Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 597

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 597: Taiji Vortex

Ye Chuan didn’t consider for too long, he quickly made the decision. He quickly went straight towards that place shrouded in white mist below Heavenly Yao Peak.

Just a moment ago, Ye Chuan had clearly heard all the words spoken by Elder Tainqing.

Soon, a large group of Heavenly Yao Guards will seal off Small Yao Lake. Among the numerous experts of Heavenly Yao Sect, Heavenly Yao Guards were the elites. But, Small Yao Sect was already dangerous and there were powerful restrictions around it. Breaking into Small Yao Lake bode ill rather than well. However, if he didn’t go now, then after a large group of Heavenly Yao Guard arrives, he might not have a chance to go in even if he wanted to go later.

“Eh, what is that? Someone is breaking into Small Yao Lake, quick, quick…”

A disciple of Heavenly Yao Sect who had gone to the shore to relieve himself had just untied the belt. But, before he could let it out, he suddenly heard a vague unusual water sounds and turned around to watch. He just happened to see Ye Chuan’s figure shrouded in a dark cloak and a big bamboo hat. He was flying across the lake surface, stepping on a willow branch. The disciple rubbed his eyes and watched again, after that, he shouted loudly.

A large group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s disciples rushed over upon hearing the noise with drawn swords in their hand.

“Who? Where?”

“Zhang Bin, why are you hollering? Where is the person on the lake surface?”

The people looked around but saw nothing. The lake surface was also very quiet. Not to mention a human figure, there was not even a flying bird could be seen. There was not even a single ripple on the water surface.

“Just… just now, there was a black-cloaked person on the lake surface, how…”

The young disciple named Zhang Bin was also dumbfounded. He was also nervous, thus, he stuttered when speaking, moreover, forgot to pull up his pants. There were some female disciples among the group that rushed over. They didn’t see the so-called black-cloaked person, rather saw that sloppy toy dangling below the hips of this young disciple Zhang Bin. They were embarrassed and cursed him, then quickly turned away.

“Zhang Bin, what exactly happened?”

An experienced and steady disciple who looked like a leader walked out and said solemnly, “Don’t be frightened and create a disturbance, if you alarm Elder Tianqing, then you are well aware of the consequences, right? Speak, what exactly happened? Did you see anyone?”

The group of disciples that were making all sorts of comments quieted down.

Just a moment ago, the scene of guard leader Man Wenjun being thrown into Heavenly Prison, everyone had seen it. Tomorrow, the grand offering competition would start, so numerous large sects had sent people to congratulate and participate in this competition, now, it was not the best time to create a disturbance. They must not let anything bad happen. If the rumor was spread, then they would become the laughing stock in the entire world, and the consequences would not be something anyone could bear!

“Senior Apprentice Brother Wu, just now… just now, I saw a black cloak person running on the water surface, going straight towards the opposite side.” The young disciple Zhang Bin replied, telling the truth.

“Are you sure?” The person called senior apprentice brother Wu questioned closely with a frown. The disciples clustered around simultaneously paused and had a bad feeling as if something would happen tonight.

Small Yao Lake which always used to be calm suddenly had great changes. Countless earth-shaking taiji vortexes had appeared. But, when Elder Tianqing had rushed over upon hearing this news, the lake, however, was already calm, the result, he ordered guard leader Man Wenjun to be imprisoned. And now, just after Elder Tianqing had left, the so-called black-cloaked person appeared. Was this coincidence, or…

These disciples who were ordered to patrol around this area became anxious.

“Yes, I am sure, that person was tall. He wore dark night cloak and a big bamboo hat. Although I was unable to see his cultivation realm, he is definitely a great expert.” The young disciple Zhang Bin replied. The back view of Ye Chuan had left a deep impression on him. He would never forget it.

“Does that mean someone has indeed broken in? Perhaps, he was an assassin, or perhaps, he is a spy that came to spy on our Heavenly Yao Sect!”

As a leader, senior apprentice brother Wu paused and added, “Ever since ancient times, there are restrictions on the lake surface of Small Yao Lake, even Half Sage experts are unable to directly fly past it. Using a flying sword is also useless. From this aspect, it is very likely that there is a person operating from within with that black-cloaked person, and prepared the Heavenly Yao Boat in secret. No wonder, he was successful, but where is he going and what does he want to do? Can it be that he wants to go to…”

The disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect looked at each other, feeling nervous.

There was only one place on the other side of the lake, that was the ancient forbidden area of Heavenly Yao Sect, Heavenly Yao Cave!

“Senior apprentice brother Wu, that person didn’t use Heavenly Yao Boat, he… he was stepping on a branch to fly across.” The young disciple replied.

“What? That’s impossible!”

“Yes, Zhang Bin, not to mention you were feeling very urgent to piss, you also have a blurred vision.”

“This kid, if you frighten us like this again, I will beat you to death!”

The people scolded the young disciple Zhang Bin. Now, everyone was clearly relaxed. It was clear that Zhang Bin was dazzled and rang a false alarm, so they cursed him and left in succession.

Small Yao Lake always had a calm and tranquil environment, but the restrictions of this place were very unique. No one could fly in the sky above this lake. Using the flying sword was useless, even normal boats couldn’t float, they would just sink. According to the legend, even a feather also couldn’t float on this lake surface, therefore, the lake surface appeared especially clean without any debris floating on it. Both inside and outside the sect, the only thing that could freely move on the lake surface was specially made Heavenly Yao Boat, and in the entire Heavenly Yao Sect, there were only a few of them. It was the only tool to enter the forbidden area, Heavenly Yao Cave.

In the event of someone quietly sneaked in and stole a Heavenly Yao Boat to forcibly break into the forbidden area, Heavenly Yao Cave, then the matter would be troublesome. It would definitely be a big deal. Even if one had to lose one’s head, one had to toughen one’s scalp and quickly report it. But, according to this young disciple, the person was using a branch to float across the lake surface, that was ridiculous. This kid had dim eyesight for sure.

“Senior apprentice brother Wu, I am speaking the truth. There really was a black-cloaked person stepping on a branch…” The young disciple urgently sore that was not his hallucination.

“Enough, pull up your pants and continue to patrol. Zhang Bin, this senior apprentice brother has some words of advice, don’t tell about this matter to anyone else later. Of course, if you truly believe that it was not your hallucination, then you can go to report to Elder Tianqing in person, let’s see whether elder will believe you or not, heh heh…”

Senior apprentice brother Wu who was in charge of this group coldly laughed and walked away. He led everyone to continue patrolling. He wasn’t patient enough to continue hearing the nonsense of Zhang Bin.

Behind, the young disciple Zhang Bin stood still in a daze for a good while. Just thinking about the terrifying ending of guard leader Man Wenjun, he trembled and ran over. Afterward, he caught up to everybody and close his mouth shut. He no longer dared to utter a word. Even now, he still believed that he was not hallucinating for sure, but who would believe him? Obviously no one, thus, he could only shut up for the best.

Looking at the young disciple Zhang Bin, the other laughed and cracked a few jokes as they went away with a torch in their hand. At that time, the senior apprentice brother Wu who was walking in the foremost suddenly stopped and his ears stood erect. Behind, from the direction of Small Yao Lake, sounds of water were coming. It was exactly the same as before. He hastily climbed over a tall place and looked, lifting the torch in his hand. Immediately afterward, the calm Small Yao Lake had waves along with taiji vortexes. Not long after, those vortexes became larger and larger as the raging waves slammed against the shore.

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