuan could summon wind and rain as Heaven Concealing Great Sage, his attainment in refining pills was also superior. This time, before coming to Heavenly Yao Sect, although the time was limited to make great progress in his cultivation and refine many powerful pills, he was still able to hastily refine some small items which could be used at the crucial moment. That black pill had a coarse name, called Black Mist Pill. Once its black mist was inhaled, it wouldn’t cause any serious damage, merely made people feel unwell for a moment, nothing more. It was not enough to kill a person, but to break out of the encirclement and hiding one’s trace, it was a perfect match with the Peerless Style Technique.

“East side, a kilometer away, that boy has run into the bamboo forest, chase!”

White Elder carefully sensed for a while and flew away. Black Elder also closely followed without saying a word. Their speed was faster than using a flying sword. Behind them, the disciples held their torches high and also chased. After entering the bamboo forest, they vaguely saw a wisp of red light in the dark bamboo forest and followed after it.

After crushing that Black Mist Pill, Ye Chuan overdrafted his vitality and used Remex Arm Guard again. He spared no effort to run wildly, unfortunately, it was harder than reaching the sky to shake off White and Black Elders!

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