Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 569

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 569: Old Fox

“Grandfather, you……, how can you say this?”

Sea demoness Hai Lili finally pushed away those sea demon warriors blocking her way and rushed over. She was both embarrassed and anxious. She had never thought that her grandfather would make such a request.

“What? Lili, are you unwilling?”

The Sea Demon Patriarch stared at his granddaughter Hai Lili.

“Grandfather, I……”

Hai Lili didn’t know what to say.

Yes, she had always liked Ye Chuan. When she saw Ye Chuan and Zhu Sijia hugging together, her heart felt sour and uncomfortable. But, even though she liked him, she had also never thought about using such means. Ever since ancient times, only men coerce beauties, which woman had ever done so? Could it be that, on the wedding night, she had to be the one to initiate bonding with Ye Chuan? She however was a virgin maiden……

Hai Lili blushed and didn’t dare to look at Ye Chuan. Her heart was beating so rapidly that it appeared as if it would jump out of her chest.

“What I? It’s decided, tonight is your bridal chamber!”

Sea Demon Patriarch waved his hand and sea demon warriors got busy, preparing for the bridal chamber. Ye Chuan still said nothing. Shu Sijia however was anxious, but after drinking the poisonous wine, not to mention moving her limbs, she wouldn’t even speak. Thus, she could only watch helplessly.

After instructing loudly, Sea Demon Patriarch turned to Ye Chuan, “Noble son Ye, how is it, will you disagree?”

The old man looked high-spirited. Now, the limbs of Ye Chuan should be weak, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were also drunk and feeling dizzy, in such circumstance, how could Ye Chuan resist? He had no choice but to obediently give up!

“Your Excellency Patriarch, I……, I disagree!” Ye Chuan paused and resolutely said.

After calmly thinking for a while, he quickly understood the purpose of this old man.

It was very simple. The objective of this old man was still seizing Neptune Horn, this famous peerless treasure in the history of Sea Demon Clan. But, he didn’t directly seize it, rather was using a roundabout method no one had expected, i.e., marrying his granddaughter Hai Lili to Ye Chuan. The old man was doing so because he might have some misgivings towards Octopus Empress and he didn’t dare to directly seize this Neptune Horn. Or, perhaps, his appetite was bigger. He wanted to tie Ye Chuan with the war chariot of Sea Demon Clan by this marriage. As long as he married Hai Lili, just Neptune Horn was nothing. 18 Demongod Banner, Eternal Vermillion Flower and even the treasures and techniques of Cloud Mist Sect that was collected over a long period of time, wouldn’t they naturally obtain them?

For the revival of his Sea Demon Clan, for the survival of his clansmen, this old man was truly ready to risk everything!

“What, you….., you disagree?”

Sea Demon Patriarch exclaimed and thought that he had heard wrongly.

In such a moment, Ye Chuan actually dared to disagree. Could it be that he didn’t fear sea demon warriors getting angry and killing all drunk disciples of Cloud Mist Sect? And also the hostages Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao?

Sea Demon Patriarch was surprised on this side. Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and Hai Lili on the other side were also surprised. Especially Hai Lili, she became even more embarrassed, she wanted to look for a hole to crawl into. Her heart also hurt at the same time. In Overseas World, she was a great beauty. Her fair and smooth skin was something she was intensely proud about, even Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao couldn’t match her in this aspect. Could it be that, in the heart of Ye Chuan, she, this beauty of Sea Demon Clan, was not attractive?

“Patriarch, it’s not that I want to disagree with this marriage, rather it’s impossible. In my heart, I already have another woman. I have already exchanged vows with junior apprentice sister Jiajia, I can’t fall in love with another woman. If you force Hai Lili to marry me, then not only this will not give her happiness, that will also hurt her all her life.”

Ye Chuan paused and added, “Your Excellency Patriarch, stop immediately! Considering how we have experienced life and death together, even without this marriage, if your Sea Demon Clan ran into any difficulties in the future, then I, Ye Chuan, will also not sit by and watch. The previous promise is still valid. Heavenly Dragon Rice planted in the rear mountain of Cloud Mist Sect will always have your share. If there is something you need, then you are free to tell me!”

This old man was cunning and crafty, but considering he also was not too malicious tonight, he decided to not make a move and injure anyone. Ye Chuan let bygones be bygones and gave this old man the last chance.

“Noble son Ye, it’s normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. I am not asking to only marry Lili.” The old man quickly responded. His complexion was somewhat unsightly.

“That’s won’t do, my heart can’t hold a second woman.” Ye Chuan shook his head as he refused again.

The heart of Hai Lili hurt. On the other side, the eyes of Zhu Sijia however were already full of tears. The words of Ye Chuan was more touching than directly saying he loved her.

The old man’s face became cold and he coldly said, “Noble son Ye, consider carefully, don’t force me!”

“Oh, am I forcing you?”

Ye Chuan narrowed his eyes and his complexion looked unsightly. He however was preparing a ferocious attack inwardly.

He had already given a chance to Sea Demon Patriarch, but since this old man wasn’t sensible, he also wouldn’t hesitate to deal with him!

The face of this old man turned green and he emitted dense killing intent. Since softness didn’t work, he was prepared to use a hard method. But, at that moment, Hai Lili who had been hanging down her hear in sadness suddenly made an astonishing move. She pulled out a dagger and pressed it against her chest. Then, with a light push, that dagger stabbed her and her chest started bleeding.

“Lili, what are you doing?” Sea Demon Patriarch was caught unprepared.

“Grandfather, release noble son Ye and others. Let them go, otherwise, I will die in front of you today!” Hai Lili’s tone was firm, but her eyes were filled with tears. On one hand, she was ashamed of her grandfather’s absurd behavior, and on the other hand, she was feeling heartache due to the refusal of Ye Chuan. The more she thought, she harder she pressed the dagger, she couldn’t wait for this dagger to stab her heart.

“Hai Lili, don’t do something stupid, you don’t have to do this!” Ye Chuan was also caught unprepared. He had never thought that Hai Lili was so ruthless to herself.

“Noble son Ye, can you tell me one thing? Did you never like me in your heart?” Hai Lili looked at Ye Chuan as the dagger in her hand moved deeper and deeper. Seeing she was bleeding so profusely, the old man was angry and also distressed. At this moment, he could do nothing. For this action of tonight, he had thought numerous possibilities, but he had never expected Hai Lili to actually jump out and threaten to die.

Ye Chuan remained silent without any reply.

If he said he liked her, not to mention Zhu Sijia would be sad, he feared the matter of tonight would be even more difficult to handle, and in the future, it would be even harder to separate from Hai Lili. But, if he said he never liked her, then he feared that Hai Lili might kill herself on the spot.

If he knew this would happen in advance, then he would have already made the move!

Ye Chuan shook his head and made a wry smile. He was unexpectedly caught unprepared and he didn’t dare to act rashly for the time being.

“I understand, noble son Ye, thank you for not lying to me!”

Hai Lili nodded with tears, and pressed the dagger further in, “Grandfather, take out the antidote and let noble son Ye and others go, otherwise, Lili can only apologize to you!”

The heart of Hai Lili was hurting. In the beginning, she was perturbed and had some hope to marry Ye Chuan, but now, she completely extinguished such thoughts and her heart became cold. After forcing her grandfather to let go of Ye Chuan and others, she didn’t intend to live.

“Humph, Lili, I didn’t expect the one who would force me will be you!”

Sea Demon Patriarch coldly snorted and suddenly made a move. Instantly, he emitted an extremely powerful energy fluctuation, and instantly appearing behind Hai Lili, he hit the back of Hai Lili. Hai Lili trembled and the dagger stabbing her chest was sent flying. She was uninjured by this hit, but the dagger used to threaten Sea Demon Patriarch was gone!

“This is……, Half Sage realm?” Ye Chuan exclaimed in shock.

All along the way, this old man had truly remained hidden and low-key. On the surface, he only showed the cultivation of Peak Daoist Master realm. But now, in this critical moment, he finally displayed his amazing strength and his powerful energy fluctuation was surging. His cultivation actually was above Old Demon of Mount Yin. But, all along the way, he actually bore patiently, he truly was an old fox!

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