Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 604

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 604: Black and White Elders

Under the cover of darkness, a figure was running wildly in the front. Behind, a large group of people was chasing while using flying swords and arrows to attack continuously. They were attacking while chasing.

Upon detecting the strong enemies, Ye Chuan chose to break through the encirclement without any hesitation. He took advantage of the time when the peak experts of Heavenly Yao Sect had not come to open up a bloody path. In turn, he paid a heavy price. A dozen or so bloody wounds were added on his body. Some wounds were so deep that his bones could be seen. He was already a nearly dried oil lamp, at this moment, he could only stumble forward. After opening a bloody path, he was powerless to get rid of the numerous soldiers chasing behind him.

“Chase, that kid can’t last long!”

Xiahou Qing, the Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, had also rushed over at an unknown time. He led everyone to relentlessly chase after Ye Chuan.

Upon seeing his enemy, his eyes were red with anger. At the lake, he had eaten a big loss and nearly lost his life. As a result, not only he had no face to face other sect experts, he was also scolded by Elder Tianqing. Now, seeing heavily injured Ye Chuan, he naturally wanted to kill him!

Swish, a wisp of cyan light shot towards Ye Chuan’s back at an astonishing speed. Shortly afterward, it pierced through his left should, creating a bloody rain.

Xiahou Qing ferociously attacked Ye Chuan with his flying sword, adding a deep injury to Ye Chuan’s body.

Ye Chuan let out a muffled groan and fell to the ground. After suffering many heavy injuries, his body was finally unable to endure.

“Hahaha, kid, run, aren’t you powerful? Run!”

Xiahou Qing laughed heartily and flew over. He then reached out to capture Ye Chuan alive, “Kid, you were lucky enough to escape on the lake surface, but now, I will see where you can run! After this lordship captures you, this lordship will properly settle the account. First, this lordship will destroy your cultivation, then peel off your skin, hahahaha……”

Xiaohou Qing laughed heartily. His face was twisted in excitement. Upon seeing Ye Chuan who was collapsed on the ground was unable to move, he finally spat out a mouthful of evil qi. Instantly, he flew over to Ye Chuan, and just when he was about to tightly bind him, the iron chain in his hand was suddenly pulled tightly by Ye Chuan.

“Hall Master, watch out!”

“This brat is crafty, watch out!”

The experts of Law Enforcement Hall who were closely following Xiaohou Qing shouted in unison.

The laughter of Xiahou Qing suddenly ceased. He instantly felt a strong sense of danger. Unfortunately, he was already too late to react. Ye Chuan forcibly pulled the iron chain in his hands.

Ye Chuan who originally seemed to be unable to move on the ground suddenly jumped up, then crazily circulating all twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he forcibly pulled Xiahou Qing. After that, he used the iron chain to strangle the latter’s neck with all his strength while roaring angrily. The neck bone of Xiahou Qing was directly broken and his head weakly drooped at one side.

Taking advantage of the momentary carelessness of Xiahou Qing, Ye Chuan directly killed this terrible wicked fellow.

This was not a clever move, he just grasped the chance perfectly. Everyone believed that he was already nearly exhausted oil lamp, but as a result, Xiahou Qing, a person with a high position, was killed. As Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, this fellow used his high position to abuse power in the past. He was accustomed to using iron chains to tie up others’ neck to humiliate and bring them back to Law Enforcement Hall to interrogate slowly. He should have never thought that, once day, the other people will use his iron chain to strangle him to death.

“I’m very sorry, I disappointed you again!”

Ye Chuan sneered and coldly looking at the other chasers, he suddenly threw out the corpse of Xiahou Qing, and ran away.

“Hall Master!”

“Hall Master Xiahou, Lord Hall Master…”

The corpse of Xiahou Qing stopped the path of pursuers. The carefully looked at the appearance of Xiahou Qing and they became greatly surprised. For a moment, no one actually dared to chase after Ye Chuan.

A dignified Hall Master of Law Enforcement Hall, a Peak Daoist Master realm expert, died just like this?

Originally, the people had thought that Hall Master Xiahou Qing was just injured under this surprise attack. But, beyond everyone’s expectation, he had already died. How terrifying was this uninvited guest?

The pursuing troops’ eyes were filled with terror and they also didn’t dare to chase.

In this chase, Ye Chuan was injured all over, but the number of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples died in his hands was also not small. If not fifty, then it was at least thirty. The death of ordinary disciples was fine, but now, even Xiohou Qing, this Hall Master, also died. This was a serious matter. Ye Chuan’s strength exceeded their expectations. He seemed to have the cultivation base of Peak Daoist Master realm, but his combat power was absolutely not any lower than a Half Sage realm expert!

More and more experts rushed over from all directions, but after seeing the corpse of Xiahou Qing, their complexion changed and they stopped. Even a Peak Daoist Master realm expert had died, so they felt unprecedented fear in their heart and subconsciously stopped, not daring to recklessly chase after that uninvited guest. The fierceness of Ye Chuan made the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect felt deep fear. Whoever became the first person to chase and make Ye Chuan desperate would follow the path of Xiahou Qing!

Ye Chuan looked back and seeing the pursuing troops had stopped, he finally sighed in relief. After that, he used all his remaining strength to run away.

After killing Xiahou Qing, he had already become the withered oil lamp. He felt that, as long as he stops, he would immediately fall down and wouldn’t be able to move again. At that time, if Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples caught up to him, then he truly could only let them capture him without putting up a fight. Fortunately, those disciples felt fear for their life and didn’t dare to chase after him at the crucial moment.

Ye Chuan had just relaxed, but, not long after, before he had the time to shake off numerous disciples, he suddenly stopped. Two powerful energy had locked on to him.


Two Half Sage realm experts!

Ye Chuan stood still and beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. 100 meters in the front, there was a dense bamboo forest. If he rushed into it, he would be able to shake off the numerous pursuing troops, but he didn’t dare to move. His glabella also twitched violently. He felt like he was facing Qing Tianhou and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, those two super experts.

“Not bad, you truly have some skill, you were actually able to sense us two brothers!”

“Tsk tsk, an expert that was able to forcibly cross Small Yao Lake using a branch, I was truly looking forward to seeing what kind of personage he is!”

A sound of applause came from the darkness as two old men walked out from behind a rock. Their stature was mediocre, but their face was frightening. One was pitch-black like ink and the other was deathly pale like a corpse. Their peculiar appearance made people have a sinister feeling.

“Senior experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, Black Elder, White Elder?”

Ye Chuan asked. Upon seeing their peculiar appearance, Ye Chuan’s complexion stretched taut and became solemn.

“Hahaha, yes, we are Heavenly Yao Sect’s Black and White Elders. We truly didn’t expect that even after the seclusion for over a thousand years, people still recognize us.”

The two old men laughed heartily in unison and strode towards Ye Chuan.

The thing he feared the most had happened. Ye Chuan who was trying to break out of the encirclement encountered Heavenly Yao Sect’s two well-known great experts!

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