Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 573

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 573: The means of evil spirits

“Brother White Dragon, let’s change the place first.”

Ye Chuan could see the confusion of White Dragon Sage, but took the initiative to walk away and White Dragon Sage followed after him. The two walked while talking about the matters that happened after they separated.

After Blacksnake Clan was annihilated and the time and space rift to Nether World was sealed, White Dragon Sage settled down on Dragon King Island with his family. Then, while strengthening the defense around the island, he eliminated the remnants of Blacksnake Clan in the east sea. But, due to the shortage of manpower, Dragon King Island had yet to establish its dominance over the entire east sea region. That was still far away. Now, it had just established the foundation.

After listening to White Dragon Sage, Ye Chuan briefly told about his trip to the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan. He mainly focused on Reincarnation World where Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng were trapped.

The two men chatted while walking. And White Dragon Sage who had been quietly listening for a while said with a solemn expression, “Brother Ye Chuan, you mean that Qing Tianhou who dominates the western region and State teacher Jiang Tunsheng are trapped in an ancient grave world?”

“Yes! With their cultivation realm, they might be able to break free from that trap, but there is also the possibility that they will be trapped there forever!”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “Those two, not only their cultivation is powerful, their identity is also not ordinary. I can foresee that the western region and Daqin Dynasty will have internal strife. If it isn’t controlled properly, then this internal strife might even spread out, causing the entire Wilderness World fall into chaos in advance! At that time, Cloud Mist Sect that is located in the southern border will be involved. If the situation got bad, then perhaps, the entire Cloud Mist Sect would have to migrate overseas!”

Ye Chuan also looked solemn. He didn’t keep any secrets in front of White Dragon Sage. After leaving the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, he wanted to immediately rush over to Heavenly Yao Sect and save a person, but he had taken a detour to the east sea because he had to explain the situation to White Dragon Sage and make preparation in advance.

“Okay, at that time, we will fight together. But, if your entire Cloud Mist Sect is moved, I fear that your Cloud Mist Sect will become the foremost sect of the Overseas World. Other small sects will not have any chance to develop.” White Dragon Sage smiled, but his complexion was solemn. If they truly had to take this step, then the Overseas World would also not be calm. At this moment, Dragon King Island had greatly changed and there were many restrictions, but compared to the level of the mountain Cloud Mist Sect was located, it was still far away.

“Brother White Dragon, at that time, you will be the Taishang Elder of our Cloud Mist Sect, then any overseas loose cultivators and sects that not accept us will be annihilated.”

Ye Chuan laughed and added after a pause, “Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng who are trapped in the Reincarnation World are still not the most powerful people, in the final ancient grave world, we encountered a Mid Sage realm peerless yao beast, Octopus Empress.”

“Mid Sage realm?”

White Dragon Sage found it hard to believe. Now, Half Sage realm expert could dominate one region of Overseas World. As for the Mid Sage realm expert, he/she was absolutely a heaven-defying expert no one could defy. “Brother Ye Chuan, then how did you return alive after meeting such peerless evil spirit?”

“I made a deal with her. I promise to look for the missing fragments of Lost City scattered outside, thus that peerless evil spirit Octopus Empress let us go.” Ye Chuan replied.

“That peerless evil spirit, did she do something to you?” White Dragon Sage quickly asked.

Since she dared to directly let Ye Chuan and others go, that Octopus Empress must have something to rely on. Perhaps, she had done something to Ye Chuan, otherwise how could she not fear Ye Chuan not completing her task after he left the grave world?

“Yes, that evil spirit has condensed a unique talisman within my body. Brother White Dragon, can you examine whether you can crack it?” Ye Chuan stopped and said with a hint of expectation.

This time, he had detoured to Dragon King Island, on one hand, to tell the information of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng and also tell him to make preparations for chaos in advance; on the other hand, it was also to seek the help of White Dragon Sage and see whether he had any way to crack this sinister move left within his body by Octopus Empress.

On the sea dragon boat, Ye Chuan had tried to crack and refine this Octopus Talisman by himself, the result, his divine sense was absorbed and he nearly suffered a fatal backlash. Unless he broke through to the Sage realm or find a Sage realm expert to help him, he could only be controlled by Octopus Empress.

After just trying once, Ye Chuan clearly knew that that Octopus Talisman was very powerful. Unfortunately, Sage realm experts could only be encountered not sought. As for breaking through to Sage realm, he knew that it was not achievable in a short time. Although White Dragon Sage was still in Half Sage realm, as a well-known legendary expert of Overseas World, he was very knowledgeable and experienced, perhaps, he might have a way.

“Clam down, relax as much as possible!”

White Dragon Sage didn’t speak superfluous words. He seriously reached out his hand and pressed on the back of Ye Chuan.

A pure and warm current entered the body of Ye Chuan from the palm of White Dragon Sage. It first circulated a lap around the limbs of Ye Chuan, then slowly accumulated in his dantian. Not long after, he found the Octopus Talisman within the body of Ye Chuan. He then carefully examined for a while and cautiously infiltrated it.

White Dragon Sage spared no expense to help Ye Chuan examine and crack this sinister move of Octopus Empress.

Ye Chuan was nervous. He feared that White Dragon Sage would receive the backlash of Octopus Talisman like he did. But to his surprise, White Dragon Sage didn’t encounter any resistance, then, there was nothing. The divine sense that infiltrated the Octopus Talisman disappeared like a clay ox entering the sea. When Ye Chuan had tried to crack it himself, he immediately suffered a backlash, but it was completely different when an outsider was doing it.

“Eh, what is this?”

White Dragon Sage exclaimed and suddenly transformed into a white dragon. He then roared and injected boundless energy into the Octopus Talisman within Ye Chuan’s body.

White Dragon Sage was not necessarily more powerful than Diamond Ape King who was similarly in Half Sage realm, but his experience and knowledge was broader. His dragon power was very pure, it was very effective against the evil power. But, just like before, that majestic energy vanished without a trace when it entered that Octopus Talisman.

White Dragon Sage became pale. He had instantly exhausted a lot of vitality, but he didn’t easily give up. He didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to deal with this evil talisman. He roared and injected even more majestic energy into Ye Chuan to explore that mysterious Octopus Talisman. The result, his energy just vanished like before. The only change was that Octopus Talisman had gotten slightly bigger. It appeared as if it could absorb even more energy of White Dragon Sage.

If one said the energy injected into Ye Chuan’s body was a tide, then this Octopus Talisman was a bottomless pit. No matter how much energy was poured into it, it disappeared without a trace!

“Impossible, even if she is a Sage realm expert, it’s impossible to have such means, unless……”

White Dragon Sage didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to do anything to this talisman, and just when he gritted his teeth to true again, a dangerous feeling appeared in his heart. It was already too late to sense it. And at the same time, Ye Chuan groaned as the Octopus Talisman counterattacked. No matter Ye Chuan or White Dragon Sage, they suffered heavy injury and spat out a mouthful of blood.

“Boy, honestly look for the fragments of Lost City for this lord, otherwise, you will die very miserably. In the entire Wilderness World, there is no one that can break this lord’s technique. And let me tell you something, the more people try to crack this Octopus Talisman, the more powerful it would become, hahahaha……” The laughter of Octopus Empress echoed in the air for a long time.

Ye Chuan sweated profusely, and he suddenly felt like he had returned to that unfathomable ancient grave world!

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