Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 596

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 596: Quanqing Region

The sounds of waves entered the ears of Ye Chuan and he came back to his senses. When he looked around, he discovered that he had already walked into the lake. The lake water had already submerged his chest.

If he had taken several more steps, then he might have submerged under the water. In the originally calm and clear lake, waves had appeared at an unknown time. Those waves were at least a dozen meters tall and slammed against the reef at the shore. The ear-deafening sounds resulted from this had awakened Ye Chuan from the daze.

So powerful!

Who was it that laid down such a powerful restriction?

Ye Chuan was greatly shocked and a chill ran down his spine. Afterward, he quickly retreated.

The restriction of Small Yao Lake was far more powerful than his expectation. The slightest carelessness made him absent-minded and get lost in illusions. When he woke up, he found that he had already entered the lake. Ye Chuan had never encountered such a restriction. It was even more powerful than the restrictions in the ancient grave worlds of Sea Demon Race’s holy land.

“What’s going on? Why did waves appear on the lake even though there is no wind?”

“Look, it’s not normal waves, it’s taiji vortex. Quick, quickly report to elders!”

The patrolling guards nearby quickly noticed the unusualness of the lake and became restless. Some had already guarded this place for over ten years, but they had never noticed such strange waves. Standing on the shore, they only saw the waves, but standing on ta high place, they discovered that the entire Small Yao Lake was had strange vortexes everywhere which set off waves. In addition, there was an indescribable energy fluctuation in the air. This fluctuation was neither weak nor strong, but had a strong penetrative power. Even when standing over one thousand meters, one’s heart would involuntarily beat rapidly for a moment and slowly for the other moment, making people scared.

The unusualness of the lake made seniors of Heavenly Yao Sect turn pale with fright. Upon hearing the news, they immediately rushed over and the number of people increased here. Ye Chuan had already left under the cover of the night and was hiding in the willow forest, quietly watching the changes.

A large number of torches approached from far away.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, a large group of Heavenly Yao Sect’s elites flew over. A black-robed old man was in the foremost of this group. Although he was old in age, he was full of energy and his eyes blazed like torches. But, at this moment, he looked completely indifferent, there was neither fear nor anger on his face.

“We pay respect to Elder Tainqing!”

Upon seeing this black-robed old man, the guards and disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect on the scene bowed and saluted in succession.

After White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi who held the power entered seclusion, Elder Tianqing was the one who overrode other deacons and elders and controlled Heavenly Yao Sect. Upon hearing the news, he quickly rushed over. Since Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was sent to Heavenly Yao Cave, the authority of this old man had become stronger. White Haired Heavenly Empress cultivated in seclusion throughout the year, appearing before the public very rarely. Therefore, he basically had the final say in the entire Heavenly Yao Sect. Now, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia’s subordinates and formerly neutral sect experts either had acted tactfully and submitted to him or had suffered a ruthless purge, thus, the entire Heavenly Yao Sect was basically become his single-word shop, only he had the say in all matters.

“What happened? What is odd with Small Yao Lake?”

Elder Tianqing looked all around and coldly asked.

Speaking about strangeness, the large numbers of vortexes and towering waves of the lake had instantly disappeared. The lake had return to its usual calmness. Not to mention terrifying vortexes, there was not even a single ripple.

Heavenly Yao Sect’s guards and disciples lowered their head. No one dared to look straight at Elder Tianqing.

Just a moment ago, the lake surface was terrifying, but now, it was calm and tranquil. No one knew what was going on and also didn’t know how to explain to Elder Tianqing.

“It is a grand sacrifice competition tomorrow, now, it is the time to display our sect’s strength and bearing. There are guests everywhere, the sects all over the world have rush over upon hearing the news to congratulate us. In this critical juncture, why are you all creating a disturbance without any reason? How long has it been since Heavenly Maiden created the disturbance? The bad characters had just disappeared and you all are anxious to challenge the sect’s authority? This lordship has been in Heavenly Yao Sect for several thousand years, become a great deacon elder from a smalltime outer disciple, but how come I have never heard of something taiji restriction and also never heard of unusualness in this Small Yao Lake?”

Elder Tianqing was furious and he ferociously glared at everyone present here as if he wanted to pick out the person who secretly wanted to create a disturbance.

The disciples present here hung their head low. They were so scared that they were trembling.

During the disturbance of Heavenly Maiden, Elder Tianqing had displayed his iron-blooded method. All those from elders to outer sect disciples who cried injustice for Heavenly Maiden suffered a bloody purge. Afterward, he represented White Haired Heavenly Empress and controlled the entire sect. He used ruthless slaughter to seal other’s mouth. Even after several years, the disciples could clearly remember that bloody scene. Thereafter, Elder Tianqing who held the power in his hand became all the more arrogant and those who dared to defy his orders were thrown into the prison or became a dead person. Now, this old man was furious. Once someone was misunderstood by him, it would be the end of him.

“What, are you all became mute?”

Elder Tianqing scolded loudly. His face was full of anger and killing intent. In his heart, he however was proud. He was very satisfied with the reaction of these disciples as this proved that Heavenly Yao Sect was still firmly under his control. He paused for a bit and looking at an expert standing in the midst of the crowd, he said, “Man Wenjun, if this lordship didn’t misremember, you are responsible for this area today, isn’t that so?”

“Yes, Elder Tianqing, today is my turn on duty, but, just a moment ago, there indeed……” The guard leader Man Wenjun braced himself and replied. Everyone could see beads of sweat on his forehead. But, the result, before he finished speaking, Elder Tianqing waved his hands and several experts rushed up in a crowd and grabbed him.

“Throw him into the sky prison, after the great sacrifice competition, I will trial him in public! At such a crucial moment, everybody must stand fast at their post, don’t readily believe the rumor, and don’t spread more rumor, all those who defy will be beheaded!”

Elder Tianqing cold glance around and left. Among his so many words, the final sentence was the focal point, all disciples on the scene understood that and they firmly bore that in their mind. The guard leader Man Wenjun attempted to struggle, but even though his cultivation was outstanding, later stage of Daoist Master realm, the bodyguards of Elder Tianqing were clearly more powerful. He was suppressed quickly and dragged away. Poor guard leader, just because he was impartial and incorruptible and didn’t try to get the favor of Elder Tianqing in the past, the latter took advantage of this chance to purge him.

“Accused wrongly, you accused me wrongly…”

“Tianqing, you dog, you will not have a good death!”


The guard leader Man Wenjun roared and crushed, accompanied by a sad and shrill scream. Throwing into the prison was not any different from executing, it was only a matter of time.

Elder Tianqing who was flying away, stepping on a flying sword stopped upon hearing the curse of Man Wenjun.

“Elder, should I behead that fellow who spread fallacies to deceive people?” A bodyguard took this chance to fawn Elder Tianqing.

“No, throwing into the prison is enough, in addition…, immediately send the most elite guards to guard our important places day and night from now on, strictly forbid anyone from approaching!” Elder Tianqing solemnly ordered.

“Elder, could it be that that Small Yao Lake truly had…” The bodyguard exclaimed.

“Man Wenjun, that fellow is Heavenly Maiden’s trusted subordinate, this is certain, it is useless to conceal it. But, unusualness in Small Yao Lake, he wouldn’t dare to lie publicly about this kind of big matter, and he also doesn’t have the ability to create disturbance afterward.” Elder Tianqing sneered. Then, muttered to himself, “Heavenly Yao Sect will stand tall until trouble arises in Small Yao Lake, this is an ancient rumor, can it be real? Can it be that our Heavenly Yao Sect’s fate truly is…”

“This won’t do, after grand sacrifice competition, our Heavenly Yao Sect’s fate is sure to be higher. Elder, should we ask instructions from Heavenly Empress?” The bodyguard asked.

“no, don’t disturb Heavenly Empress for the time being. Talking about our Heavenly Yao Sect’s fate, humph, all is the fault of Heavenly Maiden and that boy surnamed Ye of Cloud Mist Sect. If it was not for him forcibly borrowing and destroying Heaven Burning Furnace that suppressed our sect’s fate, how could our Heavenly Yao Sect have so many issues?”

Elder Tianqing coldly said with deep resentment as his entire group quickly disappeared into the night sky. They were entire unaware of a tall figure below them.

“Heavenly Yao Sect will stand tall until trouble arises in Small Yao Lake……”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and looked at the lake with hesitation.

Now, he was certain of one thing. When he was trapped in God Burial Valley for such a long period of time, Heavenly Yao Sect definitely had some great changes. Someone did something in Small Yao Lake, but who was that person? Did Blue Eyed Yao Empress personally lay down this restriction or someone else? And what was the purpose behind it? He also didn’t know this.

Still, if he wanted to look for the whereabouts of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, then he had to face dangers of Small Yao Lake. Should he go or not?

Standing at the shore of this Small Yao Lake, Ye Chuan hesitated.

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