Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 592

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 592: Exploring Heavenly Yao Peak at night

Under the cover of night, Ye Chuan flew towards the deeper area of Heavenly Yao Peak, passing big and small palaces, courtyards and grooves. His speed was faster than using a flying sword. After a while, he suddenly stopped as there was not even a space to crawl forward.

Although the defense of Heavenly Yao sect appeared lax, it was, in fact, just a disguise. In the inner areas of Heavenly Yao Sect, he now discovered that the security was very tight. There were patrolling guards everywhere. Even in some unremarkable places, there might be lookouts. Even a slight carelessness might expose his whereabouts or even step into a trap, activating restrictions.

Ye Chuan quickly noticed how amazing Heavenly Yao sect’s defense was. Some of the lookouts were later stage Daoist Master realm experts who could be the leader of some small sects. They were very sensitive. If other people were in his place, then even if he was Peak Daoist Master realm expert or even Half Sage realm expert, they might not walk out freely like this, but Ye Chuan fearlessly did so.

On one hand, relying on his own strength and rich experience, he could see through details that ordinary people couldn’t discern the differences, in addition, his knowledge of restrictions also made him avoid many big and small traps; on the other hand, he also had a map in his hands.

The map given to him by Heroic Alliance’s Huainanzi Zhao Ying was truly accurate. The terrain and defensive measures of Heavenly Yao Sect marked on the map were all accurate. With this map, Ye Chuan was able to avoid many dangers and lookouts, quietly advancing forward. Now, Ye Chuan was not certain about what scheme Heroic Alliance was plotting, but their intelligence gathering ability was undoubtedly first-rate. They were even able to plant spies in Heavenly Yao Sect, this kind of major sect, and learn their defensive measures clearly, needless to speak about small sects and duchies.

After passing a fake mountain, Ye Chuan stopped under a big tree and stood in the dark, leaning against the tree. He then spread open the map and observed it under the illumination of dim moonlight that spilled through leaves and branches.

According to the marks on the map, the mountain peak he was on now was called guests receiving peak. It was the place especially used to receive guests by Heavenly Yao Sect. Although it was already within Heavenly Yao Sect, it was far away from the core regions of Heavenly Yao Sect. There was at least the distance of half an hour from here to the main peak, Heavenly Yao Peak. Over millions of years, Heavenly Yao Sect had gotten more and more powerful, and the territory of the sect was also expanding rapidly.

Taking a straight path, the distance would be the shortest, but it was not easy to take this path. It was filled with layer upon layer of restrictions;

Taking the left path, detouring Guest Receiving Peak, Large Stone Hill and Heavenly Finger Peak, also can reach Heavenly Yao Peak, but there were numerous guards along the way;

Taking the right path, there were not many guards in comparison and was also a bit remote, but, he needed to pass through Elder Peak. That was the place where Elder Tianqing’s dwelling was located…

Ye Chuan carefully observed the map, finding three paths to Heavenly Yao Peak. Each path had its advantages and disadvantages. In particular, the right path. It made him recall a formidable opponent, Heavenly Yao Sect’s deacon, Elder Tianqing.

Last time when he came to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, he had a big conflict with Elder Tianqing, nearly coming to blows. Finally, White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi personally appeared and calmed down the storm. Now, if he wanted to forcibly save Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, then the first person to disagree would be Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi, and without the latter’s suppressing, if Elder Tianqing saw him, then wouldn’t he go insane and attack him?

Ye Chuan slightly hesitated and quickly decided against taking the right path. It was not that he feared Elder Tianqing as unlike in the past, he could deal with Peak Daoist Master realm Elder Tianqing. If by chance Ye Chuan couldn’t defeat him, then he could escape this old fellow. He just didn’t want to deliberately complicate an issue.

After considering for a while, he decided against taking the left path too. Although he was disguised, there was a busy flow of people in that path. If by chance someone noticed his true identity, then that would be troublesome. Since he decided against both right and left paths, only the middle straight path surmount the Guest Receiving Peak was left!

Ye Chuan put the map away and quickly set out towards the peak.

Along the way, he encountered many guards walking back and forth with a torch in their hand, furthermore, hidden lookouts in the dark, but avoided all of them. After a little while, a towering summit appeared in front of him and he was about to jump over, at that time, a slightly hoarse voice suddenly resounded, “Brother Wang, the competition will start soon, the first match is tomorrow. In this competition, who do you think will become the champion?”

The hoarse voice came from a low shrubbery in the front-left. It was less than ten meters away from the location of Ye Chuan.

“Who’s there?”

Another vigorous voice resounded and a bald head came out from behind the shrubbery. After looking all around for a while, the head was retracted.

Ye Chuan hid behind a big tree as a conditional reflex, and holding his breath, he calmed down and restrained his aura and energy fluctuation. But, beads of sweat could be seen on his forehead. Just a moment ago, if he was even a little slow, then he would have been discovered by that bald head hidden behind the shrubbery.

What is going on here?

His divine sense couldn’t sense any living things in the front, and there was also no marks on the map given to him by Heroic Alliance. How could a hidden lookout suddenly appear here?

Ye Chuan was shocked and sweated profusely, understanding he was somewhat careless.

At first glance, it would appear that there was no abnormality in the front, just a common shrubbery. But, upon careful look, clear footprints could be seen nearby, in addition, faint dark mist could be seen hovering around the shrubbery; a weak energy fluctuation was rippling in the air.

They were two mobile hidden lookouts. Moreover, in a hidden location, Dark Bat Restriction was laid.

Ye Chuan’s eyes shone. He immediately calmed down and carefully spread out his divine sense, quickly understanding what was going on.

In order to strengthen the defense, many sects adopted the method of mobile hidden lookouts. They would frequently change their position, making it difficult to pinpoint their location. Although the intelligence gathering ability of Heroic Alliance was first-rate, it was impossible to identify the places where every mobile hidden lookouts might appear. The mobile hidden lookouts along with restriction to hide aura and traces were even more difficult to guard against.

Dark Bat Restriction, it couldn’t be considered a powerful restriction, but it had a unique power to conceal traces and aura. In addition, it could fuse seamlessly with the surrounding area. Often, it would be so flawless that it would be hard to be detected even if one was walking past right past it. This was a unique merit law of Heavenly Yao Sect passed down to elite disciples. No matter how outstanding the outer sect disciples were, they would never have a chance to cultivate it. Strictly speaking, this merit law was something he robbed from an evil spirit called Dark Bat Queen after beheading her. After mastering this merit law, he had passed it on to the founder of Heavenly Yao Sect, and the latter passed it on to her personal disciples, thus passing down from generation to generation.

Millions of years had passed, Ye Chuan had practically forgotten about this merit law, but beyond his imagination, he suddenly encountered it here and almost fell for it.

“There is no one, Brother Wang, didn’t I say you, you are too cautious. Even those great devils who killed people like flies outside become submissive and obedient like a cat in our Heavenly Yao Sect, who would dare to create a disturbance in our Heavenly Yao Sect?” A hoarse voice resounded again. And after a yawn, he added, “So sleepy, every time there is a matter, we, disciples of Hill Patrolling Hall, are most unfortunate. We should work around the clock but the reward is minimal, just some crystal cores per month which is not even enough to use for half a month. The Law Enforcement Hall with the closest relation to Elder Tianqing however is completely opposite, no need to work around the clock but their reward is highest. It is like this every time and a certain someone is still claiming Law Enforcement Hall is the fairest, humph, humph…”

“Shut up, Xiaoma, do you dare to speak carelessly about even Elder Tianqing? Don’t you know, since heavenly maiden was imprisoned, sect issued a decree, all disciples of Heavenly Yao Sect must not make any presumptuous remarks about higher-ups? Are you not afraid that you will be thrown into Heavenly Yao Cave like heavenly maiden never to see the sun again all your life?” The disciple called Brother Wang used his hand to block his partner’s mouth, lest he would invite a disaster.

Upon hearing the three words “Heavenly Yao Cave”, Xiaoma who was bellyful of complaints trembled and no longer dared to speak.

Heavenly Yao Cave?

Behind a tree, Ye Chuan who was preparing to make a detour suddenly stopped. The objective of this late-night trip was to scout the whereabouts of Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, he had never expected to hear the news before even reaching the Heavenly Yao Peak.

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