Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 594

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 594: Forbidden Area

Perhaps, it was a boring slow and long night, perhaps, it was because they didn’t think anyone would come here, those two hidden lookouts chatted in the shrubbery, feeling sorry for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was beautiful, noble and refined. In the heart of younger disciples, she was an unattainable celestial maiden. In the heart of older disciples, she was not much different. Suddenly, this unattainable celestial maiden fell from the clouds and become a prisoner, suppressed below Heavenly Yao Peak, never to see the sun again. What’s more, everything was because of a man. One could well imagine the sensation caused by this news.

In the beginning, Heavenly Yao Sect did their utmost to block this news, but how long can this kind of news be blocked by manpower? It didn’t take long before this news was spread throughout the sect. Everyone was talking about it in secret. The younger disciples who argued endlessly if something happened in the past rarely had identical views this time. They were full of pity and sympathy for Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia.

Ever since ancient times, no one had returned alive after they entered Heavenly Yao Cave. Aloof and remote Heavenly Maiden actually had such a bad end. People truly couldn’t bear this.

In public, the disciples didn’t dare to speak anything, also didn’t dare to point the finger at supreme existence, White Haired Heavenly Empress. But, they showed much disapproval towards Elder Tainqing who had a personal hand to push Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia into Heavenly Yao Cave. Perhaps, at that time, if Elder Tianqing had moved a bit slower, or perhaps, helped request mercy, then Heavenly Empress might have been lenient, after all, they were master and apprentice. But, Elder Tianqing did nothing, he remained cold and indifferent. There even was a rumor that when he had personally pushed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia into Heavenly Yao Cave, there was a hint of ferocious smile on his face.

It had already been two years, many matters were already forgotten, but the matter of Heavenly Maiden was not subsiding at all. Someone would frequently mention this matter in the sect. People were full of sympathy towards Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, and at the same time, people were also curious about Cloud Mist Sect’s Big Disciple who had made Heavenly Maiden infatuated with him. In particulars, many female disciples secretly inquired about Ye Chuan’s circumstances everywhere. Come even quietly went down the mountain and went to Cloud Mist Sect to see what kind of person Ye Chuan was. For some time, the rumors rose from all directions until Elder Tianqing got angry and ordered that no one was allowed to mention this matter anymore. Thus, this farce slowly passed.

Late at night, it was darker and darker and the wind gradually became bigger.

The two disciples shrunk back and talked in whisper while lying on the shrubbery. While speaking, the younger disciple noticed that the complexion of the older disciple was strange. He immediately got up to look. At an unknown time, a tall and straight figure was standing behind them.

When these two were not paying attention, Ye Chuan had quietly arrived behind them. The younger disciple subconsciously touched the horn hanging on his waist wanting to sound the alarm. But, the figure in front of his eyes flashed and a tentacle-shaped whip lashed this young disciple and the horn hanging on his waist was destroyed. Instantly, these two disciples felt chill and trembled.

“Xiao…, Xiaoma, don’t move!”

The older disciple said in a trembling voice while looking at Ye Chuan who had quietly appeared in front of their eyes. They were so afraid that they didn’t dare to move. Under the pressure of Ye Chuan, they were almost unable to breathe.

Quietly appearing here, what does this mean?

It meant that Ye Chuan had come here with a bad intention, what proved his thought more was they were unable to see through Ye Chuan’s cultivation base. The older disciple also wanted to sound the alarm, but he knew that, if he moved even a little, then he would be killed. Only Xiaoma-like fool who had just entered the sect would try to make a move in this circumstance. Just a moment ago, that whip had just brushed past Xiaoma, but it broke that horn.

The younger disciple Xiaoma also came back to his senses and his teeth chattered in fear.

Ye Chuan wore black clothing and was wearing a big bamboo hat, thus, he face couldn’t be seen. In addition, his action was as quiet as a ghost. From just that whip-lashing, they knew that this person could easily kill them.

“Where is Heavenly Yao Cave?” Ye Chuan asked. His tone was cold and his pressure increased, making these two disciples tremble even more violently.

“It’s…, it’s below Heavenly Yao Peak.”

“Yes, yes, below Heavenly Yao Peak.”

The two disciples rushed to answer fearing they would lose their heads if they were slow to answer.

“Stop speaking nonsense, who doesn’t know it is below Heavenly Yao Peak? This lordship is asking exact location below Heavenly Yao Peak. What are the signs around? How many experts are stationed there? What kind of restrictions and traps are there?” asked Ye Chuan coldly like a God of Slaughter.

The two disciples trembled even more violently. They were also sweating profusely. Finally, the older disciple who was in slightly better condition toughened his scalp and said, “Your…, Your Excellency, this, we also…, also don’t know!”

“Don’t know?”

Ye Chuan stepped forward and his energy fluctuation suddenly rose along with dense killing intent, “You are the disciples of Mountain Patrolling Hall, but you actually don’t know where Heavenly Yao Cave is?”

“Your Excellency, we truly don’t know!”

“Ever since ancient times, Heavenly Yao Cave is the forbidden area of our Heavenly Yao Sect. Only Elders can approach there, as for entering the cave, only Heavenly Empress is allowed. Your Excellency, we only know that Heavenly Yao Cave is below Heavenly Yao Peak, and it is a large area shrouded in white mist. We don’t know anything else!”

The two disciples’ legs turned soft and fell to their knees.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was imprisoned in Heavenly Yao Cave never to see the sun again. There was no one who didn’t know this in Heavenly Yao Sect, but as for where exactly Heavenly Yao Cave was located, what was its appearance? No one knew other than Elder Tianqing and White Haired Heavenly Empress. It was very likely that even Elder Tianqing couldn’t tell the exact location, he might only know the general location. According to the legend, only Heavenly Empress could enter Heavenly Yao Cave. As for all others, Heavenly Yao Cave was an unknown and terrifying world. It was a forbidden area where living people didn’t dare to approach!

“If you two know nothing, then there is no reason to keep you two alive.”

Ye Chuan coldly said and suddenly used a technique. Then, the two disciples kneeling on the ground felt the situation was bad and just when they wanted to beg for mercy, a cyan light flashed and they disappeared.

Ye Chuan didn’t directly kill these two people, rather imprisoned them into his Cyan Lotus Space. For these two disciples, it was a completely unfamiliar world. If they wanted to survive, they needed to overcome many difficulties, but it was much better than getting killed on the spot. They would have never thought that the sympathy they showed towards Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia during their conversation had saved their life. If they were the loyal subordinates of Elder Tianqing, then Ye Chuan had killed them without any hesitation.

“Below Heavenly Yao Peak, place shrouded in white mist…”

Ye Chuan muttered to himself and turned away, dashing towards the cliff of Guest Receiving Peak. He then looked down the dark cliff whose end couldn’t be seen and jumped down after taking a deep breath. Behind him, a cold wind blew over and rustling sounds came from the shrubbery. After that, other than a few faint footprints, all the traces of the disappearance of two hidden lookouts vanished.

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