Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 603

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 603: Tight Encirclement

The darkness shrouded the earth.

The shore of the Small Yao Sect, however, was brightly lit with flames. Many Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples were holding a torch high while patrolling around the lake. Even though it was already the latter half of the night, the disciples, however, were full of fighting spirit as they patrolled around.

The movement of tonight was honestly too big. Allegedly, Elder Tianqing was so furious that he transferred all the sect experts here. He wanted to catch that stranger who had broken into Small Yao Lake at all costs. According to the rumor, to prepare for all contingencies, Elder Tianqing had personally gone to request Taishang Elder to go to the forbidden area, Heavenly Yao Cave, looking for that intruder. Even if he had to dig three feet deep, he wanted to capture that uninvited guest.

With Small Yao Lake as the center, Heavenly Yao Sect had laid out a tight encirclement. After dawn, there wouldn’t be the cover of darkness and Ye Chuan’s situation would be worse, in addition, even more experts would join this blockade!

When there were just over two hours left for the dawn, a figure suddenly rushed out from the lake surface under the cover of the darkness. Like a gust of the wind, that figure quickly landed on the lakeshore.

After observing for a long time, Ye Chuan finally made the decision to make a decisive breakout, choosing a place with a relatively weak defense.

This was a sandy beach with numerous rocks. This area was infested by poisonous snakes. If someone was accidentally bitten by these snakes, then even a Daoist Master realm expert might not be able to escape alive. In former days, this place was deserted, but now, there were patrolling guards. No one thought that that uninvited guest would disembark here, so the number of guards was least here. Ye Chuan took advantage of this point. He didn’t fear any poisonous snakes, instead fear being spotted by those experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, therefore, he wanted to use his fastest speed to break out of the encirclement.

“Who’s there? Stop!”

“Look, it’s him, block him!”

The guards shouted loudly and an ear-deafening alarm resounded throughout the night sky.

Although Ye Chuan was already sufficiently careful, the shore was brightly lit. It was impossible to slip away from this place without anybody knowing. Soon, a group of guards wearing heavy armor rushed over with torches in their hand. When they were 100 meters away, arrows whistled in the sky. At this moment, Ye Chuan had just rushed to the beach and was exhausted. They wanted to take advantage of this moment to kill him.

The moment Ye Chuan’s legs touched the lakeshore, he stored his Remex Arm Guard. On the lake surface, in order to resist the powerful restriction pressure, he had to use all his strength, so upon reaching the shore, he had to conserve his energy usage. Remex Arm Guard’s power was great, but it consumed a large amount of vitality. He couldn’t continue using it now.

Swish, swish, swish, these ear-piercing sounds were especially loud at night.

Ye Chua took a deep breath and his body suddenly swayed left and right, slowly fading away. In the next moment, he used Peerless Style Technique and instantly appeared ten meters away, out of their attack range. Afterward, Ye Chuan ran wildly. Even without Remex Arm Guard, he still had many extraordinary techniques. These guards were not capable enough to deal with him. What truly gave him misgivings were the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect.

A wisp of ice-cold sword light suddenly flew out from behind a rock, and a tall disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect jumped out and blocked the path of Ye Chuan.

He ran into what he feared the most. A group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples rushed over, stepping on a flying sword. The leader of this group was surnamed Wu, and his energy fluctuation was powerful. He was a Rank 7 Daoist Master realm expert. He was also famous among the disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect. Behind, Zhang Bin and other young disciples were following closely.

“It’s him, senior apprentice brother Wu, it’s him!”

The young disciple Zhang Bin stopped and screamed. At first glance, he recognized Ye Chuan was that black-cloaked person he had accidentally seen when he went to empty his bladder before. He was also the uninvited guest that created havoc tonight.

He was right, at that time, he really hadn’t made an error.

After seeing Ye Chuan in a dark cloak and a big bamboo hat, that young disciple Zhang Bin was excited. In addition, a kind of indescribable fear appeared in his mind and couldn’t help getting nervous. He couldn’t help it, Ye Chuan had just used a branch to traverse across the lake, that scene had left a deep impression in his heart. That was something even powerful experts couldn’t achieve.

“Boy, you cannot run away, obediently surrender without putting up a fight!”

Senior apprentice brother Wu was stern in both voice and countenance. He held a sharp sword firmly blocking Ye Chuan’s path.

Honestly speaking, he was also very nervous, more nervous than Zhang Bin and other young disciples behind him. What kind of personage was this intruder? He, however, was a sole person who was able to traverse across Small Yao Lake without using Heavenly Yao Boat throughout history. In addition, he forcibly intruded Heavenly Yao Cave and escaped unscathed, making Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiahou Qing eat a bitter loss. He was either a heaven-defying super expert, or an extremely ferocious great devil. No matter what his real identity was, how could his group of ordinary disciples deal with him?

The leader senior apprentice brother Wu actually wanted to turn around and ran away. He truly wanted to pretend as if he had not seen Ye Chuan. But, thinking about the consequences and the means of Elder Tianqing, he had to toughen his scalp and step forward!

“I’ll kill whoever stops me!”

Ye Chuan coldly said and rushed forward. Senior Apprentice Brother Wu was helpless. He toughened his scalp and brandished his sword.

Clang! Ye Chuan blocked his sword with a flick of his finger, then used his palm to attack senior apprentice brother Wu. With just a single palm attack, the latter’s chest caved in and his ribs were broken. In addition, he was badly mangled and fainted on the ground as his life force became weaker and weaker.

“Senior apprentice brother Wu, senior apprentice brother Wu…”

“This devil is ferocious, use flying swords, everyone, use flying swords to kill him!”

The young disciples were flustered. But, someone hastily took away dying senior apprentice brother Wu, and someone gritted his teeth and launched an attack with his flying sword. Unfortunately, they only saw Ye Chuan’s figure flickering a few times and disappeared into the dark night.

After condensing twelfth Heaven Swallowing Talisman and breaking through to Peak Daoist Master realm, Ye Chuan was already the strongest person below the Half Sage realm. Even in his seriously injured state, ordinary disciples were far from being his opponent. Senior apprentice brother Wu’s cultivation base was not bad, but he still was unable to stop Ye Chuan for even a bit.

Relying on his strong strength and doughty body, Ye Chuan broke through the first line of defense, using the weakest point of the encirclement. But, his luck ended at this point. Before he reached far away, he was intercepted by the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect.

This was a peak Daoist Master realm expert, far stronger than that senior apprentice brother Wu. Ye Chuan had not even run past ten meters and Peak Daoist Master realm experts emerged, one, two, three…, more and more. Many experts of Heavenly Yao Sect had rushed over here using a flying sword upon hearing the disturbance here. And behind these experts, there was a large group of disciples and guards. Although their cultivation was not outstanding, they were many of them. They surrounded Ye Chuan with a torch in their hand.

Ye Chuan who was lucky enough to escape unscathed from Heavenly Yao Cave quickly fell into an encirclement.

It was fine if there were only Daoist Master realm experts. But, from the distance, several powerful auras were coming. That was the aura of Half Sage realm experts. Even more powerful experts of Heavenly Yao Sect were rushing over, furthermore, it was not limited to one!

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