Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 575

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 575: White Dragon Crystal

Not far away from the Dragon King Lake, in a valley shaded by trees, some wooden houses were built at an unknown time. They looked simple and crude, but they were very clean, and there was a flower garden with red flowers in front of those houses. They radiated a warm family atmosphere.

Dragon King Island still had many things to do. White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang wanted to strengthen the defense of this island. They also wanted to clean up the remnants of Blacksnake Clan in nearby waters. They were very busy, but even in such a tight time, they still had sorted out their small family. Their house was clean and cozy. At this moment, even from far away, one could smell a delicate fragrance of a meal. Chu Hongniang had personally gone to the kitchen to prepare many steaming hot meals. Not long after, Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao, Little Long’er and others also came over, and they enjoyed this special feast.

“Hongniang, did you gather all medicinal herbs?” After the meal, Ye Chuan asked.

White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang had a son and daughter twin. Originally, their family of four was warm and happy, but they unfortunately encountered the dirty hand of Blacksnake Clan. Now, although their daughter was saved and had already returned to her previous self, their son was still frozen in a coffin. Only with the pilled refined with Heavenly Dragon Rice, Dragon Tongue Orchid, Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth and Heavenly Lightning Root could cure him.

“Not yet, we have already found Dragon Tongue Orchid and Heavenly Lightning Root, but we have yet to find even a trace of Heavenly Dragon Rice and Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth.” Talking about her frozen son, Chu Hongniang’s eyes became red.

“Leave Heavenly Dragon Rice to me, at most in next year, I will have enough Heavenly Dragon Rice. There is heavenly Dragon Tree in the rear mountain of Cloud Mist Sect. In the future, it can be transported to Dragon King Island. You don’t need to worry about it. As for Lightning Strike Horseback Cloth……” Ye Chuan paused and added, “Although it is comparatively more difficult to find, as long as you spend more time to search, you will find it. There are many people in mainland, after I returned to Cloud Mist Sect, I will send some people to look for it.”

“Okay, many thanks, noble son Ye.” Chu Hongniang stood up and bowed.

She was truly grateful to Ye Chuan, this benefactor. At that time when she was drifting on the sea seriously injured, if Ye Chuan hadn’t saved her, then she might have already died, no need to mention about annihilating Blacksnake Clan and saving her another child. In this life, she had never owed to anyone, Ye Chuan was the only exception. Moreover, she wouldn’t be able to repay this favor in her lifetime. When she learned that Ye Chuan had successfully come out of the holy land of Sea Demon Clan, moreover, he was coming to Dragon King Island with Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others, she was very happy and personally urged her husband White Dragon Sage to go more than ten li away to receive them.

“It is a simple matter, Hongniang is too polite.”

Ye Chuan didn’t say much. This topic was a bit heavy. He didn’t want to make Chu Hongniang sad.

“Oh, that’s right, noble son Ye, in this short period of time, I refined a Heavenly Cicada Cloth, how about you take a look?” Chu Hongniang took out an extremely thin battle armor from her space ring. It was light and soft. “I used Overseas World’s silk called Sea Silkworm to knit and refine this battle armor. Not only it can withstand insidious poison, but since it is tough and tensile, it can also stop sharp weapons. Wearing this armor, it can stop the surprise attack and flying sword attacks of enemies.”

Chu Hongniang spread out this Heavenly Cicada Cloth and explained the unique aspect of this treasure.

Ye Chuan took it and looked for a while. Sure enough, it was tough and tensile. With the protection of this treasure, small poison needles wouldn’t be able to easily penetrate. But upon closer look, Ye Chuan discovered even more details. This cloth was pretty elastic and it was the right size for him. It seemed Chu Hongniang had tailor-made for him. Or perhaps, she felt grateful for him who was her savior, or perhaps, she heard he was going to Heavenly Yao Sect to save a person next, so she took out this treasure she had spent painstaking effort to refine.

“Hongniang, you have to take care of your two children, in addition, you also need to help brother White Dragon to guard this Dragon King Island and clean up the remnants of Blacksnake Clan, so you need this treasure more than I do. I appreciate your good intention, but you should take this battle armor.” Ye Chuan refused and returned this Heavenly Cicada Cloth to Chu Hongniang.

“No, noble son Ye, if you don’t accept this Heavenly Cicada Cloth, then this Hongniang will go to Heavenly Yao Sect with you.”

Chu Hongniang looked at Ye Chuan and added: “In this short period of time, I have accompanied my son. Every day, I told him that he has a handsome and capable uncle. This uncle will bring back medicinal herbs when he returns from the mainland and wakes him up. Noble son Ye, since you must go to Heavenly Yao Sect to save a person, I will not stop you, but if you don’t return then when my son wakes up one day and asked what his uncle looked like, then what should I say?”

Chu Hongniang’s eyes were red. There was already a hint of tears.

After Ye Chuan saved her and they went through life and death together, she had already considered Ye Chuan as her family. When she heard Ye Chaun was going to Heavenly Yao Sect and battle against White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi to save a person from her husband, she was very worried and hated herself for not being strong enough to accompany Ye Chuan to Heavenly Yao Sect.

“Fine, Hongniang, I will accept it.”

Ye Chuan didn’t reject again. He refined this Heavenly Cicada Cloth on the spot and wore it. The size was a little small, but because it was very elastic, it unexpectedly was comfortable to wear. It was very light and thin, moreover, it perfectly wrapped around his body. He could wear addition war robe outside and no one could see he was wearing this Heavenly Cicada Cloth.

“Brother Ye Chuan, I don’t have anything good, but I hope you will accept this crystal as my gift. Be cautious all along the way, be aware of everything!” White Dragon Sage took out a peculiar crystal and squeezed it into the hand of Ye Chuan allowing no explanation. Ye Chuan took a look and was shocked.

A white light was flickering in this crystal. It was warm like a jade and was shaped like a shrunk white dragon. Its tail, eyes and even the scales on its body were lifelike. Placing on his palm, he could feel majestic pure energy entering his body, and felt like his cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. What was this crystal? It was clearly a dragon vein crystal formed via condensed dragon vein. Moreover, this crystal was formed via the condensation of the ancient dragon vein!

The Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body rotated rapidly, especially that Demonic Dragon Talisman, quickly absorbing the energy of this dragon vein crystal. Then, while rotating, the Demonic Dragon Talisman began to twist and deformed as if it wanted to transform. And at the same time, the pores all over his body opened wide and his energy fluctuation rose rapidly.

This was Dragon Vein Crystal, and its value was above many top tier medicinal pills!

Being experienced and knowledgeable, Ye Chuan understood the significance of this dragon vein crystal. This treasure was too valuable. It was so valuable that he didn’t dare to accept it. It seemed that this dragon veil crystal was already crystalized for a very long time. It was very likely that White Dragon Sage had been keeping it to help in his cultivation. It might even be the holy item he brought out from the racial holy land of White Dragon Race. If Ye Chuan took it away, then the cultivation speed of White Dragon Sage would greatly fall hereafter! Such a priceless treasure, how could he accept it?

“Brother White Dragon, this treasure, I……” Ye Chuan didn’t dare to accept it.

Before Ye Chuan could finish his words, White Dragon Sage pushed dragon vein crystal away and said, “Brother Ye Chuan, I regard you as my brother, don’t reject it, I can look for another treasure if this treasure is gone, but if you are gone, then I cannot resurrect you!”

White Dragon Sage looked straight at Ye Chuan. Although he didn’t have tears in his eyes like Chu Hongniang, he was also worried. This dragon vein crystal was the only thing he had that could help Ye Chuan.

“Fine, brother White Dragon, Hongniang, after I rescued Hong Zixia, I will return here with her to thank you two. I am leaving now, take care!”

Ye Chuan didn’t say much and took that dragon vein crystal. He then turned around and left. In order to help him, White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang had truly taken out priceless treasures for him. Ye Chuan could feel deep affection from them. If he doesn’t leave now, then he might melt in their deep affection.

“Take care!”

White Dragon Sage and Chu Hongniang followed outside the door and watched the backview of Ye Chuan until he boarded the sea dragon boat and left with everyone.

“Husband, you say, will noble son Ye Chuan come back alive?” Chu Hongniang asked.

“Definitely!” White Dragon Sage nodded his head with certainty.

“What if he didn’t return?” Chu Hongniang’s tears finally rolled down after Ye Chuan had left.

“That’s impossible!” White Dragon Sage shook his head.

“Husband, can you return to White Dragon Realm and request your father and others to make a move……” Chu Hongniang’s eyes were blurred. She knew that this would make her husband White Dragon Sage break his oath and clan’s regulation, but she still said it.

This time, White Dragon Sage didn’t reply. He remained silent for a long time.

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