Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 60

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 60: Qianyang pill

Returning to Purple Cloud Peak, Ye Chuan announced his seclusion cultivation.

This news spread and the people shook their head one after another, what is called embracing Buddha’s feet in one’s hour of need, this is! [T.L: embracing Buddha’s feet in one’s hour of need: making a hasty last-minute effort]

Great Competition was beginning very soon, and you just went into seclusion cultivation, but why didn’t you go before? Wanting to win victory in Great Competition with seclusion cultivation of one or two days, if this is not indulging in the wildest fantasy then what?

The public shook their head and sighed, moreover they found this both funny and annoying. Some people were worried, wondering how their sect would greatly lose its face in this Great Competition. And some people were gloating secretly, waiting to see how Ye Chuan would suffer a crushing defeat, and how he would roll down from the position of sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.

The secluded and tranquil Purple Cloud Courtyard was now shrouded in a dense obscure energy fluctuation, intentionally blocked the probing of many people.

Ye Chuan had activated the restriction of Purple Cloud Peak, but he didn’t seriously cultivate in seclusion, rather was busy bustling about inside the alchemy room.

Today, he wanted to refine a kind of great nourishing pill, Qianyang pill.

The crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster he had accidentally hunted was the main material to refine Qianyang pill, and coupled with the herbs picked up by Flame Devil, everything was ready. Qianyang pill could restore one’s vitality, and also had a great nourishing effect for the spirit. After the pill was successfully refined, it emits strong yang qi, causing the change in heaven and earth. So even with the skill of Ye Chuan, he also didn’t dare to be negligent, as a result, in the name of cultivating in seclusion, he activated the restriction barrier.

Ye Chuan threw in the medicinal herbs into the burning bright red furnace, and the firewood underneath burned violently. And after stewing it for more than an hour, a medicinal liquid finally appeared inside the little cauldron, and delicate fragrance assailed the nostrils.

Ye Chuan deeply inhaled a mouthful of medicinal fragrance, then carefully putting the crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster inside the furnace, he covered it with a heavy lid. Then silently reciting his technique, he accelerated the circulation of Heaven Swallowing Talisman and added his entire spirit power in the formation under his leg.

Refining good pill, not only needed perfect attainments in concocting pills, it still needed dense pure worldly spiritual qi, and only after meticulously combining all of them, the refinement would be successful. In this aspect, Cloud Mist Sect was richly endowed by nature.

Purple Cloud Courtyard had a study and also had a special alchemy room, it was small but complete in every detail. The furnace of alchemy room was not bad. It was simple and exquisite, and was a good quality furnace. Unfortunately, for Ye Chuan, this furnace however couldn’t be considered anything, its power was insufficient and compared to the furnace he had used for concocting pills before, this furnace had no way to compare. Merely, he also couldn’t find better furnace for the time being. Moreover, he also didn’t have time and energy to personally refine one, so he was forced to make do with it for the time being.

A wisp of unusually sweet smell slowly spread all over, filling the entire alchemy room, then spreading all over to Purple Cloud Peak, this smell spread all around.

With regarding the last hour cultivation in seclusion of Ye Chuan, all the people were giving a snort of contempt secretly. But, when all sorts of comments were being made in each corner, people having a keen sense of smell suddenly raised their head and looked towards the direction of Purple Cloud Peak, moving the alae of the nose. Slowly, more and more people noticed this unusually sweet smile. This unusually sweet smile and the fragrance of general pills was different. After inhaling this unusually sweet smile, their heart gave rise to a wisp of warm current, then their spirit got excited.

What’s this smell?

Ye Chuan, wasn’t he in seclusion cultivation? What is happening in Purple Cloud Peak?

Everyone was confused, they wanted to go to Purple Cloud Peak and take a look at what was happening, but an invisible force repelled them. Purple Cloud Peak which was not fortified in former days, now was shrouded by ancient and obscure energy fluctuation. This was the power of restriction, each disciple was well aware of this, but not to mention numerous disciples, even the sect protector who had stayed within the sect for hundreds of years also didn’t know that Purple Cloud Peak had this kind of restriction.

Inside Alchemy Hall, Jin Zhikun who was in the middle of doing shadowboxing with blood and qi seething all over his body suddenly stopped. His Divine Yang Body unexpectedly trembled uncontrollably, affected by the unusual medicine fragrance coming from the Purple Cloud Peak;

Inside a dark underground secret room, Third Elder with sinister and ruthless complexion suddenly opened his eyes, then his complexion become gloomy;

In the mountain peak towering high above the clouds, Great Elder Zhu Giohong who was sitting inside a small and crude log cabin also opened his eyes, and after feeling uncertain, he lowered his head and pondered;

Simultaneously, Second Elder Nangong Ren who was in the middle of taking care of medicinal herbs suddenly put down the medicinal hoe in his hand, then looking towards Purple Cloud Peak where Ye Chuan was located, his gaze gradually become scorching hot.


Before this pill was taken out of the furnace, this Qianyang pill that was being refined by Ye Chuan had already shaken the entire Cloud Mist Sect.

This kind of pill was rare even within Cloud Mist Sect which was famous for alchemy. Naturally, no-one thought that it was Ye Chuan who was personally refining the pill, they thought that either Ye Chuan found a treasure left behind by Sect Master, or found it somewhere else. Recently, advisor He Taixu had spread the rumor that Ye Chuan had discovered ancient Paradise realm, and at this moment, this rumor surfaced up in the heart of people once again. People couldn’t help but whisper all around, and groundless rumor rose from all direction.

The unusually sweet smile in the air grew thicker and thicker, finally, they could even be seen in the air. Although the surroundings were covered densely by black clouds, but the sky of Purple Cloud Peak was bright red, and with dense pure yang qi, the air seemed to be burning.

Hall Master Jin Zhikun who was wholeheartedly training Divine Yang Body, his body shook more and more violently, and his spirit was about to rush towards the yang qi in the sky of Purple Cloud Peak.

Inside Purple Cloud Courtyard, it was even more unbearable for Flame Devil who was acting as the protector of Ye Chuan in the alchemy room. He cultivated Secorhing Sun Body, and compared to Jin Zhikun’s Divine Yang Body, his feeling towards yang qi was far higher, if it was not for the case of his strong willpower, then he would have already rushed over to seize the pills inside the furnace. In the vast mountain behind, the figures of yao beasts began to appear and every kind of roars could be heard, no one knows how many yao beasts were attracted. Unfortunately, they were not able to approach Purple Cloud Peak, and were stopped outside the restriction barrier of Cloud Mist Sect’s entrance.

This unusual sight in the sky of Purple Cloud Peak continued to last for no less than an hour, then it slowly dispersed.

Inside the alchemy room, Ye Chuan was wet all over and was exhausted. Now there were three fiery red pills in his hand. Although his current cultivation was limited, but relying on his profound alchemy attainment and abundant experience, Ye Chuan was still able to refine Qianyang pills. Unfortunately, there were only three pieces. If his cultivation was in Xiushi realm, then perhaps he might have refined few more without wasting a lot of medicinal effect in vain.

“Noble son, is it a success?” Flame Devil looked over, then with eyes glimmering with scorching hot looks, he asked in a hoarse voice. He was also soaked, and resisting the allure of Qianyang pill with great difficulty, it seemed he was more tired than Ye Chuan.

“Yi Yanzi, don’t you have confidence any in me?”

Seeing the action of Flame Devil, Ye Chuan secretly nodded his head in satisfaction. Then tossing one Qianyang pill towards Flame Devil, he said, “Well, this Qianyang pill is yours. You cultivate Scorching Sun Body, and your vitality is greatly injured, but this pill just happens to be a perfect cure for you.”

“Thank you, noble son!”

Flame Devil was overjoyed, and after bowing to thank Ye Chuan, he swallowed this Qianyang pill, then his body suddenly emitted red light, and the energy fluctuation within his body steadily rose. This small Qianyang pill was unexpectedly equivalent to the effort of hundred years, making Flame Devil see the hope to reach his previous peak state, moreover he also had a faint sign of breaking through a rank!

Flame Devil looked happy and healthy, the cracks on the skin of his face healed, and a layer of healthy luster appeared. He was endlessly excited in his heart.

How many years? Since he suffered from the backlash of Scorching Sun Body, his cultivation was always at a standstill, and no longer had a feeling of breaking through in his cultivation. He wandered around in the wilderness and various underground Ghost Market for several tens of years, but he made no progress. However, he had never thought that, in the short period of time beside Ye Chuan, he was pleasantly surprised again and again.

How many days has it been? If he continuously stayed beside Ye Chuan like this, then what kinds of pleasant surprise would he get in the future?

Flame Devil who was disheartened and downtrodden for many years suddenly was full of hope and expectation for his future, reigniting his confidence in the pursuit of cultivation.

Flame Devil was excited as well as he was incomparably moved.

He had never heard of Qianyang pill, but seeing the changes it caused when it appeared and smelling that extraordinary medicinal fragrance, he knew that this was not ordinary pill. The vitality of Ye Chuan was not restored and his spirit was also injured, moreover there were only three pills, even if he took in all three of them, they might not necessarily be enough for him, but he absolutely had never thought that Ye Chuan would actually give such precious pill to him without hesitation.

“It’s just a low heaven grade pill, no need to make a big deal. Yi Yanzi, properly cultivate, afterwards you will understand that there are many other pills which are better than this.” Ye Chuan indifferently said. His complexion was calm, but Flame Devil was dumbfounded.

Heaven grade pill!

In the Wilderness World, alchemy and magic treasures were divided into Heaven, Earth, Black and Yellow, these four grades. Every grade was again subdivided into low-grade, mid-grade, high-grade and best grade. A single heaven grade pill could be sold at a price as high as heaven on the outside. Even for Cloud Mist Sect which was famous for refining pills, refining a heaven grade pill was difficult, but here he was saying refining several heaven grade pill was not a big deal.

Flame Devil was truly shocked. He was obviously very familiar with Ye Chuan, but the longer he stayed beside Ye Chuan, the more he felt that Ye Chuan was mysterious!

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! Only Ye Chuan would be disappointed by heaven grade pills. He’s probably sad that he’s fallen to the point of personally refining them.

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