Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 587

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 587: Meeting an old friend


A loud shout came from far away.

Ye Chuan turned around and saw a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect rushing towards them stepping on a flying sword. “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, a youngster calling himself Huainanzi has come to request for an audience, he said that his is your old friend.”


Ye Chuan frowned. At this moment, his heart was already not here, he was very impatient to go to Heavenly Yao Sect to save a person, where did he have time to receive a guest?

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, it’s that noble son Zhao of that something Heroic Alliance, a very distinctive youth.” Zhu Sijia walked over and reminded Ye Chuan.

Huainanzi Zhao Yinghuai, son of Lord Huainan, emissary of Heroic Alliance!

Ye Chuan suddenly thought as the scene of his first meeting with Huainanzi appeared in his mind.

At that time, this Huainanzi Zhao Yinghuai had also come uninvited and invited him to join Heroic Alliance. In addition, before leaving, he had warned him to pay attention to Daqin Crown Prince Li Guanghan and Azure Dragon Prefecture. As a result, he discovered that these two sides were untied. And afterward, he colluded with attractive Azure Dragon Lady Murong Feihu and got rid of both Crown Prince Li Guanghan and Azure Dragon Sect Master Long Fei.

“Okay, bring the guest to the Cloud Mist Hall.”

Ye Chuan quickly ordered, forcibly suppressing his impulse to immediately go to Heavenly Yao Sect.

The visit of Huainanzi this time might be related to again inviting him to join the Heroic Alliance, or he might have something urgent or important news.

Although Ye Chuan was unclear about the strength of Heroic Alliance behind Huainanzi, their intelligence, however, was first-rate. Thus, even though he was impatient in his heart, he forcedly calmed down and made a time to meet him so as to avoid missing something important.

Not long after everyone sat down in Cloud Mist Hall, Huainanzi walked in.

Like last time, Huainanzi had an elegant and graceful carriage. He was followed by two old men, one on the left, the other in the right. The old man on the left was very short, he was half a head shorter than even youngster Little Long’er, but he was very robust and rounded like a ball. The old man on the right was almost exactly the opposite. He was very tall and thin like a bamboo pole.

Their appearance was less than impressive, but their cultivation base was Peak Daoist Master realm. Last time, when they came to Cloud Mist Sect, these two were about to make a move. This time also they were prepared to talk big, considering everyone beneath their notice. But, sensing the aura of Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others, especially upon seeing Plague Archfiend, Diamond Ape King and Nan Tiandu, these three Half Sage realm experts, their momentum vanished and were greatly surprised.

When they came last time, there was a later stage Daoist Master realm experts in Cloud Mist Sect, only Old Demon of Mount Yin, but now, there were too many to count, in addition, there were even Half Sage realm experts who were far superior to Peak Daoist Master realm experts. And it was not limited to one, what was going on here?

The two old men were flabbergasted, and at the same time, they also couldn’t understand what was going on here.

“Noble son Ye truly is a dragon among men, we didn’t see each other for a short period of time but you actually have already reached Peak Daoist Master realm, it’s truly amazing!”

Huainanzi was also shocked, but he quickly came back to his senses and calmed down. Merely, when he looked at Nan Tiandu, Plague Archfiend, and Diamond Ape King, these three Half Sage realm experts, his eyes lit up brightly.

“It’s nothing extraordinary, originally, I wanted to breakthrough to Half Sage realm, but later, I thought that if my cultivation speed was too fast, it would attract noble son Zhao’s attention and you will do everything to make me join your something Heroic Alliance, so I hastily stopped,” teased Ye Chuan with a smile. He then sized up Huainanzi and those two old men and came straight to the point, “Noble son Zhao, if you have come to pull me into your something Heroic Alliance again, then you can return now. If now, then also return. I have an urgent matter to deal with now, I don’t know when I will return. Since you have come a long way, I ought to properly entertain you, but I truly have no time, I apologize!”

“Noble son Ye, you are too courteous. You are correct, I truly wanted to invite you to join Heroic Alliance again this time, unfortunately, it seems noble son Ye doesn’t understand our Heroic Alliance or have some misunderstandings, I can only wait for the next time to resolve them.” Huainanzi just smiled and waved his fan to cover up the guilt in his heart.

Heroic Alliance had a clear division of labor. The tasks were assigned according to each person’s strengths and skills. Huainanzi was responsible to find talented individuals of Wilderness World and persuade them to join the Heroic Alliance. In the past, he had also suffered a lot of refusals, but this was the first time he was facing such a direct refusal. He didn’t even have the opportunity to persuade. If a newcomer of the alliance was here, then such a direct refusal would have hit his confidence and he would no longer dare to take up this responsibility.

“Don’t mention it, here are some bags of Cloud Mist Tea, thank you for the warning of last time.”

Ye Chuan smiled and clapped. Then someone offered several bags of Cloud Mist Tea which was the especial product of Cloud Mist Mountain Range as a covert order for guests to leave.

Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was suppressed under the Heavenly Yao Peak, a day longer was more dangerous. Ye Chuan truly didn’t have any mood to waste the time. His mind was already not here.

“Wait a minute, noble son Ye, I still have one more matter for coming here.”

Upon seeing Ye Chuan was preparing to leave, Huainanzi no longer dragged on and quickly took out a map from his bosom, then said, “Noble son Ye, this is the latest and most accurate map of Heavenly Yao Sect. Every checkpoint and every restriction are marked here. Alliance Head Feng especially sent me here to deliver this gift to noble son Ye.”

There was no movement on the part of Huainanzi, but the map he held automatically flew towards Ye Chuan.

“Map of Heavenly Yao Sect?”

The complexion of Ye Chuan changed. He immediately grabbed this map and take a look. Sure enough, it truly was the detailed map of Heavenly Yao Sect with numerous marks. Black marks represented checkpoints and a number alongside them represented corresponding troops. And Red marks represented restrictions. The layout defense of Heavenly Yao Sect was clearly marked.

Ye Chuan knew the terrain of Heavenly Yao Sect. In the past, when his follower Blue Eyed Yao Empress was establishing Heavenly Yao Sect, he also had spent a lot of efforts. Like Cloud Mist Sect, it could be said that the foundation of Heavenly Yao Sect was laid down by him. The later generation merely did what little they can to help. Of course, after millions of years, although the overall terrain of Heavenly Yao Sect had little to no change, the specific details, however, had changed beyond recognition. Many new checkpoints and restrictions were added. Originally, Ye Chuan was preparing to forcibly break-in. But, now that he had this map, the situation changed, he could avoid the eyes and ears of Heavenly Yao Sect and sneak in.

“Noble son Zhao, are eyes and ears of your Heroic Alliance also planted in my Cloud Mist Sect?”

Ye Chuan’s face sank as he coldly looked at Huainanzi.

This map gave him a great advantage in his current trip to Heavenly Yao Sect, but Ye Chuan was not happy. Huainanzi giving him this map at this critical juncture, neither early nor late, what does this explain?

There were moles in Cloud Mist Sect for sure. Someone must have leaked the news of him wanting to hastily go to Heavenly Yao Sect!

Who is this mole?

Ye Chuan stayed calm on the surface, but was shocked in his heart. He already knew how good the intelligence gathering ability of Heroic Alliance was, he was well aware that it was far superior to Cloud Mist Sect, but he had never thought that they had planted their informers even in Cloud Mist Sect.

This Heroic Alliance is not simple!

The complexion of Ye Chuan became ice-cold. It seems he had to revalue the strength of Heroic Alliance again.

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