Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 57

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 57: Yi Suo

“Who are you?” Ye Chuan asked, carefully looking at this white robed youngster that was blocking his way.

This youngster appeared somewhat unfamiliar, but to be able to stand here at this time, it was obvious that he was also the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. He was dignified in appearance but was cold and expressionless. And with the strong energy fluctuation within his body, it clearly showed that his cultivation was higher than Zhu Sijia. Having such high cultivation in young age, no wonder this youngster was cold, arrogant, proud and aloof.

White robed youth raised his head and looking at Ye Chuan, he said, “Yi Suo.”

The complexion of this white robed youngster was ice-cold, and his voice was also ice-cold. After hearing the sound of activity, a group of guards walked over, thinking someone wanted to have a personal battle inside the sect. But, after walking over, and noticing white robed youngster Yi Suo, they quickly turned around and stood in the dark while looking on with folded arms.

“Captain, why aren’t we stopping them?”

“Humph, one is Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, another is the personal disciple of Third Elder, stop them? You go!”

The guards’ voice indistinctly came through.

More and more guards rushed over after hearing the news, but no one dared to intervene. Soon, the figures of many disciples of Cloud Mist Sect could be seen in the surroundings, and the number of onlookers became more and more. But there was no presence of any higher level personnel of the sect here, and there was no trace of on-guard protectors and elders. Obviously, someone was tacitly collaborating with this disturbance.

Taking a quick glance at numerous on-looking guards and disciples, white robed youngster Yi Suo held his head high and threw out his chest, and became even more arrogant. He was rather very pleased with himself in his heart.

Now this kind of circumstance was exactly what he wanted. The more the on-looking people were, the better, and the more the commotion, the better.

After traveling out for many years, today was the first day of his return to the sect. This kind of way to declare he, Yi Suo had returned was his usual style! Hearing, Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan who was mediocre in former days had suddenly enlightened, and had been in the great limelight in succession in this period of time, even his master was inwardly somewhat feeling uneasy, so if he didn’t suppress Ye Chuan firmly, then how can he vent his master’s anger.

Yi Suo looked at Ye Chuan, waiting to see the latter’s anxious and nervous expression, and also wanted to resolutely slap his face in public, suppressing Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother. However, he was disappointed.

The complexion of Ye Chuan was flat, there was not even a tiny bit of change, as if he basically didn’t know who Yi Suo was. Noticing this, Yi Suo was rather disappointed, then got angry.

“Sorry, just now I didn’t hear clearly, say again, what is your name?” Ye Chuan asked. His tone was sincere, and had an expression of seriously not hearing it.

Hearing this white robed youngster, Yi Suo before him was the personal disciple of Third Elder, Ye Chuan understood everything, merely pretended to understand nothing.

“Surname Yi, given name Suo!”

Yi Suo suppressed his anger and said it aloud again one word at a time.

A thing should not be attempted more than three times, if Ye Chuan still said that he didn’t hear it clearly, then ignoring whether Ye Chuan was really speaking true or false, he would definitely raise his hand and teach Ye Chuan a lesson on the spot!

The killing intent in the heart of Yi Suo increased greatly, and made preparation to raise his hand, unfortunately, Ye Chuan however didn’t give him an excuse and chance to raise his hand. He nodded his head as if he heard clearly this time, “Yi Suo, good, this name is good. Junior apprentice-brother, standing here so late at night to respectfully welcome I, senior apprentice-brother, you are truly making me moved. But, senior apprentice-brother don’t have any present, truly embarrassing.”

Ye Chuan reached out his hand and felt his body, seemingly wanted to take out something to gift Yi Suo for seeing for the first time, unfortunately, after feeling for a good while, he had nothing whatsoever. Looking at his dead earnest appearance and Yi Suo’s expression, the onlookers chuckled.


The complexion of Yi Suo ashen, then ferociously taking a step forward, he said, “Brat, let’s fight to let everyone see whether you have the skill and qualification to be sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-Brother or not. Show me that you are not only skilled in words, if you don’t have the ability, then roll out for me!”

With the incitement of Ye Chuan, Yi Suo quickly lost his patience.

“Junior apprentice-brother Yi Suo, do you want to challenge me?”

Looking at this aggressive Yi Suo, Ye Chuan had a simple and honest appearance, but he was coldly laughing in his heart, “I fear this is not permissible, the time has not yet arrived, junior apprentice-brother, you need to wait two more days for the challenge. You can challenge others to a battle once every five days, this is the iron rule of the sect. Although I, senior apprentice-brother am sect’s Big Senior Apprentice-brother, but it’s not good to take the initiative to break the rules.”

Without even raising his hand, Ye Chuan labeled Yi Suo as the one who violated the rules of the sect. Boy, aren’t you very arrogant and amazing? All right, feel free to bring it on! I will slap your face in the public, then punish you by beating, playing you to death!

Ye Chuan sneered in his heart, he was most adept at dealing with Yi Suo like fellows.

“If you have the skill, then don’t talk about the rules of the sect. You and I will just fight for 300 round without tricks in the presence of all!” Yi Suo fiercely stared at Yi Chuan.

He was arrogant, but wasn’t stupid at all. He didn’t throw himself into the hole dug by Ye Chuan, just kept using prodding, wanting to force Ye Chuan to raise his hands.

“If everybody is like this, then wouldn’t I, senior apprentice-brother has to fight all day long without cultivating and making pills?” Ye Chuan shook his head, then taking steps forward, he said, “Junior apprentice-brother, don’t bother me, I, senior apprentice-brother am very busy. Before they say, a good dog doesn’t block the way, but now, a bad dog doesn’t block the way, the dog that blocks the way is naturally inferior to the bad dog.”

A series of laughter came through the surrounding, and especially the numerous female disciples, they laughed beautifully.

Yi Suo lost his temper, gnashing his teeth, he pulled out his sharp long sword, “Brat, let’s fight!”

Ye Chuan stopped his steps, the looking at Yi Suo, he shook his head, “Junior apprentice-brother, do you seriously want to defy superior, and violate the rules of the sect?”

“What defying the superior, I spit, brat, fight me!” The complexion of Yi Suo was ferocious, he was telling himself to calm down in his heart, but wasn’t able to do so. The words of Ye Chuan made him very angry.

Ye Chuan shook his head again, and without any thoughts to fight, he merely crushed the message talisman. Very quickly, a loud cry came from the distance, then a gray bearded short old man carrying a medicinal hoe dashed over. And while he was still far away, he loudly roared, “It’s already this late in the night, but you still don’t let people sleep, which fellow without eyes is looking for me……, oh, it’s Ye Chuan, you are back.”

The expression of Second Elder was impatient, but after seeing it was Ye Chuan, his impatient face immediately changed into a smiling face. These two days, he was using all his strength to save a withering Dragon Tooth Herb. But all the methods that he came up with were useless, so he was worried and didn’t know what to what should he do next, and seeing Ye Chuan in front of him, his eyes immediately shone. This message talisman was something he had gifted to Ye Chuan few days before, telling Ye Chuan that if he had any matter, then he could look for him, but after a short time, he had forgotten about it.

“Second Elder, you are always engaged in alchemy and cultivating medicinal herbs all day long, but do you care about our sect?” Ye Chuan shook his head, and had the expression of hating iron for not becoming steel.

Second Elder was dumbfounded, then nodded his head, “Care, of course, I care, Ye Chuan, what happened? Did someone kill our Cloud Mist Sect’s disciple?”

“That is not the case, merely, someone is continuously saying that the laws of the sect are not even worth a fart, and is defying the superior, he wanted to kill me, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother in public. I think this is not too appropriate for a long-term.” Ye Chuan replied. Yi Suo felt that the current situation was anything but reassuring. He could be arrogant in front of apprentice-brothers and sisters, but in front of elders, he didn’t dare to be presumptuous. He wanted to interrupt Ye Chuan, but he didn’t get the chance to open his mouth.

“Who?” Third Elder open his eyes wide, and the onlookers uniformly retreated.

Inside the sect, who didn’t know Second Elder, who doesn’t know his strength and bad temperament, and how eccentric he was?

Since Second Elder had arrived, the observant and conscientious people in the crowds of onlookers had already realized that the matter had turned for the worse, so they quickly slipped out and went to notify Hall Master Jin Zhikun and Third Elder.

“Second Elder, it seems, your eyesight is getting worse.” Ye Chuan shook his head.

Second Elder suddenly turned around, and as if he had just noticed Yi Suo holding the sword, he swung down his hoe, “Brat, isn’t that you? You dared to attack Big Senior Apprentice-Brother, moreover defying the superiors, do you truly think that the laws of the sect are just an air?”

“No, Second Elder, it’s not that way……”

Yi Suo hastily dodged, and cried out in pain. The sharp sword in his hand was sent flying by the medicinal hoe of Second Elder. And seeing Second Elder was unwilling to let the matter drop, he ferociously glared Ye Chuan, and his hatred towards Ye Chuan grew even more. Behind, the sound of laughter came through. At first, he was arrogant and overbearing, but now he had tucked in his tail and was in tough straits.

From the beginning to the end, the complexion of Ye Chuan had never changed, merely after Yi Suo ran away, looking at the Second Elder, he laughed. Just now this old man had pretended to be stupid.

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