Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 595

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 595: Little Yao Lake

After jumping down the summit, Ye Chuan fell faster and faster. But, just before he hit the ground at a high speed, a pair of wings suddenly appeared on his back and he gently landed on the ground. Afterward, he rushed into the forest and disappeared, flying towards Heavenly Yao Peak.

A group of patrolling guards happened to be walking nearby with a torch. Among them, the last guard felt something and quickly turned around, but, he just vaguely saw a hit of red light flashing past in the middle of the night, then nothing else. He rubbed his eyes and watched again, but saw nothing. He thought that it was just his misconception and keep up the pace with others.

The path straight to Heavenly Yao Peak was shortest in distance, but was also most difficult to travel. This path was rugged and uneven. Not to mention high and low peaks, cliffs and canyons, there furthermore were many guards and restrictions. Among them, there was no lack of powerful killing formations and traps that even a Half Sage realm expert wouldn’t be able to easily escape. With such a layer upon layer of restrictions, even a mosquito would find it hard to fly over, but, Ye Chuan accomplished it.

Relying on Remex Armguard and extraordinary movement technique coupled with his wealth of experience, Ye Chuan avoided many dangers, flying straight forward. After more than half an hour, he smoothly arrived at the foot of Heavenly Yao Peak.

Looking up, this Heavenly Yao Peak was towering. Like a giant of ancient times that never fell, it stood on this patch of earth. There was a winding path that began from the foot of the mountain. This was the main path leading to the summit of Heavenly Yao Peak, known as Heavenly Yao Avenue. On both sides of this path, there were many palaces. The worldly qi in this place was dense to an unbelievable extent. It was at least ten times denser than Guest Receiving Peak. The people that could cultivate in those places were not ordinary people. Not even elite disciples were qualified to enter them. Only senior deacons who had made a major contribution to the sect were qualified to cultivate in them. The one who occupied the palaces closer to the summit had higher statues. As for the summit, there was only one palace, that was the famous Heavenly Yao Hall.

“Heavenly Yao Peak, Heavenly Yao Avenue, Heavenly Yao Hall…”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself with myriads of feelings in his heart.

Even after millions of years, Heavenly Yao Avenue where he could walk freely with his eyes closed didn’t seem to have any change, still had an original appearance. Merely, the palaces were the same, but the people inside the palaces weren’t the same, the scenery remained the same but the people were changed.

In the past when he came to Heavenly Yao Peak, a sea of people came to welcome him. Even Heavenly Yao Sect’s founder Blue Eyed Yao Empress had personally welcomed and waited upon him. Now, he could only disguise himself and gingerly sneaked in.

Looking at the familiar and also unfamiliar Heavenly Yao Peak, Ye Chuan was somewhat absent-minded as if he returned to millions of years ago.

A few years ago he had already come to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow the Heaven Burning Furnace. At that time, he also sighed with emotion and became absent-minded; now, it was still the case again.

Some matters couldn’t be remembered when wanted to remember, but some matters couldn’t be forgotten when wanted to forget.

In the past, Ye Chuan had poured a lot of painstaking efforts on this peak, and too many matters also happened on this peak. In addition, those years together with Blue Eyed Yao Empress, how could he forget even if he wanted to forget?

Along with a rustling sounds, a group of patrolling guards walked over with a torch.

Absent-minded Ye Chuan immediately came back to his senses and quickly hid behind a rockery. After those guards left, Ye Chuan cautiously walked out and no longer watched Heavenly Yao Hall at the summit in a daze. He looked around and rushed towards a distant place shrouded with white mist.

Looking from some distance, it was a calm and clear lake without any waves.

That was a Small Yao Lake which had already existed for millions of years, and coordinates with Heavenly Pond above the snow-capped mountain where White Lady resided. Heavenly Pond was the natural product, but this Small Yao Lake was excavated artificially. Looking at this clear lake, those words said by Blue Eyed Yao Empress suddenly appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan. “I don’t beg to stay young forever, don’t beg to set foot on the summit of cultivation, I just wish to be a small yao beside you, monarch and accompany you, monarch all my life.”

Even after millions of years, this Small Yao Lake was still beautiful as if a sleeping beauty lying below the Heavenly Yao Peak. The willows on the shores were rustling as if telling the story of Blue Eyed Yao Empress.

A cold wind blew and Ye Chuan felt a chill, waking him up from the daze. He took a deep breath and discarded all the distracting thoughts.

There was a strange white mist spreading between Small Yao Lake and the foot of Heavenly Yao Peak. Although Small Yao Lake was already there millions of years ago, there was no white mist and also not Heavenly Yao Cave. At that time, Heavenly Yao Sect was a paradise of Wilderness World. Along with Blue Eyed Yao Empress, the sound of happiness and laughter of all women could be heard everywhere in the sect. Very often, Ye Chuan was the only man in the entire sect. At that time, Heavenly Yao Sect basically was equivalent to a summer resort for Ye Chuan. He came here to play around, and Cloud Mist Sect was the place to cultivate talented individuals. But, after millions of years, the circumstances had changed. Heavenly Yao Sect was no longer the former Heavenly Yao Sect and Cloud Mist Sect was no longer the former Cloud Mist Sect.

Ye Chuan shook his head and took a deep breath again. At that time, he suddenly noticed that he unconsciously became absentminded here for no reason. This had never happened before. He had never encountered such a matter before when he had come here to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace last time. This was the scene which recalled past memories, was his impression of Small Yao Sect too deep? Or to say, a large restriction was laid here? In addition, the odd matter was not only limited to Heavenly Yao Cave and that white mist?

Ye Chuan had a thought and calmed down his heart. Then, after a while, he carefully observed the lake’s white mist again.

This time, he really saw a gate.

At first glance, this Small Yao Lake still appeared exactly the same as that Small Yao Lake of millions of years ago along with the willows on the shore as if they remained intact even after such a long period of time. But, upon careful observation, Ye Chuan noticed an astonishing aspect. All willows were fake without the slightest breath of life. In addition, these willows that seemed to be planted randomly, in fact, formed a huge restriction, covering the entire Small Yao Lake. The core of the formation was inside that strange white mist, very probably, that so-called Heavenly Yao Cave!

Ye Chuan gradually became solemn. The more he observed, the more shocked he was.

That huge restriction in front of him reminded him of a place. Ancient grave worlds of Sea Demon Clan’s holy land had similar huge restrictions. This restriction technique was completely different from the frequently seen restriction techniques of Wilderness World. After watching for a good while, even he, former Heaven Concealing Great Sage, who had extensive knowledge and experience was unable to see through this technique. What’s more, after observing for a while, he felt dizzy and absent-minded, moreover, he began to see illusions. The feelings of millions of years became stronger and stronger. Indistinctly, the words said by Blue Eyed Yao Empress seemed to linger in his ears as if she had never left, rather waiting for his return below the lake, continuously calling his name over and over again.

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