Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 602

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 602: Ancient Cave Dwelling

Ye Chuan who had risked his life all along the way was stupefied like wooden chicken. It was not because of the three words “Heavenly Yao Cave”, rather the pattern on the side.

Over a period of a long time, this pattern carved on the wall was already blurred, but it was still recognizable, which was a bamboo. A thin bamboo branch and a piece of a bamboo leaf could be clearly identified.

This was not a pattern, rather a unique symbol!

Under heaven, only one person used bamboo as a symbol. She was none other than his follower, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, in other words, founder of Heavenly Yao Sect!

Ye Chuan stood still in a daze. He was greatly shocked in his heart. He vaguely seemed to see a past scene. No one knew how Blue Eyed Yao Empress arrived here, she accidentally discovered a grotto. She then carved three large words ‘Heavenly Yao Cave’ on the cliff along with her symbol, wanting to build another cave dwelling here.

When did Blue Eyed Yao Empress find this grotto? When did she leave?

Blue Eyed Yao Empress liked this place definitely because of this land’s feng shui. Later, he didn’t know what happened but was abandoned, becoming the current forbidden zone.

Ye Chuan was very confused. Suddenly seeing the symbol of his former follower Blue Eyed Yao Empress, his heart was stirred. Only after a good while, he slowly came back to his senses as a cold and gloomy wind that came from inside the grotto blow against his body.

“Zixia, Zixia……’

Ye Chuan loudly called out again. As he expected, there still was no response. But, after sensing around for a while, Ye Chuan could vaguely sense a familiar aura in that gust of cold wind. He even seemed to have heard the sounds of chains being dragged. That aura and that sound made Ye Chuan’s eyes shone. He hastily bandaged the wounds on his back and boldly entered the cave after taking out Iron Blooded Banner.


A cold wind blew against his face. After stepping into the Heavenly Yao Cave, Ye Chuan felt unusual coldness. His right leg was already feeling numb.

There was a strange chill in Heavenly Yao Cave.

Ye Chuan, however, took a deep breath and continued forward, gritting his teeth. Soon, both of his legs were numb, then half of his body. The cold qi rapidly spread all over his body. Even after circulating 12 Heaven Swallowing Talismans, he was having difficult to resist this cold qi. If he continued to stay inside Heavenly Yao Cave, then he might become an ice sculpture not long after.

Ye Chuan took a step forward with great difficulty and looked around.

Like outside, inside Heavenly Yao Cave was also filled with fog. But, upon looking carefully, he could see the vague outline inside. This grotto had elegantly decorated hall inside. There were carvings and paintings with the patterns of Wilderness World millions of years ago, everywhere on the walls. Around the hall, there were many different sized grottos. There were cultivation chamber, alchemy chamber, study, weapon storing chamber and so on. This place was not big, but all kinds of chambers were available here, everything needed was there. Looking up, it was enveloped in mist whose end couldn’t be seen. Although the entrance was not big, it was a completely different world inside.

One could well imagine that this place was used as a cultivation cave dwelling in the past. It was very likely that Blue Eyed Yao Empress had used all her powers to build this place, preparing to use for long term seclusion. Unfortunately, after millions of years, this huge cave-dwelling had became a discarded place. It was covered in dust, the walls and ceiling were full of spider webs, resembling a broken-down dwelling.

“Zixia, Zixia……”

Ye Chuan called out loudly, but he was suddenly hit with a cold qi. He could feel that the cold qi had already invaded his internal organs. If he didn’t leave now, then even his blood would freeze and he wouldn’t be able to walk even if he wanted.

It seemed that there were no other dangers inside Heavenly Yao cave other than this severe cold that was hard to resist. Ye Chuan was tense and restless as unspeakable feelings appeared in his heart.

He had arrived at Heavenly Yao Cave with great difficulty, but he was powerless to walk forward and see Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia. This was frustrating. In addition, seeing Blue Eyed Yao Empress’s writings and her former residence, her heart had become heavier. Ye Chuan even had a vague feeling as if a woman was standing on the other end of this grotto watching him from the place he couldn’t see due to the thick white fog.

“Boy, this cold qi here is very strange, leave now, otherwise, even this lord cannot save you, do you want to truly die here?”

Octopus Empress’s voice resounded in Ye Chuan’s mind again. At this moment, her voice was already weak. Almost no energy of hers was left on Ye Chuan’s body. If Ye Chuan stubbornly continued to walk forward, she would also be powerless to save him.

“Zixia, Zixia……”

Ye Chuan’s nose turned sour. He was unwilling to leave and called out loudly again. At that time, Demonic Dragon Talisman within his body suddenly issued a vague dragon roar. This dragon roar pierced through the thick fog and was transmitted far away.

After going through thick and thin together in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm, Ye Chuan had not only fallen in love with Hong Zixia, he even had pair cultivation with her, comprehending Demonic Dragon Sutra left behind by Little Long’er’s mother, Agusiteli. Not to mention deep feelings between the two, as compared to Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia, they had a unique connection and interaction.

After Ye Chuan’s all-out roar, his ears stood erect, listening attentively to any movement inside Heavenly Yao Cave.

Soon, he was disappointed. There was no reaction inside Heavenly Yao Cave. He could neither sense Hong Zixia’s aura not could hear any movement. After a good while, when all of his blood was nearly frozen, Ye Chuan finally had to withdraw. After taking rest for a while, he looked at Heavenly Yao Cave and sadly left, flying towards the lake. Now, he had to find a weak point to break out of the encirclement. After his figure disappeared into the white fog outside Heavenly Yao Cave, from the depth of Heavenly Yao Cave, a weak call along with iron chains movement sounds came. Unfortunately, Ye Chuan had already reached far away at this moment and heard nothing.

Now, new difficulties and the pressure were placed in front of Ye Chuan.

Returning to the lake surface again, the pressure of restriction surged. This time, without Octopus Empress’s help, in addition, in the injured and exhausted state, it was especially difficult to resist the restriction. After crazily circulating all 12 Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he was barely able to fly above the lake surface. What’s even worse was, he could see shining torches all around Small Yao Lake. Heavenly Yao Sect had laid out layer upon layer of defenses and sealed off this Small Yao Lake. The three Heavenly Yao Boats were also continuously patrolling on the lake surface. Once he was discovered, they would immediately launch ferocious attacks!

A warm current came from his chest area which barely made Ye Chuan able to maintain the wings on his back so as to prevent from falling into the water.

At this critical moment, Dragon Vein’s Crystal given to him by White Dragon Sage brought a little bit of warmth in Ye Chuan’s ice-cold body.

Ye Chuan took out this Dragon Vein’s Crystal, but after considering for a short while, he gave up refining it on the spot. He just gritted his teeth and continued to advance, hoping to escape under the cover of the night.

Tonight, although he had taken a risk to break into Heavenly Yao Cave, his task was only half-complete. He was not even able to see Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, and he also had yet to encounter Zhao Tianbi, that White Haired Heavenly Empress. Dragon Vein’s Crystal given to him by White Dragon Sage was a priceless treasure. If he refined now, his strength would naturally increase vastly and he would be able to rush out of the blockade of Heavenly Yao Sect, but, what about the following matters? At the critical moment when he was saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he would be intercepted by White Haired Heavenly Empress for sure, how should he deal with that?

Ye Chuan was determined. Although tonight was a failure, without saving Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he absolutely wouldn’t leave Heavenly Yao Sect, no matter how difficult it is!

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