Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 568

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 568: Not maintain innocent tonight

After instructing indifferently, Ye Chuan closed his eyes.

Since he couldn’t do anything to the octopus talisman within his body, he simply no longer thought about it. He quietly meditated to calm his energy and also consolidate his cultivation realm.

Reaching Peak Daoist Master realm from Rank 7 Daoist Master realm was a huge breakthrough. But, this breakthrough was not something he achieved with his own accumulation, rather Octopus Empress had used a heaven-defying technique to forcibly raise his strength. Thus, his cultivation was not stable. If he was careless, then his cultivation might fall back to Rank 7 Daoist Master realm. As a result, the most important task right now was to consolidate his realm!

Seeing Ye Chuan had begun to cultivate, Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t dare to speak, lest he might disturb Ye Chuan. He quietly stood up and left to make secret preparations.

The time passed especially quickly for the people who were cultivating.

After a few hours, Ye Chuan woke up, and he could hear light footsteps coming from outside the door. And from those fast footsteps, he could deduce that the owner of those footsteps should be a woman.

Sure enough, not long after, a fragrant smell seeped into the nose of Ye Chuan. Ye Chuan was very familiar with this smell. It was the scent of sea demoness Hai Lili.

Could it be that this Hai Lili is also involved in her grandfather’s scheme? Was she coming to deal with him?

Ye Chuan thought, but immediately after that, he shook his head. Hai Lili was different from other clansmen of Sea Demon Clan. His essence blood was fused with her. If she had any ill thoughts towards him, then he would sense that immediately. In addition, although she was getting closer and closer, he couldn’t sense any killing intent from her.

When she reached just outside the door, her footsteps suddenly stopped. Hai Lili seemed to be hesitating to knock on the door.

“Hai Lili, are you looking for me?” Ye Chuan took the initiative to speak, “Since you are already outside the door, come in.”

Hai Lili who was outside the door was caught unprepared and shocked. Then, she blushed and pushed open the door, “Ye……, noble son Ye, the dinner is ready, grandfather requested to come over.”

“Oh, is there anything else other than eating and drinking?” Ye Chuan asked as he stood up with a smile yet not a smile.

“No…, no.” The eyes of sea demoness Hai Lili flickered and she didn’t dare to look at Ye Chuan as if she was panicking.

Tonight, sure enough, is not peaceful!

The eyes of Ye Chuan flashed. He had noticed the unusual expression of Hai Lili, but he said nothing. He just left the room with the latter in the front.

On the deck and cabins, many tables were already arranged. Moreover, those tablets were filled with a variety of delicacies as well as fine wines. Only after Ye Chuan arrived, the people who were already drooling began to eat and drink to their heart’s content. All of these people had barely escaped from the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan with their life, these delicious foods just happened to make them feel relaxed. Even Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were also wolfing down foods.

Looking at numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect wolfing down foods, Sea Demon Patriarch smiled and took the initiative to propose a toast to Ye Chuan, “Noble son Ye, come, cheers for our safe return.”


Ye Chuan raised his glass, but just when he was about to empty a glass at one gulp, he suddenly stopped, and the complexion of the old man changed. A hint of nervousness also flashed through the old man’s face.

Sure enough, there is something wrong with this wine, this old fellow truly made his move!

Ye Chuan clearly saw through this old man, but he didn’t reveal. He just frowned and said, “Aiyo, I nearly forgot, because of the talisman left within my body by Octopus Empress, I cannot drink wine. If I drink, it might flare up and my cultivation might go berserk. That demon was truly too detestable. Your Excellency Patriarch, I am very sorry, I cannot drink with you.”

“There is such a matter?”

The old man looked half believing, half doubting. He clearly knew that Octopus Empress had left behind a trick within the body of Ye Chuan. But, he didn’t know whether drinking wine would affect it or not. He looked worried and said, “Noble son Ye, drinking a small mouthful should be fine, right? How about I empty a glass at one gulp and you drink only a little as a gesture of goodwill?”

He had prepared for almost the entire day and waited for this moment. The delicacies on the tables were fine, he had secretly done something to just this wine. If Ye Chuan didn’t touch even a drop, then wouldn’t all his effort be wasted?

The complexion of the old man was unsightly and was anxious in his heart.

“Isn’t it fine to not drink?” Ye Chuan asked, looking as if he was finding things difficult.

“That won’t do, you should drink at least a mouthful as a gesture of goodwill, noble son Ye, it will be fine.” The old man urged. He couldn’t wait to pour this wine into the stomach of Ye Chuan.

“Ai, do I truly have to?” Ye Chuan asked again.

The old man vigorously nodded his head. He was very anxious in his heart as the ** of wine showed its effect quickly. These disciples of Cloud Mist Sect would collapse at any time. If Ye Chuan didn’t drink it quickly, then it would be too late. “Yes, tonight, everyone is drinking so happily, noble son Ye, you however is the grand Big Disciple of Cloud Mist Sect, is a great expert, you shouldn’t dampen the mood of everyone!”

“Fine then, Your Excellency Patriarch, if I got drunk and lose control, then don’t blame me!” Ye Chuan smiled and directly emptied a wine cup at one gulp. Just after the wine entered his mouth, he noticed that something was truly wrong with this wine. Thus, he secretly used a technique to force this wine out of his body, and the floor below his feet became wet.

“Hahaha, good, good, noble son Ye, you are truly bold and uninhibited, come again!”

Sea Demon Patriarch laughed heartily. He had thought that Ye Chuan would only drink a small mouthful, but to his surprise, he emptied the entire cup at one gulp. This was something he wanted. He then personally stepped forward to pour wine to Ye Chuan’s empty cup.

“It’s boring to drink from a cup, watch me!”

Ye Chuan snatched the wine jug and directly drank from it in front of everybody. Just a moment ago, he was intentionally teasing Sea Demon Patriarch by saying he couldn’t drink wine, but now, he refused nobody and drank a big mouthful after another.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, good, good!”

The old man was even happier and was even more complacent. He didn’t notice the wet region below the legs of Ye Chuan.

Ye Chuan also laughed. And on the surface, he appeared as if he was drunk. Inwardly, he however began to rapidly circulate Heaven Swallowing Talismans, preparing to make a move. The surrounding disciples of Cloud Mist Sect however were dead drunk. They began to collapse with a bright red face.

“Collapse, collapse, collapse for me, hahaha, one……, two……, three……”

The old man was feeling very complacent in his heart. Just after he counted to three, the numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect collapsed on the deck in succession. Some were feeling dizzy without any power in their limbs and some had directly fallen into slumber. Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others were also no exception. Everyone lost consciousness. And after looking all around, the old man who was somewhat tense in the beginning finally relaxed.

“Wine……, there is poison in wine, Your Excellency Patriarch, you……” Ye Chuan pretended to just notice something wrong and he stood up, but immediately afterward, he weakly collapsed back to his chair.

“Hahaha, that’s right, there is poison in wine!”

Sea Demon Patriarch laughed heartily, revealing his true color. He then clapped and a group of guards bound Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, then placed their sharp sword in their neck.

“Old man, what do you want to do?” Ye Chuan was furious. He forcibly suppressed his impulse to attack immediately as he wanted to see what this old man was planning.

“Noble son Ye, what do you think of my granddaughter Hai Lili?” Sea Demon Patriarch suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

“Pretty good, at least her conscience is much better than you, she didn’t repay kindness with hatred!” Ye Chuan replied. He could see that Hai Lili was stopped by several sea demon warriors. She looked anxious and wanted to save people, but was powerless.

“Heh heh, that’s good!”

The old man had very thick skin. He was not embarrassed at all and continued, “Noble son ye, as long as you promise me one thing, I will let them go.”

Here it comes, he truly wants Neptune Horn, 18 Demongod Banner and other treasures!

Ye Chuan understood in his heart, but he wasn’t happy, he just sighed inwardly. Men die for wealth, as birds for food, if he could, then he truly didn’t want to kill these sea demon warriors.

“It’s a simple request, marry my granddaughter Hai Lili and have the bridal chamber tonight!” The old man told his condition.


Everyone was shocked, even sea demoness Hai Lili was no exception.

Ye Chuan was also shocked and he was unable to speak for a moment. He had believed that this old man had done this to rob treasures, but beyond his expectation, this old man wanted to this!

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