Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 571

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 571: Dragon King Island

Even after Ye Chuan had already left, everyone behind just stood in a daze.

Neptune Horn, the holy item of Sea Demon Clan, it was very hard to obtain. In order to obtain it, they had to face that peerless yao beast Octopus Empress, but Ye Chuan gave it away to another person just like that, were they dreaming?

Even Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others found it hard to believe what they saw let alone Sea Demon Patriarch and others.

Hai Lili was neither excited nor happy upon obtaining the Neptune Horn. She just stood their blankly. Since Ye Chuan had spared her clan, she naturally was very happy, but she had never expected that not only Ye Chuan would generously spare her clan without any repercussion, he even handed Neptune Horn, a priceless treasure, to her.

“Lili, put it away. Hereafter, you will lead the clan, properly follow noble son Ye. Your grandfather has gotten old, truly old.”

Sea Demon Patriarch took out a seal which represented the authority of Sea Demon Patriarch and handed it over to Hai Lili. He then turned away.

A great calamity was about to befall on Wilderness World, and now, the world belonged only to the strong and this was the era of the young generation. Sea Demon Patriarch knew that his cultivation realm was not bad, but even though he had racked his brains for such a long period of time, what was the result? His clan was nearly exterminated, and let alone any hope of revival, his clan faced the dangers of being annihilated again and gain. Thus, he handed over all the authority to his granddaughter Hai Lili without any hesitation.

Although Hai Lili was young without much experience and her cultivation was also not up to much, she had mastered the unique innate technique of Sea Demon Clan, Sea Demon Song, and more importantly, she had the backing of Ye Chuan. Under her leadership, his clansmen would follow Ye Chuan, and perhaps, truly become strong someday!

“We pay respect to Matriarch!”

The sea demon warriors quickly bowed to Hai Lili, respectfully greeting the new patriarch.

Although the cultivation of Hai Lili was not up to much, they had personally seen her relationship with Ye Chuan. With Hai Lili as the patriarch, not speaking anything else, they would at least be safe now. They didn’t need to worry about Old Demon of Mount Yin and others starting to kill them. In addition, with the support of Ye Chuan, the revival of their clan was no longer just a wishful dream. And with the backing of Cloud Mist Sect, they no longer needed to drift around and they also wouldn’t need to fear other people hunting them. This was something the old patriarchs couldn’t provide.

Hai Lili who was still kneeling on the deck became the new patriarch of Sea Demon Clan. She was also the first female patriarch of Sea Demon Clan in millions of years. With the seal and Neptune Horn in her hands, not only her combat power risen sharply, she was also burdened with heavy responsibility.

“Noble son Ye, you know, I don’t want this Neptune Horn or anything, rather……” Hai Lili faintly sighed with emotion.

At that time, Zhu Sijia, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others who were standing at one side came back to their senses and quietly left.

Just a moment ago, when they saw Ye Chuan handing over Neptune Horn, this peerless treasure, without any hesitation, the people hadn’t understood why. But now, they finally understand.

With this treasure, he thoroughly convinced Sea Demon Clan and also made them loyal. Henceforth, Yao Beast Legion had an elite Amphibian Corp. This kind of trade was absolutely worthwhile! Moreover, Sea Demon Clan had innate techniques, especially Hai Lili, she had royal bloodline and a unique innate technique. She might be able to display the true powers of Neptune Horn. It was like killing two birds with one arrow.


The move of Ye Chuan was truly amazing. He though further than anyone else. Sometimes, average people couldn’t see through or understand matters as they only consider the immediate future, but Ye Chuan focused for a long term!

Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin looked at each other. They understand the true intention of Ye Chuan at the same time. They then went to their respective cabins and began to cultivate. As for numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect lying on the deck, naturally, the sea demon warriors would take care of them. After this conflict, sea demon warriors wouldn’t dare to have any useless thoughts.

The huge sea demon boat rapidly sailed through the waves.

For three days, Ye Chuan quietly cultivated in his cabin, but the sea demon boat continuously made its journey without stopping anywhere. And just when they were about to arrive Cyan Sand Island, Ye Chuan instructed to head towards Dragon King Island of the East Sect via Little Long’er.

Cyan Sand Island was rich in resources. It was the place used by many to restock a large amount of goods and freshwater. There were many auction houses and shops on this island. If one was lucky enough, then one could find some rare treasures. Originally, the sea demon boat was preparing to stop here to restock the goods, but since Ye Chuan had ordered, they turned away.

Although there were abundant resources in Cyan Sand Island, it also had hidden dragons and tigers. At this moment, Ye Chuan didn’t want to waste his time by taking the roundabout way. Thinking about Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia who was suppressed under Heavenly Yao Peak by Whiter Haired Heavenly Empress, he was dying to immediately rush over to Heavenly Yao Sect to rescue her. But, Dragon King Island in the East Sea was their foothold in Overseas World they had made with great difficulty, and in the future, it would be an important place to retreat. Thus, even if he was unwilling, he had to take a detour to take a look, and in passing, he could meet White Dragon Sage and his wife Chu Hongniang.

From Cyan Sand Island to the East Sea, their journey was very smooth, they didn’t encounter any obstacles. And after a few days, they could see Dragon King Island.

After such a short period of time, Dragon King Island that originally had messy appearance was shrouded with restrictions and dense fog. That dense fog shrouded everything within the radius of one hundred li. And looking from far away, this island looked like a coiling dragon with its head held high. Moreover, people could sense a threatening aura from even far away, as a result, merchant ships detoured this island from far away, they didn’t dare to approach it.

Under the care of White Dragon Sage Bai Rulong, within this short period of time, Dragon King Island presented a completely new appearance. Compared to the past when this island was still known as Blacksnake Island, it looked even more imposing and majestic. Now, Blacksnake Clan was already exterminated, and the new overlord had slowly risen in the East Sea.

When they were 20-30 li away from Dragon King Island, a fast ship came out from the dense fog and rapidly sailed towards the sea demon boat. And even before that fast ship had reached near, a figure suddenly jumped over, accompanied with a dragon roar and majestic aura. He was wearing a white battle robe.

White Dragon Sage who had stayed behind on Dragon King Island personally came out to the sea to welcome Ye Chuan upon sensing his aura. “Hahaha, brother Ye Chuan, you finally came!”

The sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect on the deck only felt something flashed by their eyes and saw Ye Chuan who had been cultivating in seclusion for past few days had appeared on the deck.

“Brother White Dragon, long time no see, you look even more graceful! What about Hongniang?”

“She is at home, she is busy with personally cooking a welcome dinner for you, let’s go!” White Dragon Sage smiled.

“Hahaha, fine, let’s go!”

Ye Chuan and White Dragon Sage looked at each other and flew towards Dragon King Island!

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