Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 578

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 578: All Heaven Sage (Tiandu Sage)

The sea demon boat sailed rapidly. In less than an hour, the grand Cloud Mist Sect appeared before the eyes of everyone.

And at that time, melodious sounds of bells suddenly came from Cloud Mist Sect and reverberated throughout the surroundings. After the melodious sounds of bells, powerful sounds of drums resounded, then sounds of bells, then sounds of drums again…… for nine times. After that, the sounds paused for a while, then resounded again. This repeated for nine-nine eighty-one times.

This was the welcome ceremony of Cloud Mist Sect for the Sect Master!

On the sea demon boat, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect were shocked, and soon after that, they came back to their senses and knelt down behind Ye Chuan. Sea demon warriors also didn’t dare to keep standing and knelt down.

At that time, sword lights flashed in the distance as a group of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples stepped on their flying swords and flew out from the restriction of the sect’s entrance. Then, then neatly arranged a sword formation on the edge of the grand canal to welcome Ye Chuan.

“We pay respect to Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

“We respectfully welcome Big Senior Apprentice Brother!”

More than a thousand disciples of Cloud Mist Sect loudly greeted in unison. In the past six months, Nan Tiandu had not only built a grand canal, he seemed to have also recruited many young disciples. There were some young disciples whose cultivation was not high, but they were full of vigor and enthusiasm. They were also calm and confident. Even many experts didn’t have such spirit. They were the fresh blood injected into Cloud Mist Sect!

Not waiting for the sea demon boat to reach ashore, Ye Chuan jumped off and floated in midair. He then looked at more than one thousand disciples of Cloud Mist Sect that had rushed out to welcome him and uttered a long, loud roar while releasing his powerful energy fluctuation.

In his previous life, he had suffered all kinds of tribulations by himself and finally become Heaven Swallowing Great Sage who could summon wind and rain.

In this life, he had a high ancient sect, had many elite disciples and followers, was there any reason to not achieve greater glory?

Looking at the large sword formation arranged by the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, Ye Chuan was also excited and fired up. His roar unexpectedly overshadowed the sounds of bells and drums for a moment. Naturally, he however had used a technique he mastered in his previous life, Demon God’s Roar. His momentum was also monstrous.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, so… powerful……”

All the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect cheered loudly.

In the eyes of young disciples, Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice Brother, was a legend. In just a few years, from a trash with mediocre cultivation who was even inferior to ordinary disciples, he became the pillar of Cloud Mist Sect and led disciples to create miracles. He went to the peerless sect, Heavenly Yao Sect, and successfully borrow their peerless treasure, Heaven Burning Furnace, suppressed internal strife, became most outstanding disciple in martial arts competition of three big sects, led disciples to repel 200,000 disciples of Daqin Dynasty, annexed both Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect……, which of these events weren’t extremely inspiring?

Cloud Mist Sect that originally was declining rapidly and even was nearly destroyed, under the leadership of Ye Chuan, became strong and even showed the shine of reviving.

In the eyes of people, Ye Chuan who repeatedly turned the tides and created miracles was the pillar and model of everyone. His legends also inspired young disciples to work hard. Especially, for the new disciples of Cloud Mist Sect who had not seen Ye Chuan, he was a legend and they greatly admired him.

Not a Sect Master, but better than the Sect Master!

Ye Chuan had not officially taken the position of Sect Master, but in the hearts of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, his prestige was far above the Sect Master. Since the founding of Cloud Mist Sect, there had never been a younger generation disciple who had such status and prestige. It had never happened before and will also not happen in the future! Being able to live in the same generation as Ye Chuan, as the young disciples of this generation, they were very fortunate. They were destined to follow Ye Chuan and become the great expert that would leave behind their name in the history of Cloud Mist Sect. Perhaps, millions of years later, they would also similarly become the legend in the eyes of the later generations!

Ye Chuan who was returned from far away was greatly welcomed by the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect!

“Hahaha, brother Ye Chuan, you finally returned!”

Along with a sound of laughter, a figure flew over stepping on a flying sword.

“Brother Tiandu!”

Ye Chuan descended on the ground and stood together with this most outstanding younger generation disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. And in happiness, Nan Tiandu welcomed Ye Chuan with a punch, “Big Senior Apprentice Brother, if you hadn’t come back for a few more days, then this brother would have been unable to endure, and sent disciples to look for you. At that time, in such a big Cloud Mist Sect, I would be a person in utter isolation.”

“Don’t worry, I will not let you become lonely, for the happiness of brother, I will give you an imperial concubine to marry, hahaha!” Ye Chuan laughed heartily and rubbed his chest.

This punch of Nan Tiandu was powerful. If ordinary disciple was in his place, then this punch might have sent him flying.

“Hahaha, that imperial concubine should also be a dragon lady, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, where will you find her?” Nan Tiandu laughed heartily. At the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss, after he fused with Evil Dragon Meng Ao, he was already no longer former Nan Tiandu. Therefore, ordinary women would never enter his eyes. Now, he was even more indifferent and proud, only in front of Ye Chuan, he showed the casual and unrestrained side.

“A dragon lady, no problem, leave it to me, let alone one, even ten are not a problem, for you brother, I will search around the world and abduct all princesses of Dragon Kings.” Ye Chuan laughed. Then, he sized up Nan Tiandu while rubbing his chest, “Tiandu, what is your current cultivation realm? Peak Daoist Master realm? No, you…, have you broken through to Half Sage realm?”

After carefully sizing up Nan Tiandu and sensing his energy fluctuation, Ye Chuan was greatly surprised, soon after that, he was excited.

Half a year ago, when he left Cloud Mist Sect, although the cultivation of Nan Tiandu had advanced greatly after fusing with the evil dragon, he was still in Daoist Master realm, his strength wasn’t too heaven-defying. Now however, in less than six months, he had actually broken through to Half Sage realm, how did he cultivate?

The energy fluctuation of Nan Tiandu was somewhat obscure. He was clearly restraining it, but Ye Chuan could clearly felt that his energy fluctuation was superior to Plague Archfiend Abasi and even Diamond Ape King.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, do you recall that cyan robed Seventh Elder who occasionally appeared in the rear mountain? I have already worshipped him as my Master. Then, I comprehend a unique technique. This is my real form, Soaring Heaven Draconic Mouse!”

Nan Tiandu spoke while releasing his power. Then, using a technique, a huge and ferocious yao beast phantom appeared behind him. It resembled a dragon but not a dragon, mouse but not a mouse. His momentum exceeded White Dragon Sage’s white dragon form.

In front of others, Nan Tiandu wouldn’t even speak half a word, but in front of Ye Chuan, he wouldn’t conceal anything. This phantom called Soaring Heaven Draconic Mouse was much more powerful than that evil dragon at the bottom of Evil Dragon Abyss!

The heart of Ye Chuan shook as he sensed how powerful this form of Nan Tiandu was. On the sea dragon boat, the complexion of Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King who similarly were Half Sage realm changed. Even though they were more than 100 meters away, they still felt heavy pressure.

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