Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 585

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 585: Displaying various techniques

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, here I come, watch out!”

Nan Tiandu shouted as his sword whistled towards Ye Chuan’s chest. Now, he began to attack.

Ye Chuan looked over and only saw a wisp of cyan light and heard a whistling sound. This whistling sound grew louder and louder, and transformed into ear-deafening dragon roar. The cyan sword of Nan Tiandu had also vaguely transformed into a cyan dragon. It was rushing towards him with its mouth wide open.

Heaven Shaking First Style, Dragon Slaying Hand!

The attack of Nan Tiandu was swift and fierce. He had truly begun to display the might of Heaven Shaking Sword Technique. He wanted to use his strongest attacks to defeat Ye Chuan and make him sincerely convinced. Upon seeing this sword thrust, the heart of onlookers sunk and felt an invisible heavy pressure. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others felt as if they couldn’t move an inch.

So powerful!

Nan Tiandu doesn’t easily make a move, but once he made a move, it would shake the world, who can block this sword attack?

Even similarly Half Sage realm Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo’s complexion also changed as they felt strong danger from this move. Even with their cultivation base, it was somewhat hard to take this move of Nan Tiandu head-on, as for Ye Chuan who had just broken through to Peak Daoist Master realm, how would he deal with it?

Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend, and Diamond Ape King, these four great experts looked at each other and simultaneously took a step closer to Ye Chuan. They were prepared to make a move at any time. And under the effect of this fierce battle, numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect had to retreat again. Some wanted to get closer to see clearly, but they weren’t even able to stand stably. The four experts however didn’t retreat, they instead advanced.

Zhu Sijia also stood beside the four great experts and gritting her teeth, she walked up. She was worried and uneasy about the fierce battle between Nan Tiandu and Ye Chuan. She was worried that Nan Tiandu might not be able to stop in time and seriously injure Ye Chuan. When she walked up, Little Long’er also had no choice but to grit teeth and follow her. Although it was very dangerous, he didn’t forget the instruction of Ye Chuan which was to protect Zhu Sijia.

The onlookers were also very nervous. And on the stage, the complexion of Ye Chuan who was bearing the burnt also changed, and the moment before the cyan sword stabbed his body, he finally moved. Like a weightless feather, he fluttered away, narrowly avoiding the sharp sword.

“Heaven Shaking Second Style!”

Nan Tiandu’s voice resounded as a second sword followed.

This sword thrust brought along a fierce wind in the air. And the people who were feeling heavy pressure just a moment ago instantly felt light and felt like they would be blown away by this fierce invisible wind.

Heaven Shaking Nine Swords, one sword was stronger than others!

After breaking through to Half Sage realm, now, Nan Tiandu was a rare talent in reality as well as in name. He was also a peerless swordsman who truly inherited the path of former Heaven Shaking Great Sage, comprehending the essence of Heaven Shaking Sword Technique. Once he went all-out, his attacks would come like waves, and one attack was fiercer than others. Not to mention the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, even Old Demon of Mount Yin and other experts were frightened.

On the back of Ye Chuan, a pair of blood-red wings suddenly spouted. Instantly, his speed greatly increased and his movement also became more unpredictable. He floated left and right, dodging this sword move of Nan Tiandu.

Along with the ferocious attacks of Nan Tiandu, Ye Chuan’s offense turned into defense. He used Remex Armguard in addition to Cyan Feather Technique to dodge.

This Remex Armguard Ye Chuan snatched from Remex Devil in Flying Fish World let him display his skill. Now, this armguard displayed its astonishing might again. Nan Tiandu attacked ferociously, but relying on Remex Armguard along with profound Cyan Feather Technique, Ye Chuan was as light as a swallow, dodging the attack of Nan Tiandu again.

“Big Senior Brother, your movement technique is good, here I come again, Heaven Shaking Third Style!”

Nan Tiandu roared and his sword move became even more dangerous.

In the beginning, he was still holding back so as to avoid accidentally injure Ye Chuan. But slowly, he raised his strength and used all his strength. He even pushed Heaven Shaking Sword Technique to the limit. Ye Chuan’s movement technique was peerless, but even though he was able to dodge the sharp sword, he was unable to completely dodge the powerful sword qi, thus he just guarded his vital parts. Quickly, many wounds appeared all over Ye Chuan’s body. All those injuries were caused by swift and fierce sword qi.

“Brother Tiandu, are you only this skilled? You still have a powerful big killing move, right? Quickly display it, otherwise, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother want to quickly leave for Heavenly Yao Sect!” Ye Chuan shouted. He was already covered with blood, but his heart was even more excited. He could see the hope of going to Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, come!”

Nan Tiandu suddenly looked up and roared. Behind him, a phantom of Soaring Heaven Draconic Mouse appeared. Although it was not that huge, its momentum was above a dragon. Its huge claw grabbed the empty air and a cage that had the radius of over ten meters suddenly appeared in the air and fell towards Ye Chuan.

After attacking for a long time without success, Nan Tiandu was also somewhat unsettled and he displayed his innate technique he had comprehended not long ago, wanting to trap Ye Chuan again.

With the help of his Master, cyan robed Seven Elder, not only he broke through to Half Sage realm, in addition, he also comprehended a truly great technique. Heaven Shaking Nine Swords was already powerful enough, but for him, it was not his most powerful move. This Worldly Prison Cage was his true killing move. According to his master, the power of Soaring Heaven Draconic Mouse had just begun to unfold. Someday, after he broke through to Sage realm, his might would be even more powerful!

Even Nan Tiandu himself also didn’t know the origin of Soaring Heaven Draconic Mouse. Perhaps, it was contained in the bloodline of the evil dragon and was awakened by him, or perhaps, he unwittingly ate a pill or refined a treasure, awakening it. But, at this present state, it was not necessary to investigate it too much. He just knew that he had to work harder under the direction of his master. Nan Tiandu had a hunch, at this moment, he had already broken through to Half Sage realm, but breaking through to Sage realm was also not too far, and at that time, he would become All Heaven Sage in reality as well as in name.

The figure of Ye Chuan suddenly dimmed, followed by appearing over ten meters back. He narrowly escaped Worldly Prison Cage.

Peerless Style Technique!

Inside the Worldly Prison Cage, many techniques suffered powerful suppression and were unable to use, but now, Ye Chuan was not restricted. Nan Tiandu flew over and another Worldly Prison Cage descended from heaven. This time, it was faster and wider. But, Ye Chuan still narrowly escaped it.

With Remex Armguard, Cyan Feather technique and the addition of Peerless Style Technique Ye Chuan had mastered millions of years ago, Ye Chuan brushed past jaws of death again and again.

Two geniuses, one attacked ferociously and the other dodged. It resembled a dance, making everyone exclaim.

The onlookers had their eyes wide open and exclaim fell incessantly on the ears.

Nan Tiandu’s strength was far beyond the expectation. He was the Half Sage realm expert who had finally appeared in Cloud Mist Sect. But, although the cultivation was Ye Chuan was a bit lower, his fighting sense, grasping the opportunity and movement techniques were amazing. If he broke through to Half Sage realm, then he might become even more powerful than Nan Tiandu!

A battle that was thought to be without suspense was far more exciting than people expected!

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