Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 599

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 599: Chained hound

A sense of strong danger appeared in Ye Chuan’s heart, but he maintained balance, flapping his wings.

And after carefully sensing for a while, Ye Chuan noticed that this danger was not coming from Yinyang Life Wheel that suddenly emerged and blocked his path, rather was coming from the Small Yao Lake itself.

After Yinyang Life Wheel appeared, the might of Small Yao Lake’s restrictions had become much stronger and gave rise to much higher waves. Although his wings were flapping rapidly, Ye Chuan still felt that he was slowly sinking and a powerful force was pulling him down. Even circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body was also not helping much. Not to mention flying away, he was even unable to struggle free. In addition, it was getting harder and harder to flap his wings. First, his soles touched the water surface, then his feet, ankles… little by little, his body was sinking.

Yinyang Life Wheel that had just emerged from the lake also sunk little by little. The black and white radiances continuously flickered alternatively, and with every flash, a loud explosion sound resounded and the might of restriction became stronger.

This fragment of Lost City was also bound to the restriction!

Perhaps, the ferocious ancient restrictions on this lake were also to suppress this fragment of Lost City!

Ye Chuan suddenly felt like he was vaguely understanding what was going on. Most probably, a long time ago, after Sea Demon Clan’s holy land Lost City was broken into pieces, a fragment might have fallen into this Small Yao Lake. And perhaps, this fragment was too detrimental to Heavenly Yao Sect or they wanted to seize this treasure someday, Heavenly Yao Sect first laid down these powerful restrictions to forcibly suppress Yinyang Life Wheel. Heavenly Yao Cave shrouded in white mist was also created after this, and was evolved into a forbidden area later!

Ye Chuan thought quickly, but he didn’t have much time to think more. He used all his strength to resist this powerful restriction.

Once he sunk into the lake, not to mention obtaining this Lost City fragment and finding Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he might even lose his life. After being suppressed for millions of years, Yinyang Life Wheel might still be completely intact, but once a person was drowned to the bottom, even his bones might not remain intact!

Ye Chuan struggled with all his strength, but not only he was unable to withstand the pressure of the restriction, he sunk even more. Soon, he was already submerged to his knees, and not long after, the water level will reach his thighs, then his chest and his head.

Large beads of sweat appeared on Ye Chuan’s forehead. With each waves hitting him, his body submerged more.

“Quick, that kid can’t run, quickly arrest him!”

“Be aware of that huge shadow, that is the legendary Wheel of Curse, whoever touches it will be plagued with bad luck!”

Xiahua Qing shouted and the three Heavenly Yao Boats sailed rapidly towards Ye Chuan.

After the appearance of Yinyang Life Wheel, the restriction had gotten more powerful. Neither Ye Chuan not Yinyang Life Wheel was able to escape the strong pressure. They were even sinking. But, no one knew what materials were used to build these three boats, they were completely unaffected by this restriction. Clearly, a genius of Heavenly Yao Sect had forged these treasures to especially counter the restrictions of Small Yao Lake.

“Catch him alive, use chains!”

Xiahou Qing loudly ordered and personally used an over ten meters long rune chains.

The experts of Heavenly Yao Sect stood up in preparation. Each boat had five experts and each expert had a rune chain. Instantly, fifteen experts ferociously glared at Ye Chuan who couldn’t move.

The three Heavenly Yao Boats continued to advance, and when they saw they were about to collide against that huge Yinyang Life Wheel, the three boats suddenly changed the direction, creating huge waves that squeezed Ye Chuan. And at the same time, fifteen chains flew out and accurately bound Ye Chuan’s hands, legs, chest, neck and other places. They wanted to capture Ye Chuan alive and interrogate him at the shore.

Law Enforcement Hall was especially responsible to arrest and trial the disciples who violated the sect’s rules. And this chain was the best thing to tie them. Looking at over a dozen chains flying towards him, Ye Chuan crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, but it was useless. Under the strong pressure of the restrictions, he could let those chains bound him.

“Hahaha, let’s go! Bring back this fellow and deliver him to Elder Tianqing to open a public trial in Heavenly Yao Hall. Let’s see where he came from, hahahaha……”

Xiahou Qing roared with laughter. Then, the three Heavenly Yao Boat turned around, wanting to drag Ye Chuan to the shore.

Ever since ancient times, Small Yao Lake had powerful restrictions, only Heavenly Yao Boats could enter it. Within Heavenly Yao Sect, this was an open secret, even disciples knew it. Even Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi had to use Heavenly Yao Boat if she wanted to enter the Heavenly Yao Cave. In so many years, no one had ever dared to set foot on this lake without using Heavenly Yao Boat. Therefore, Xiahua Qing was curious about Ye Chuan’s identity, cultivation and even his intentions. He couldn’t wait to drag him to the shore and interrogate. He also must do this, otherwise, if he just let a stranger breaking into his sect’s forbidden area off, then where could they hide their face? In addition, what qualification would they have to claim that they were the first sect under heaven?

The three boats had turned around and the rune chains that were binding Ye Chuan began to squeak.

After sneaking into Heavenly Yao Sect, he had yet to even see Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, how could he let them capture him?

Ye Chuan was unwilling. He raised his head and roared while crazily circulating the Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. In an instant, all fifteen rune chains stretched tightly and those three boats suddenly stopped. They were unable to advance. The brute strength of 216,000 jin coupled with the pressure of restrictions made Ye Chuan erupt with such a strength that he was able to stop those Heavenly Yao Boats. Those boats were unable to drag Ye Chuan away. After erupting with such a strength, his muscles twisted and veins became green as if they were about to explode. Blood began to seep out from his hands, legs, chest and other places bound by those rune chains, and the rune chain that bound his neck made him unable to breathe as if his neck was about to be broken.

“Eh, this kid is ferocious, attack with flying swords!”

Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiahou Qing was angry and shocked by the amazing strength of Ye Chuan. Afterward, with one hand still holding the rune chain, he used the other hand to brandish his flying sword, wanting to use a killer move to injure bitterly struggling Ye Chuan.

The situation of Ye Chuan who was barely able to hold-on became even worse. The terrifying restriction and the chains that bound his body were already exhausting him enough, once those fifteen experts use their flying swords to attack, he would be slaughtered without a chance to resist.

“Boy, kill them, take that Yinyang Life Wheel for this lord, quick!”

An angry voice suddenly resounded in Ye Chuan’s mind. That was the voice of Octopus Empress. At the same time, the Octopus Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body swelled and boiled over. Then, a huge octopus phantom appeared behind him and an incomparable strength above Half Sage realm poured into his body. That was the power of Sage realm expert. It was the power that had already disappeared for millions of years in Wilderness World!

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