Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 59

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 59: This is only a rat without penis

In the short duration, Ye Chuan quickly arrived at the place of Zhu Sijia, Cyan Elegant Peak.

Compared to Purple Cloud Peak, Cyan Elegant Peak was not that tall, not vigorous enough and also not imposing enough, but, this place was especially elegant. The mountain top was deep purple and bright red, a lot of bamboos grew there, and when the wind blew, the rustling sound of the sea of bamboos would make one relaxed and joyful.

The status of Zhu Sijia was extraordinary. She was the pearl in the palm of Great Elder. Although this Cyan Elegant Peak was elegant, and worldly qi also was especially dense, but no one dares to disturb the quiet cultivation of Zhu Sijia as they wished. When he was still far away, the maids caught the sight of him, and contrary to his expectation, they unexpectedly turned around, then closed the big door of Cyan Elegant Courtyard, shutting Ye Chuan out.

“Truly, as master as maid!” Ye Chuan shook his head, and without getting angry, he stepped forward, then knocked on the door, “Open the door, quickly open the door.”

“Who are you?” A crisp voice transmitted outward from inside. Zhu Sijia didn’t utter a sound, but he knew that she was definitely inside.

“It’s me, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan, open the door. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother will spank your buttocks if you don’t open the door.” Recalling the spank on the pert buttocks of Zhu Sijia, Ye Chuan evilly smiled.

“Miss isn’t present, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, please return.” The maid still didn’t open the door.

“Little girl, I’m not looking for your Miss, I’m here to see you.” Ye Chuan continued to knock on the door. These words of Ye Chuan scared the maid behind the door, and caught unprepared, she turned around then discuss in a whisper with Zhu Sijia and others. And while they were discussing for a way to deal with Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan used a little bit strength to push the big door and opened a small crack, directly seeing a woman in red clothing, and she was none other than Zhu Sijia.

“We are catching a rat, close the door, no one is allowed to come in.” Zhu Sijia angrily rushed over to close the door, and the rattling sound came through, as they moved tables and benches to tightly block up the door.

Although this girl Zhu Sijia was always unruly and shrewish, but she would speak anything she wanted to speak and was confident. This time, she didn’t even look at the face of Ye Chuan, it seems, she is not lightly angry with Ye Chuan. Forget about flirting, the crucial matter was he unexpectedly went together with that famous ** Liu Hong, moreover it was willingly, so how could other people not get angry?

Zhu Sijia with an angry face, with the help of several maids, firmly blocked up the door, even the crack between the door and its frame was blocked up.

Then all of a sudden, the irritating sound of knocking finally ceased. Outside the door, it was very quiet, as if Ye Chuan was forced to leave with no other choice.

“Humph, really went away? Truly useless!”

Zhu Sijia snorted, and got even angrier in her heart. Want to come then come, but say leave then leave, Ye Chuan was truly too infuriating. Would tolerantly offering an apology kill you? Fatty Zhao Dazhi, he however pleaded for half a day and almost knelt down before he was allowed to come in.

Zhu Sijia walked few steps panting with rage, then sat on a soft and comfortable big chair. And the sharp eyed and intelligent maids quickly served her a cup of hot tea. Opening the lid and blowing, just when Zhu Sijia was about to take a sip, suddenly the sound of footsteps came from the staircase. Ye Chuan was leisurely walking down the stairs, and his one hand was holding a continuously struggling big rat. He looked at Zhu Sijia with an evil smile on his face and said: “Jiajia, were you all trying to catch this rat? Let me examine whether it is a male or female?”


Zhu Sijia and several maids simultaneously screamed, then squeezing together, they ran far away from Ye Chuan. The cultivation of these several people were not shallow, and in front of other disciples, they were proud and arrogant, but here all of them were trembling in front of a mere rat. Seeing this, Ye Chuan shook his head.

“A very big rat, unfortunately it doesn’t have a penis, it grew this big for nothing! Strange, quite strange, not female not male, it definitely shouldn’t be like this from the beginning, were you girls the one who castrated it?” Ye Chuan overturn this rat, then making a show of being very much in earnest, he examined whether it was male or female, then with an evil smile on his face, he said towards Zhu Sijia and others at one side while walking over to them, making them so scared that all of them screamed again.

“Enough, Ye Chuan, throw it away!” Zhu Sijia shouted angrily. She truly wasn’t able to endure.

“Fine, first you castrate, then cast them aside. Ai, seduce and then abandon, this saying is for you people ah!”

Ye Chuan casually threw the rat in his hand outside the window, then patting off his hand, he sat on the big chair where Zhu Sijia was sitting just a moment ago, and said, “Well, Jiajia, let’s talk about proper business. Fatty has already broken through to Rank 1 Xiushi realm, but why is he still not promoted to the inner sect disciple? Moreover, you have a problem with me, but why are you robbing even the salary of fatty?”

“Are you here to criticize me?”

Zhu Sijia was rather surprised, she had thought that Ye Chuan had come here to consult with her to complete the participant name list for Great Competition, but never thought that he had come here for the sake of fatty, “Hump, this is the matter between me and fatty, why are you meddling in?”

Ye Chuan didn’t speak, merely had a calm face, and seeing this, Zhu Sijia slowly got perturbed. And only after a good while, Ye Chuan said in a low voice, “The family of fatty met an accident. Accidentally offending a big clan, his family’s financial situation declined, and his father was beaten to the verge of death. Moreover his family doesn’t have enough money to even treat the injuries of his father, so fatty is forced to return home, quitting the sect.”

“What, is that for real?”

Zhu Shijia screamed, then walked over to Ye Chuan, forgetting everything about that frightening rat. “How can this be?”

“Fatty didn’t tell you?” Ye Chuan asked in surprise.

Zhu Sijia shook her head. Looking at the serious face of Ye Chuan, she knew that he was not joking, and her eyes moistened up all of a sudden. Fatty had always followed beside her everywhere, and although she usually yell and quarrel with him, but the friendship between them was not shallow, and suddenly hearing this kind of matter had happened to the family of fatty, Zhu Sijia felt very sad in her heart.

“Then what about the matter of his promotion to the inner sect disciple? Can you joke about such important matter?” Ye Chuan could understand that Zhu Sijia robbing the salary was acting in her bad temper, but delaying the important matter even to the extent of showing no interest, this was too disappointing. Now, fatty suffered an unexpected attack and this was the time he needed encouragement.

“After fatty break through to Xiushi realm, I helped him, but got stuck with the place of Jin Zhikun. Relying on the status of Alchemy Hall Master, that old man blocked, not allowing fatty to be promoted to the inner sect disciple. This matter is a serious violation of the sect rule, and Jin Zhikun alone don’t have such big capabilities, I guess, Third Elder also participated in secret. Seeing fatty was getting close to you, they are intentionally making things difficult for fatty.” Zhu Sijia calmed down and said the actual situation.

“Humph, again those old dogs!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan glimmered with pallid light. He had never thought that Cloud Mist Sect, which was left behind by his former follower Ghost Hand Medicinal King, Old Rabbit, unexpectedly had this kind of scum!

“This matter, I will not let it be like this, I will look for my grandpa to handle this matter fairly. Jin Zhikun and Third Elder, they can only prevent for a short while, they can’t prevent for the lifetime, fatty will definitely get promoted to inner sect disciple, and restore his clan!” Zhu Sijia resolutely said. She will definitely not let this matter drop.

“Well, Jiajia, I will trouble you for that, definitely cannot let those old dogs have their way. Oh, that’s right, Great Elder made me look for you, is there anyone good to participate in Great Competition? Great Competition is beginning very soon.” Ye Chuan asked.

“What’s the use of thinking, the sect’s true elite disciples are Nan Tiandu, Yi Suo……”

Zhu Sijia answered, and just when she had spoken a part of it, she suddenly stopped speaking. She realized that she was tricked by Ye Chuan again, then raising her arched eyebrows, she angrily said: “Hey, this is your matter, isn’t it? When did grandfather hand over this matter to me?”

“Yes yes yes, this is my matter, but Jiajia, you say, who can fight with the experts of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect?” Ye Chuan said with smiling face.

“Hump, no saying.” Zhu Sijia angrily stared at the smiling face of Ye Chuan. The more Ye Chuan smiled, the more she didn’t want to say and got angry.

“Really not saying?” Ye Chuan said while looking at Zhu Sijia with a smile.

“Not saying.”

“That’s fine too, then I am leaving.”

Ye Chuan stood up and walked away. This time, he really left, leaving behind continuously glaring Zhu Sijia. She wanted to make things difficult and suppress the drive of Ye Chuan, but who would have thought that, before she could raise the bait, he walked away!

Ye Chuan walked faster and faster. This time he had come to Cyan Elegant Peak mainly for the matters of fatty. This so-called name list was secondary. But, before he was far away, a maid of Zhu Sijia stepping on the flying sword came after him, then handed him a sheet of paper, where beautiful words were written. Zhu Sijia felt wronged and acted impetuously, but this could be considered as a major matter for Ye Chuan, so to help him, she had listed out all the experts of the younger generation of Cloud Mist Sect, moreover she had stressed on few candidates with profound cultivation and trustworthiness. All of the trusted aides of Third Elder and Jin Zhikun were rejected.

Zhu Sijia was very stubborn on the surface, but in fact was actually soft-hearted. She had already prepared a list of the candidates to help Ye Chuan, truly was thoughtful.

“What a shrewish woman, but I like it.”

Ye Chuan smiled, then putting away the note, he left with large strides.

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  1. Sigh, I’m starting to see the flaws of this Novel. Fatty and her are supposedly close, I thought he was a mere lackey of her sister but… they should had really added that character development and closeness between them

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