Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 579

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 579: Changes

The return of Ye Chuan made the entire Cloud Mist Sect filled with happiness.

That evening, the disciples who had been cultivating painstakingly convened a rare celebration, and the elite disciples who had returned with Ye Chuan became heroes in the eyes of young disciples.

When the young disciples were celebrating, in the Cloud Mist Hall, Ye Chuan however had gathered the higher-ups and core disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and discussed three main issues.

The first issue was to recruit talents from all over the world and pass down all kinds of merit laws. Although Cloud Mist Sect was declining, its inheritance was very long. It had a huge collection of different grades merit laws and techniques. Even compared to Heavenly Yao Sect that claimed to be the first under heaven sect, it was by no means inferior.

The second issue was to build a new city, Cloud Mist City, on the bank of the grand canal at the foot of Cloud Mist Sect, then think of a way to attract large numbers of merchants and people to fully utilize the rich resources of Cloud Mist Mountain Range. In addition, he wanted to strengthen the relation with Overseas World by taking advantage of this grand canal and strive to make Cloud Mist City the largest port city for the trade between mainland and Overseas World.

The third issue was building a Secret Hall within Cloud Mist Sect. It would be responsible for refining weapons that could be used by common soldiers of the secular world, and also the espionage of the circumstances of all forces of the mainland.

These three directions of Ye Chuan shocked the higher-ups and core disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. Soon after that, they engaged in heated arguments. The first issue triggered fierce opposition.

The older generation of Cloud Mist Sect including numerous deacons stood on the side of opposition in succession. The reason was also very simple. Since Cloud Mist Sect was declining, they couldn’t afford to cultivate so many people. Now, just supporting more than a thousand disciples was already tight enough, they were barely able to provide low-grade crystal stones to all of them, in such a time, a major expansion was impossible, not to mention whether they could find so many talented youths. Even if they found many talented youths, without enough resources, how could they cultivate them?

Ever since ancient times, there was a saying among the people, the poor should study liberal arts, only rich can learn martial arts. Studying liberal arts was not only for the future and survival, it was also the most labor-saving choice. But, learning martial arts was different, one needed to spend a large amount of time and one should also have ample wealth. Cultivation was also the same with even bigger consumption.

The path of cultivation was the path that continuously consumed all kinds of resources. All the fights and conflict between sects boiled down to the fight for all kinds of resources. Both Cloud Mist Sect and Heavenly Yao Sect similarly had a long inheritance, but now, why was one so low and the other so high? It was because the resources controlled by these two sects were very far from each other. Heavenly Yao Sect was rich in resources and it controlled a large number of mineral veins, naturally, they could train geniuses from generation to generation. On the contrary, Cloud Mist Sect not only lost the territories outside Cloud Mist Mountain range, Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect even invaded and occupied a part of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, this native place of Cloud Mist Sect. It would be a surprise if Cloud Mist Sect didn’t decline.

“In the depths of Cloud Mist Mountain Range, there are many crystal stone mines that are not excavated yet. We can fully utilize them. As a matter of fact, we just need to open Martial Repository Pavilion and Weaponry Pavilion and give cultivation techniques and weapons to disciples, then they can go by themselves to search for resources in Cloud Mist Mountain Range.”

In the face of the oppositions from the older generation, Ye Chuan slowly said.

Ye Chuan was calm and indifferent as if he wasn’t speaking about anything important. But, under the platform, the eyes of younger generation disciples shone, and Old Demon of Mount Yin who was sitting in this meeting also laughed heartily. The complexion of older generation however changed greatly and didn’t dare to utter a sound.

These words of Ye Chuan were domineering, direct and ferocious. The older generation felt a chill run down their spine.

Among sects, ever since ancient times, there were open strife and veiled struggles for various resources, but, in this respect, the righteous sects were secretive. They obviously wanted to contend for mineral veins, but before they make a move, they would look for a righteous pretext to send their troops, where would they be so direct like Ye Chuan?

If disciples were cultivated like this, then they might not cultivate elite disciples, rather great devils.

The older generation disciples shouted in their heart, but upon seeing Ye Chuan had already decided, no one dared to say anything. If they advanced like his plan, then Cloud Mist Sect would be able to support a large number of talented disciples, but the cultivated disciples would definitely be fierce as a tiger. If they are not fierce enough, then they would die in the process of seizing crystal stones and other resources or be eliminated.

Advancing widely and strict, the survival of the fittest, Ye Chuan determined the future guiding principle of Cloud Mist Sect. There was no way out, in troubled times, one should strictly govern, otherwise, the consequence would be the bad end. Naturally, there would be certain compensation to those eliminated disciples. They could learn how to grow medicinal herbs and refine medicinal pills. They were also pretty good paths.

Since the opposition of the first issue was ineffective, the opposition of the second issue was even weaker.

Building a new city at the foot of Cloud Mist Sect was to attract a large number of people, which in turn will attract a large number of merchants to do business. Among the sects, only Cloud Mist Sect would be doing so.

Ever since ancient times, cultivation sects bragged to be aloof and refined. They paid no attention to secular matters and considered themselves a cut above other people. Even if they wanted to plunder resources and benefits from the secular world, they would be very secretive. They always tried to be as far away as possible from the secular world so as to avoid getting stained with so-called vulgarity. Ye Chuan however was different, now, he actually wanted to take the initiative to do business with the secular world, wasn’t this throwing away their sect’s face? Wouldn’t other sects laugh their head off?

The older generation disciples continued to groan in their heart. They wanted to loudly oppose this issue which would make Cloud Mist Sect lose face altogether, but, would Ye Chuan care?

Clearly, Ye Chuan wanted the real benefits, not some fake and useless face. When the entire world fell into chaos, would that so-called face save their life? Obviously not.

Since they weren’t able to oppose the first two issues, no need to mention about the third issue. The older generation disciples groaned, but no one among them was willing to take charge of this so-called Secret Hall. Ye Chuan was also not planning to let these so-called veterans take on these heavy responsibly, he directly assigned Zhu Sijia to take up the post of Hall Master of Secret Hall, and Nan Tiandu would continue to lead the overall situation.

The three major issues were quickly published.

The older generation disciples disagreed in their heart, and in the back, they said that this was destroying the ancient system. Unfortunately, their opposition was ineffective. The current Ye Chuan was not the past Big Senior Apprentice Brother who was ignored by everyone, he was unprecedented Big Senior Apprentice Brother whose prestige surpassed the Sect Master. He was inviolable existence for the younger generation disciples. Thus, even though the old fellows disagreed, numerous younger generation disciples supported Ye Chuan and quickly carried out the orders of Ye Chuan.

After issuing these three matters, Ye Chuan entered seclusion cultivation session, preparing to rush over to Heavenly Yao Sect. Outside, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were unable to remain calm for a long time. Regardless of older generation disciples who opposed in their heart or the younger generation disciples who were full of youthful spirit, they smell the great changes that would be brought by these three issues. Among these three major issues, which one wouldn’t bring about heaven-shaking changes in Cloud Mist Sect? If one was unable to adapt to this change, then one would be pushed to the edge of Cloud Mist Sect or even eliminated. Only those who were able to adapt to these changes would have a promising future and reach the sky in a single bound.

Wilderness World was about to fall in chaos, but before this chaos, Cloud Mist Sect fell into chaos first.

Ye Chuan took the initiative to make the move to cause chaos in Cloud Mist Sect. Without a fundamental change, how can declining Cloud Mist Sect become powerful again? To adapt to this strong eats the weak world and survive the upcoming calamity, one must take the initiative to strengthen oneself first. The so-called old concept of meeting all changes by remaining unchanged was just waiting for death!

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