Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 600

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 600: A behemoth

At the critical moment, Octopus Empress finally made a move.

Although her true body was thousands of miles away in Overseas World, relying on Octopus Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body, she could use a secret technique to give a small portion of her power to Ye Chuan. Although it was a small portion for her, it was more than enough for struggling Ye Chuan.


Ye Chuan roared and his strength rose rapidly. The chains that bound him squeaked, and they either broke or were pulled back by Ye Chuan. The experts standing on the Heavenly Yao Boat were shocked and immediately chose to let go of the chain. But, some of them were too slow to react and fell into the lake. Once they fell into the water, these experts sunk and disappeared without a trace.

“Sage realm might, how is this possible?”

On the three Heavenly Yao Boats, the remaining experts were greatly shocked. Xiahou Qing was also frightened and looked pale. The energy Ye Chuan exploded with was from Octopus Empress who was a genuine Sage realm expert. This made others so fearful that they couldn’t even have a will to resist.

Clang, the sound of chains resounded.

Ye Chuan took advantage of this moment and threw the chain binding his body. Some of the experts were unable to dodge in time and were knocked into the lake, then drowned quickly. At the same time, a tinge of blood light shot out from Ye Chuan’s body and pierced through the chest of several experts in succession. Then, they also fell down to the lake while screaming.

Ye Chuan had taken advantage of this moment to counterattack using his sharp Dragon Slaying Flying Sword.

These experts of Law Enforcement Hall had outstanding cultivation base, but none of them was a Half Sage realm expert, all were just Peak Daoist Master realm or Rank 7 Daoist Master realm. Although they could flaunt their strength with this cultivation level, it still paled in front of Ye Chuan.

After breaking through to Peak Daoist Master realm and condensing twelve Heaven Swallowing Talismans, Ye Chuan could practically sweep through the same cultivation realm. One could say that he was the strongest person below Half Sage realm. Although the twelfth Heaven Swallowing Talisman, Octopus Talisman, was not condensed via his own effort, rather was forcibly condensed by Octopus Empress and he was unable to freely control it, it still gave him a powerful strength.

Just a moment ago, under the pressure of Small Yao Lake’s restrictions, Ye Chuan was finding it hard to even move, and these numerous experts of Law Enforcement Hall took advantage of that moment to bind him with chains. But, once Octopus Empress made a move to help him break through the restriction and greatly increased his strength, the chance to counterattack appeared. He used thunderclap means to quickly kill these unprepared experts.

Buzz! The wings on the back of Ye Chuan vibrated and Ye Chuan flew in the sky. He wanted to rush over and kill all the remaining experts of Law Enforcement Hall.

“Boy, there is no time, concentrate your strength to take Yinyang Life Wheel, quick!” Octopus Empress’s voice resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan.

The restrictions of Small Yao Lake was too powerful. She would not be able to sustain providing energy to Ye Chuan for a long time. When Ye Chuan was killing others, Yinyang Life Wheel, however, was already sinking back into the lake. If he didn’t make a move now, then this fragment of Lost City would disappear into the lake again. Afterward, no one knows when it would reappear again, and because of the powerful restrictions of Small Yao Lake, it would be impossible to go underwater to obtain it.

Ye Chuan who was about to rush over suddenly stopped. He then forcibly suppressed his killing intent and impulse to kill Xiahou Qing, and turned to the huge Yinyang Life Wheel.

An ancient and majestic energy fluctuation blew against his face, it was laced with vicissitudes of time and a trace of unwillingness…

Unlike ordinary treasure, this ancient fragment had a unique aura which resembled the vitality aura of a very old man.  In addition, Ye Chuan didn’t know what was going on, but when he carefully look at the decorative patterns on the Yinyang Life Wheel, Ye Chuan could feel that his soul was shaking and his spirit became absentminded.

A whistling sound broke his daze state.

“Attack, use flying swords to kill him!”

Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiahou Qing shouted loudly and took the initiative to throw the sword towards the chest of Ye Chuan.

“Boy, don’t stare at Yinyang Life Wheel, your current soul level cannot contend with it, quick, put it away!”

The voice of Octopus Empress resounded again and the energy being supplied to Ye Chuan began to decline. But, taking advantage of the time when Ye Chuan was resisting the pressure of the restrictions, Octopus Talisman suddenly erupted with power and thousands of tentacles appeared, blocking those flying swords.

Ye Chuan, however, floated still above the lake surface. He didn’t care about the wounds on his back, and just started to circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. He then looked at the sinking Yinyang Life Wheel and suddenly exploded with power. Then, Yinyang Life While began to move upward little by little again.

Small Yao Lake churned and even bigger waves appeared.

Even the disciples standing at the shore of Small Yao Lake felt the tremor as if the entire Heavenly Yao Sect was shaking, and even more disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect rushed over from all directions. Some experts who stayed in seclusion throughout the year also woke up suddenly and rushed over.

“Not good, this brat is not spying on our Heavenly Yao Cave, he is here to seize our Heavenly Yao Sect’s treasure!”

“Stop him, kill him!”

The remaining Law Enforcement Hall’s experts turned pale with fright, and under the lead of Hall Master Xiahou Qing, they gritted their teeth and attacked ferociously. Although only seven were left, they attacked ferociously with their flying swords and cut off the tentacles protecting Ye Chuan. In an instant, sword qi rippled in the air and they even drove Heavenly Yao Boats to directly ram into Ye Chuan.

“Boy, quick, hurry up, don’t waste time!”

The voice of Octopus Empress in the mind of Ye Chuan urged him to hurry.

The energy that was being provided to Ye Chuan was already declining. It needed to resist the powerful pressure, also deal with the ferocious attacks of Xiahou Qing and others, in addition, also needed to help Ye Chuan retrieve Lost City’s fragment, Yinyang Life Wheel. Even Octopus Empress was finding it hard to sustain. Because of distance and being bound by a restriction in the ancient grave world, she was unable to supply more energy, thus, the situation suddenly became tense.

Ye Chuan, however, said nothing, and also ignored the attacks of Xiahou Qing and others. He also didn’t react to the urging of Octopus Empress, he just concentrated on Yinyang Life Wheel. His merit law changed faster and faster, and also became more and more complicated. This treasure collecting technique, even Octopus Empress was unable to understand it. Under his effort, more and more part of Yinyang Life Wheel began to surface. After a short while, an unimaginably huge behemoth gradually appeared in front of people. It was at least half as big as the entire Small Yao Lake. The originally visible part was just a corner of an iceberg.

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