Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 591

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 571: Ye Erna

The steps of this female disciple was fast and light. Not long after, she led Ye Chuan’s group to a place with four courtyards. The three houses were already occupied by other people. Only the dark and gloomy fourth western courtyard was unoccupied.

“I am sorry, many people came at once, so only this place is left. The environment is a bit bad, I request noble son to be magnanimous enough to tolerate.”

The female disciple in yellow dress knew that Ye Chuan was the leader of his group, thus, she changed her tune. Instead of calling Ye Chuan Your Excellency, she called him noble son. Right until now, thinking of the words of Ye Chuan, she still wanted to laugh, but, she handled matters perfectly in accordance to the protocol of Heavenly Yao Sect in receiving Ye Chuan’s group. The environment of this western courtyard was somewhat bad, but there truly were too many people to arrange. It was not deliberately looking down on Ye Chuan’s group.

“Compared to our sect, the condition is a little bad, all walls are bare without even a single ornament, but, now that we are already here, we will make do with this.” Ye Chuan looked around and said with the appearance of accepting this place with great difficulty.

“In your sect, what kind of ornaments are there in the rooms?” The female disciple in yellow dress curiously asked.

“In our place, the floor is made of gold, the walls are also made of gold,” replied Ye Chuan.

“Oh, that truly should be a dazzling sight!” The female disciple couldn’t help laughing again.

Once embarked on the road of cultivation, people chased after medicinal pills and crystal cores. They already don’t care about secular world’s gold and silver. In the eyes of experts, they were like dung and dirt. Cultivating sects also didn’t use gold and silver to decorate the rooms. Merely, some small sects that were even unqualified to be a third-rate sect would continue to retain the custom of secular world.

“Noble son, later…, if someone asked later, then it would be best to not say this.” After thinking for a bit, the female disciple warned Ye Chuan with good intention.

“Why?” Ye Chuan asked with a confused appearance.

“Because, in our mainland, not a single cultivating sect care about secular gold and silver. If gold and silver are inlaid in the resting and cultivating places, then it would be a joke.” The female disciple in yellow dress explained. She really believed that Ye Chuan’s group had come from Overseas World’s small sect that had never seen the world.

“It turned out to be like that. The sects of the mainland are truly hypocritical, if they don’t have gold and silver, how do they trade items with secular world? They clearly need gold and silver but pretended to not care, hypocrite, so hypocrite!”

Ye Chuan shook his head and followed, “In our Overseas World, if we need something, he will speak directly. We want medicinal pills and crystal cores, but the gold and silver of secular world are also similarly essential. Gold and silver are required to trade with natives for various kinds of local products and worldly treasures. Little girl, originally, I wanted to gift you a golden hairpin that would make you look even better in contrast to your fair skin and jet-black long hair. Unfortunately, since you fear other people making a joke out of you, forget it. Oh, that’s right, what is your name? How can I find you later?”

“Ye Erna, I entered the sect not long ago. Now, I am especially responsible for receiving guests. If you need anything, then you can find me in that place we met before at any time. By the way, noble son, what how should I address you?” The female disciple Ye Erna respectfully asked. Memorizing the leader’s name of each sect was also her responsibility. Afterward, she had to arrange them properly in grand sacrifice competition.

“Call me… Mu Chuan.”

Ye Chuan casually made a pseudonym. He then paused for a bit and added, “Originally, our master didn’t agree to this trip. He was worried that I am too strong and I might accidentally become the champion of this competition, setting others against myself, thus, everything is mainly handled by my junior apprentice brother Nan Batian this time. If there are any matters afterward, you should directly look for him. Junior apprentice brother Batian, speak with Ye Erna girl, you two should handle everything afterward. If there is nothing else, then I am going to cultivate. Just a little bit and I will make a breakthrough. The mainland is so good, the worldly qi is so dense, if our Bellowing Waves Sect had such a good treasured land, then this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, I, should have already broken through to Sage realm.”

Ye Chuan walked away while muttering. He then entered a room, sat cross-legged on the ground and began to cultivate. Behind, the female disciple was unable to endure and chuckled. She felt that Ye Chuan was quite interesting to speak. Clearly, his cultivation was mediocre, but he said that he might accidentally win the competition, setting himself against himself. This was such an unnecessary worry, did he have the ability first?

Ye Erna laughed. Clearly, these people of Bellowing Waves Sect didn’t come to participate in the competition, they had especially come a long way to add fun in Heavenly Yao Sect’s grand ceremony.

Unlike Ye Chuan, Nan Tiandu was blunt. He either spoke just a word or remained silent. Whatever they should do and not do was already decided by Ye Chuan. Soon, the female disciple Ye Erna bade farewell and left.

Ye Chuan’s group unexpectedly settled down officially, becoming the guest of Heavenly Yao Sect.

Perhaps, the bearded man sitting beside the transfer formation was negligent and didn’t strictly examine them, or perhaps, Heavenly Yao Sect was rejoicing in grandiose deeds and invited any sects that could come, no one doubted the identity of Ye Chuan’s group. The cultivators staying in the other three houses also seemed to have come from different sects that didn’t have many dealings. In the beginning, they repeatedly looked at Ye Chuan’s group in curiosity, wondering why they were wearing a similar robe and a bamboo hat. But, upon hearing they had come from a small sect of Overseas World, they calmed down and were totally jaded.

For a long time now, the mainland and Overseas World didn’t have much contact. For various big sects of the mainland, Overseas World the world filled with uneducated people that had yet to become civilized. Their behavior was strange and very abnormal.

In the western darn and damp courtyard, there was a row of three rooms. Each room had a spiritual qi gathering formation. The air had dense worldly spiritual qi. Ye Chuan had spoken a bit of truth. Just looking at the worldly spiritual qi here, it was much better than the so-called cultivating chambers of many small sects.

The unparalleled sect was truly extraordinary. Ordinary sects could never compare to it!

Ye Chuan calmed down and sat cross-legged on the floor to cultivate. In the left room, Nan Tiandu also sat down quickly and began to cultivate. Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King stayed together in the final right room. Rain Demon and others also began to cultivate to adjust their state. Old Demon of Mount Yin however went out to visit the disciples of other sects, calmly scouting the situation.

In terms of cultivation base, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was far from being the most powerful follower of Ye Chuan now, but his extroverted personality was the best in scheming and making a strategy. With him around, Ye Chuan could discard a lot of tedious matters and concentrate on cultivation.

At night, after the earth was shrouded in darkness, people had already sunk into a deep sleep. At that time, Ye Chuan who had been cultivating all along suddenly opened his eyes. He then disguised himself in black clothing and jumped out of the window. After smoothly sneaking into Heavenly Yao Sect, now, the most important matter was to find out where Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was locked up! As long as he could find her, everything else would be much easier to handle!

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