Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 58

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 58: Big trouble

But failing to persuade this Medicine Crazy Second Elder, Ye Chuan was unable to immediately return to the Purple Cloud Peak, rather first went with Second Elder to help him examine that quickly withering Dragon Tooth Herb.

Second Elder Nangong Ren was tense. He had spent a lot of silvers, practically using up all his savings, to purchase this Dragon Tooth Herb from underground Ghost Market. So if this herb was to wither and die just like this, then it would really be a great loss, and he would have to cry without tears.

Ye Chuan carefully examined, then stretching out his hand, he grabbed the soil on the ground and pinched it, and then he didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry. The reason this herb was withering to death was clearly because Second Elder was too eager, and watered it too much, quickly drowning this medicinal herb. Compared to other medicinal herbs, Dragon Tooth Herb was not that difficult to raise, and it also didn’t need much spiritual qi to nurture, but it has a specific characteristic, i.e. one should pay special attention in watering it. One shouldn’t water it too much.

“Change the surface layer of the soil, afterward, water it only once a month.” Ye Chuan patted off the soil on his hand, then turning around, he left.

“Hey, wait a bit, is that enough?” Second Elder wasn’t at ease, and grabbing the sleeve of Ye Chuan without letting go, he asked without any demeanor of the elder, instead looking like a pitiable old farmer who made living by farming.

“Not so, then what do you think? Water it every day, do you think Dragon Tooth Herb make a soup and drink?”

Ye Chuan shook his head, then swinging his arms, he swaggered off.

Behind, Second Elder was still not at ease, but he was forced to wait and see while half-believing, half doubting.

Returning Purple Cloud Courtyard, Ye Chuan instructed Flame Devil to go and pick several medicinal herbs, then he went to study and sat cross-legged to cultivate.

Just now, the conflict with Yi Suo in the base of the mountain was the sign. With Great Competition coming very soon, Alchemy Hall’s Hall Master Jin Zhikun and backstage Third Elder would definitely not be honest, and will not let him smoothly deal with the challenge of this time.

At the base of the mountain, Ye Chuan had indifferently let Yi Suo show off as if nothing had happened. But after returning to the Purple Cloud Courtyard, he felt heavy pressure. Outside, he had to confront the pressure of Black Cauldron Sect’s Tuoba Xiong and Five Style Sect, and inside the sect, he again had to confront Jin Zhikun and Third Elder, these two old fellows.

“In the final analysis, the cultivation level of this body is far from sufficient ah.”

Ye Chuan muttered in low voice, and quietly cultivated. And while he was breathing, indistinct dragon form air mass stretched out and shrunk repeatedly.

Rank 7 Wuzhe refines blood, was a crucial level of Wuzhe realm, and after breaking through this level, one would separate oneself from the category of ordinary person and becomes a Xiushi, then one can cultivate all kinds of magical techniques. If one was unable to breakthrough this bottleneck, then they would forever be a Wuzhe (martial artist), not a real cultivator.

Carefully calculating, Ye Chuan had stayed in refining blood realm for not a short period of time. Although he didn’t make any breakthrough, but his foundation was increasingly getting sturdier, and the dragon shaped Heaven Swallowing Talisman within his body also condensed more and more, even more gradually resembling a lifelike dragon.

Ye Chuan silently read Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Technique, silently cultivating inside the study and secretly controlling his rate of progress to proceed in an orderly way and step by step.

He needed to restore his consumed vitality, and he also needed to recover and strengthen his injured spirit. As for cultivation, he needs to proceed step by step, but Ye Chuan didn’t use cultivation techniques to spoil things through excessive enthusiasm. Rank 7 Wuzhe realm to Xiushi realm, this was all-round transformation, so he was preparing properly as well as was also waiting for a suitable opportunity.

When cultivating, time always passed very quickly. When he opened his eyes, one day had already passed.

Early in the next morning, Flame Devil who had gone out to pick medicinal herbs still hadn’t return back, but fatty Zhao Dazhi came uninvited. And after seeing Ye Chuan, he heaved deep sighs and pulled a long face.

“Fatty, what’s wrong, did you run into trouble again?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I ran into a trouble, big trouble.”

Fatty made a bitter face, and as if a little girl who was molested and had nowhere to readdress an injustice, he miserably looked at Ye Chuan. Seeing this expression, even Ye Chuan who was very experienced felt rather creepy, “Enough, fatty, if you have anything to say, then say quickly, don’t look at other people like that. If a little girl used this kind of expression, then she might be able to provoke sympathy, but you, a fat man, if use such expression, then even the blind person will be scared away. I have never thought that you were so abnormal. Okay, which junior apprentice-sister dumped you again?”

“No, there never was a junior apprentice-sister in the first place, so I have never been dumped. Merely, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I……, I have no money.” Fatty said with a distressed expression. For him, getting dumped was nothing, but having no money was a big problem.

In the eyes of the common people, stepping on the flying sword and flying back and forth cultivators were incomparably natural and unrestrained, and they are aloof, refined and unearthly people. But in fact, cultivation was a money-burning business, absolutely inseparable from silvers. To use the cultivation room with dense worldly spiritual qi, they need to spend silvers; Replacement and maintenance of the equipment also needed money; purchasing crystal stones and pills even more needed money. If one didn’t have money, then the ordinary cultivators would be unable to move even a single step!

“Didn’t sect give you salary every month? Now is just the beginning of the month, but you already finished spending them.” Ye Chuan looked at fatty, and said. No wonder this fellow looked abnormal today, could it be that he came early in the morning to borrow money?

“Miss Jiajia robbed me.” Fatty replied.

Ye Chuan was a little surprised, “Why? What kind of shameful matter did you do to her?”

“How could I?”

Fatty inwardly muttered, who is Zhu Sijia? Other than Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, who dares to do shameful matters to her?

“Then why?” Ye Chuan asked somewhat curiously.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, it’s all because of you. Because I take you to the Ghost Market for a stroll, Miss Jiajia is angry. Yesterday, after you walked away with Liu Hong in the underground Ghost Market, all the anger fell onto me, it was so disastrous to me.” Fatty drooped his head and aggrievedly said.

“Oh, so it was like that.”

Ye Chuan smiled, recalling Zhu Sijia’s that acknowledging defeat and angrily stomping her foot appearance in the underground Ghost Market, “Fatty, is this a trouble for you? Didn’t your family have rice stores everywhere around Di Qin Dynasty, and you don’t lack money? So why are you bickering about such trivial amount of silvers?”

“My family had rice stores, and originally the business was also doing really great, but later……, later for the sake of sending me to the mountain to cultivate, my family sold a lot of property, and then my family encountered a number of matters, and declined gradually.”

Fatty said in a low voice, then pausing for a bit, he carried on, “Last night, my family sent someone to bring the news. When my father went out to trade rice, don’t know how but he offended a big clan, which resulted in all of the money being robbed without speaking, and he was even beaten to the verge of the death. And even after spending the remaining fortune of the family, it was not enough to heal my father, so now I can no longer continue to cultivate inside the sect. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, today I came here to help Miss Jiajia pass on the message. Great Elder wants you to go to the Cloud Mist Hall early in the morning tomorrow, and hand in the name list of the participants you have chosen for this Great Competition. In addition, I also come to you to bid farewell, I……, I am leaving Cloud Mist Sect.”

“What? Fatty, you are leaving Cloud Mist Sect?” Ye Chuan was extremely surprised.

Fatty didn’t speak, but slowly nodded his head, then said with a sad look, “All these years, I was still unable to become the inner disciple of the sect, breaking through to Rank 1 Xiushi realm is also useless. Father is seriously injured, and the financial situation of my family is declining, so as the eldest son of the family, this time I naturally have to go back to bear the heavy burden. Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, I’m sorry, I have offended you many times before. Today, I fear this is the last time I will be calling you Big Senior Apprentice-Brother.”

Fatty said with a serious look, in a span of one night, he seemed to have changed into a grown-man from a teenage boy who only knew how to seek pleasure and make merry.

“Slow down, fatty, don’t be too impatient. Even if you immediately return to your home, I fear you will not be much of a help. For the matters of money, we can think about a way together. Wait until the Great Competition is over, then we will go down the mountain together to examine your father. Senior apprentice-brother, I also haven’t gone done the mountain for a long time.” Ye Chuan stopped smiling. When fatty who had followed him everywhere was in a hard time, he naturally wouldn’t  look on with folded arms.

“Thank you, thank you, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother!”

The eyes of Fatty Zhao Dazhi shone, what was making him worried was not only silvers, furthermore was also the injuries of his father. Although he had already broken through to Rank 1 Xiushi, but he practically knew nothing about alchemy and treating the injuries, and felt that, he had cultivated in Cloud Mist Sect for so many years in vain. But Ye Chuan was different, before he had pretended as ignorant, remaining calm and collected, but secretly was an expert, even Second Elder come to him to ask for advice, so if he went down the mountain to help then there would be a hope for curing his father’s injuries.

Fatty was very happy, but thinking a bit, his complexion couldn’t help but sink again, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, recently you are also having many troubles, dealing with Great Competition, and also guarding against some villains inside the sect, so how can I have the face to trouble you with this matter?”

“It’s okay, that’s just a small matter, just wait a bit.”

Ye Chuan indifferently smiled, as if from the start, the upcoming Great Competition was a simple matter. Then turning around, he entered the study, then picking up a brush, he wrote for a while in a black sheet of paper. After that, he folded that paper, and handed over to the fatty, “Fatty, take this and sell it in the underground Ghost Market. Remember, don’t sell it too cheaply, sell it in at least this amount.”

Ye Chuan spread his five fingers and shook in front of fatty.

“50 taels of silver?” Fatty asked.

Ye Chuan shook his head.

“500 taels of silver?” Fatty said with sparkling eyes.

Ye Chuan still shook his head.

“Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, 5……, 5000 taels of silver?”

Fatty began to pant, selling this trivial piece of paper for several thousand taels of silver, are other people blockhead in money matters?

Fatty Zhao Dazhi couldn’t help but be doubtful in his heart. He opened the paper and saw that many obscure texts were written on the paper, furthermore there were a number of odd design, and looked very sloppy. Not a calligraphy work, nor cultivation technique, merely was a scribble, “Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, this……, what is this?”

Fatty had doubts, was very disappointed in his heart and his looks also disheartened. Such piece of paper, not to mention a large sum of silvers, even if given away for free, no-one might want it.

“Fatty, no matter what this is, take it to the Ghost Market, and there inevitably will be a person that knows what’s what, just remember, what I have taught you, now go. With this money, you and your family will be able to tide over a difficult time for the time being.” Ye Chuan smiled and said nothing more.

“Fine, I will go to try!”

Fatty stood up to leave being a laden with anxiety, and when he reached the door, he suddenly turned around and said: “Oh, that’s right, Big Senior Apprentice-brother, with regarding to the participants name list of Great Competition, it would be best to personally ask Miss Jiajia, she is clearest about the situation of the sect. Allegedly, after the news of Great Competition, many elite disciples of the sect who were outside for experience have rushed back in succession. Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect are well prepared, so it would be best to select the real elite disciples of the sect to resist them.”

Fatty reminded Ye Chuan and left with large strides.

“Elite disciples?”

Ye Chuan whispered in disdain, but, thinking for a bit, he still went down the mountain, going towards the mountain where Zhu Sijia resided.

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