Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 577

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 577: Scheme

The chaos was coming, but in many places, people were still singing and dancing.

Along the way, the sea demon boat passed through many prosperous islands. Since they had enough supplies, the sea demon boat didn’t stop and continued to sail towards the west. But, when passing through the sea area called the Black Sea, they encountered a sudden and violent storm, and they were swept several hundred li away. This caused them to lose direction and a lot of time.

Only after no less than half a month, the sea demon boat finally reached the mainland.

Upon seeing the distant coastline of Heavenly Fire Continent, the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect cheered loudly. Practically everyone excitedly rushed to the deck. Even Ye Chuan who had been cultivating quietly in his room also walked out.

This trip had taken almost twice as much time as he had expected, nearly half a year. It was also a very dangerous trip. Along the way, they encountered Ghost King Dusen, fought a fierce battle against Blacksnake Clan, encountered a large group of yao beasts and the army under Qing Tianhou……, which one was not dangerous? As for the ancient grave worlds in the holy land of Sea Demon Clan, he didn’t need to talk about it. Regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect or sea demon warriors, both suffered heavy causalities, more than half of them were buried there forever.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, look!”

Someone with sharp eyes pointed to the front.

A dozen of li away, they could see a small fishing village called Earth Dragon Slope. At that time, the clansmen of Sea Demon Clan had stationed here and met With Ye Chuan. It was also here where Ye Chuan had taken advantage of the power of Sea Demon Clan to subdue Plague Archfiend Abasi, this powerful yao beast.

At the side of Earth Dragon Slope, there was a long river that flowed into the vast sea. In the past, the river was not wide, at most was just 20 meters wide. But now, that river was more than 100 meters wide. From a small river, it had transformed into a great river, moreover, those countless reefs in the river course had also disappeared. Now, not to mention the sea demon boat, even a ten times bigger warship could also pass unimpeded.

Standing on the deck and looking far away, one could see that this great river was divided into two. One was the original river course, which clearly wasn’t that wide, just ten meters or so. As for the other, it was as wide as the great river, becoming the main river course. On both sides of this river course, one could clearly see the trace of artificial excavation, and it wound towards the direction of Cloud Mist Sect. It resembled a sparkling and glittering silk ribbon on a vast land.

Nan Tiandu has succeeded!

This was a grand canal that directly connects the sea and Cloud Mist Sect, a golden passage!

The eyes of Ye Chuan shone as he recalled the instruction he had given to Nan Tiandu before he left. Originally, his requirement was low, excavate a canal to link up to the sea so as to make it easy for Sea Demon Clan to settle in Cloud Mist Sect and form a naval battle force within a year. But to his surprise, within half a year, returning from the sea, he was able to see such a passage. Nan Tiandu who had stayed behind in the sect had over-completed the task. It seemed he had spent a lot of effort to excavate this canal.

The people standing on the deck were excited and cheered. The sea demon warriors were no exception.

In this trip to their racial holy land, not only were they able to obtain their famous holy item Neptune Horn, Hai Lili was also selected as their new patriarch. This suggested that, from henceforth, Sea Demon Clan formally came under Ye Chuan. They would follow him to campaign all across the world. Sea Demon Clan couldn’t do without water, so originally, clansmen were worried about where to settle hereafter as being too far away from Cloud Mist Sect would cause many inconveniences. But now, with this artificial great canal, Cloud Mist Sect could attack, retreat and guard, and Sea Demon Clan also had no worries!

“In just half a year, noble son Ye, your Cloud Mist Sect is truly powerful!”

The old patriarch exclaimed in admiration. Like a dead camel was still bigger than a horse, although Cloud Mist Sect was declining, it was still a large sect and it had deep roots in Cloud Mist Mountain Range. With such a sect as a backer, now Sea Demon Clan had a fixed place where they could live at ease from now on, they no longer need to worry about wandering all around.

“This is nothing, the river is just 100 meters wide, in the future, after we grew in strength, we will widen it to at least ten thousand meters. This is not a route of retreat, rather a golden watercourse. It should be able to accommodate tens of thousands of merchant ships and also thousands of warships!”

Ye Chuan was full of mettle as the blueprint in his mind became grander and grander.

After millions of years, along with the decline of strength, Cloud Mist Sect’s sphere of influence had shrunk critically, and all kinds of resources had also become fewer and fewer. Now, they basically could only rely on the sale of some pills for crystal stones that were most needed for the cultivation of disciples. They had hard up life. Perhaps, their cultivation was insufficient or they were unambitious and didn’t have great vision, all previous Sect Masters just followed the rules inflexibly, guarding a tiny piece of land.

Ye Chuan was different, after he became the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect after leaving God Burial Valley, he began to scheme the overall situation. How could Heaven Concealing Great Sage who once had dominated the entire Wilderness World be satisfied with a trifling tiny piece of land? The annexation of Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect in Cloud Mist Mountain Range was only the first step. He wanted to control the entire Cloud Mist Mountain Range first. The second step was to excavate a grand canal to directly connect Cloud Mist Sect to the vast sea, opening a golden waterway leading to the vast sea.

Next, as long as they could form a strong naval army, it would be very hard for other forces to occupy the Cloud Mist Mountain range. Even if the army of Daqin Dynasty wants to deal with Cloud Mist Sect, countless soldiers have to lose their life first! And at the same time, with this golden waterway, the abundant resources of Cloud Mist Sect could be fully utilized, and it would be possible to build a large commercial kingdom at the foot of Cloud Mist Sect. Like that, Cloud Mist Sect would have a source of continuous fresh blood and all kinds of resources.

“Noble son Ye, tell me, what does our Sea Demon Clan need to do?” The old patriarch was also excited and took the initiative to ask.

Now, the world domination scheme of Ye Cuan had just begun to unfold. It was the right time to render meritorious service, and with a large contribution, the status of Sea Demon Clan would naturally elevate in the future. If they waste time until Ye Chuan had already reached the pinnacle, then it would be too late to display their loyalty.

Although this old man was old, he was very experienced. He would never miss a good opportunity to rejuvenate his clan. Making his granddaughter Hai Lili the new patriarch was a brilliant move from him. Now, he had firmly bound his clan on the chariot of Ye Chuan via Hai Lili. There was no second choice.

“At the present stage, settle at the foot of Cloud Mist Sect first and choose a harbor to make your home. Then, explore the circumstances of the surrounding waters for me. Where are rivers, where are swamps, where are underground rivers, where are water yao beasts and where are amphibian yao beasts, mark everything on a map.” Ye Chuan instructed.

“Noble son Ye, you want to gather water yao beasts to make a yao beast legion?” The old man recalled numerous yao beasts in the hands of Ye Chuan. Although he didn’t know how Ye Chuan tamed Old Demon of Mount Yin, Diamond Ape King, Super Electric Eel and other yao beasts, if Ye Chuan formed an elite water beast legion, then that would be heaven-defying. In the entire four seas, who could stop such legion?

“Yes, we need talents of all trades and professions, we need experts who stand out from their fellows. But, comparatively speaking, I like yao beasts with all kinds of innate techniques more.”

The eyes of Ye Chuan blaze like torches as he watched the distant vast mountain range. The huge sea demon boat slew the waves and sailed towards Cloud Mist Sect. Not far away, there were excited disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. They were impatient to spread the successful return of Ye Chuan.

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