Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 598

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 598: Yinyang Life Wheel

These numerous disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect panicked and returned to the shore of Small Yao Lake. Upon seeing the sudden appearance of raging waves, all of them were nervous and restless.

This was the second time tonight something unusual had happened in this lake.

What was going on in his lake, should they report it?

The disciples were panicking in their heart. Senior apprentice brother Wu was also the same. In this kind of circumstances, they had to sound the alarm, but that might alarm to guests of other various big sects too. In addition, they had just seen the ending of guard leader Man Wenjun, so who dared to report this to Elder Tianqing? However, if they don’t report this, them if something truly happened later, then who could take the responsibility?

The raging waves slamming against the shore were getting taller and taller, and the disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect were getting more and more concerned. They didn’t; know what to do next. Fortunately, not long after, someone helped to quickly resolve this issue.

The elite Heavenly Yao Guards quickly rushed over with a torch. The one leading this squad was the trusted subordinate of Elder Tianqing, the master of Law Enforcement Hall Xiahou Qing. He was very thin and was wearing a black robe. He looked like someone who was riddled with diseases, but was sharp like a knife. No one dared to look straight at him. With eagle nose, deep eyes and sinister complexion, he made other people feel the pressure. In the storm of Heavenly Maiden, he had convicted unknown numbers of people and thrown them into the prison. He was the absolute trusted subordinate of Elder Tianqing!

“You all, disperse and guard the surroundings, strictly forbid anyone unconcerned from entering and leaving this place, leave this place this us.”

Xiahou Qing coldly ordered, watching the waves that were getting bigger and bigger. He then personally sent out a signal to ask Elder Tianqing for help.


Everyone bowed and received the order. They were finally able to relax and retreat. Meanwhile, many sect experts continuously rushed over here from all directions. In addition to Xiaohou Qing who led the experts of Law Enforcement Hall, the experts of Mountain Patrolling Hall, Weapon Refinement Hall, Internal Affairs Hall and other halls rushed over in succession. Ordinary disciples and guards were ordered to withdraw to the second line of duty, dispersing to surround the entire Small Yao Lake, strictly forbidding any strangers to enter and exit.

Now, it was absolutely impossible to not alarm the guests of other sects, so they could only find ways to minimize the effect and prevent other people to take advantage of this situation to sneak in and create an additional disturbance.

More and more experts of Heavenly Yao Sect arrived beside Small Yao Lake, and upon seeing the current situation of the lake, all of them looked restless. Meanwhile, under the cover of the night, Ye Chuan also looked solemn. At an unknown time, a pair of blood-red wings had appeared on his back and stepping on a branch, he was advancing in the midst of raging waves. His figure also moved left and right to dodge the waves falling from the sky and taiji vortexes on the lake surface.

It had not been a long time since Ye Chuan had entered the Small Yao Lake, but he was already in great danger.

Just the light branch in itself wanted to sink under the indescribable suction force coming from below the lake, merely, with his high-speed mobility, he was able to remain afloat with great difficulty. Adding his own weight, it was even more dangerous.

There was a powerful resection above the lake surface, under the lake surface was also the same!

Ye Chuan quickly understood what was going on. At this moment, the best option was to turn around and return to the shore to leave this place, but thinking about Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he gritted his teeth and continued forward. He stimulated the Remex Armguard and used Cyan Feather Technique to fly above the lake surface. He toughened his scalp and rushed into the dense white mist above the lake. When he finally arrived at the middle of the lake, noises came from behind along with towering flame. Heavenly Yao Guards and the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect had arrived here. It was impossible to turn around now.

Crash, waves continuously fell towards Ye Chuan.

At this moment, Ye Chuan was already drenched and great concern and fear shrouded his heart. If he accidentally fell into the taiji vortex, then he might really lose his life and be buried at the bottom of the lake.

At this critical moment, the mist of Remex Armguard was displayed once again.

This treasure he obtained in Flying Fish World of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land made him avoid these dangerous vortexes. In addition, like a feather, he drifted above the lake surface. Although he moved left and right to avoid vortexes, his direction never changed. He slowly approached his destination.

“Look, there is someone on the lake surface!”

“Impossible, who can tread through the lake? Much less at this time!”

“There is truly someone, quick, report Elder Tianqing and start Heavenly Yao Boat!”


At the shore of the lake, the experts of Heavenly Yao Sect climbed a tall place and watched over. And someone with sharp eyes vaguely saw Ye Chuan’s figure flying just above the lake surface. In the midst of the waves, it was not clear, but there was truly someone on the lake surface. Law Enforcement Hall Master Xiahou Qing personally saw this, then ordered the guards to start the Heavenly Yao Boat. Afterward, after hesitating for a while, he personally led a group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s experts and sailed through the waves, taking all remaining three Heavenly Yao Boats.

While dodging the taiji vortexes left and right, Ye Chuan suddenly sensed something. He turned around and saw three boats speeding towards him. Upon seeing those boats, Ye Chuan crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and the blood-red wings on his back flapped rapidly as he accelerated forward. Because of the raging waves, the vision was not good, but the blood-red wings of Ye Chuan attracted the attention of the experts, and Heavenly Yao Boats increased their speed. They were much faster than Ye Chuan.


It would be troublesome if caught!

Ye Chuan’s complexion of stretched taut. He crazily drove Remex Armguard to increase his speed to the limit and finally, gritting the teeth, he jumped over a taiji vortex and charged straight towards the place where Heavenly Yao Cave was located.

He felt stifled at heart, could hardly take a breath, and at the same time, distracting thoughts broke out in his mind. Even the sign of heart demon began to appear. Moreover, along with a weightlessness feeling, his four limbs seemed to be aching and limp, making him feel inexplicable uncomfortableness and dazed…

The moment he jumped over a taiji vortex, Ye Chuan felt inexplicable uncomfortableness and the absent-minded state appeared again. He quickly became powerless and was about to be swallowed by taiji vortex. But, once his leg made a contact with ice-cold lake water, Ye Chuan, fortunately, came back to senses and used all his strength to drive Remex Armguard and escaped. Now, there was only less than a hundred-meter distance. At this moment, the three boats were still over a thousand meters away, so they were already too late to intercept.

Boom! When Ye Chuan was about to successfully break into the forbidden area where Heavenly Yao Cave was located, a loud sound of explosion suddenly came from below the lake surface setting off a hundred meters tall wave appeared. Then, a huge shadow began to slowly surface, blocking Ye Chuan’s way. It resembled a broken-down warship and also a ferocious big fish. A black and a white, different colored radiances were flickering like a huge taiji pattern.

Ye Chuan suddenly stopped. He sensed a familiar aura in this huge shadow. Inside the final grave world of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land, he had sensed this aura, it was the aura of Lost City’s fragment.

“Lost City’s fragment! Kid, still not collecting it? This is the Lost City fragment you have been looking for, extremely important Lost City’s fragment, the legendary Yinyang Life Wheel!”

The voice of Octopus Empress suddenly resounded in the mind of Ye Chuan. At the same time, the temperature of that Octopus Talisman began to rise rapidly. Far away, Octopus Empress trapped in the ancient grave world also sensed the aura of Lost City’s fragment via Ye Chuan and became incomparably excited.

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