Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 567

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 567: A deadly hidden danger

Everyone quickly left Bellowing Waves Islands under the leadership of Ye Chuan and the huge sea demon boat quickly sailed away towards the mainland.

After boarding the boat, Ye Chuan found a secret room and sat down cross-legged. He let Zhu Sijia and Old Demon of Mount Yin handle the matters. As for himself, he began to cultivate.

The battle in the racial holy land was already over, but its impact was huge. One could even say that its true impact was just beginning.

The two super experts, Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, were trapped there. What kind of changes would happen in the western region and Daqin Dynasty due to this? Will it make the great chaos befall in advance?

Furthermore, will Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng ever be able to leave Reincarnation World? If they can, then how long will it take?

Ye Chuan sat cross-legged, quietly considering the changes.

In this operation, countless loose cultivators and great devils had died inside the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan. But, their death was not important, what was truly important was, what effect would it cause to the overall situation of Wilderness World? And there were Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, one was noble that held a great army, and the other one was State Teacher of Daqin Dynasty who was above millions and below just one. Both of them were important personages. But, since both of them were trapped in Reincarnation World, it was very likely that this would cause chaos in Daqin Dynasty, stirring up the overall situation.

After a long time, Ye Chuan exhaled a mouthful of chaotic qi and no longer continued to consider the future. He instead pondered about the octopus talisman left within his body by Octopus Empress. Since Daqin Dynasty had many nobles, it was hard to predict what would happen next. But, raising one’s strength was fundamental. This octopus talisman within his body gave him great strength but was also a great hidden danger.

Ye Chuan carefully controlled his divine sense to scan this octopus talisman that was beyond his control.

Like the rest of the eleven Heaven Swallowing Talismans, this octopus talisman was slowly rotating within his dantian. It emitted pure energy, no different from other talismans. But, after sensing it carefully, he noticed that the energy of this octopus talisman was somewhat chaotic, and it didn’t blend perfectly with the energy of other talismans.

If he wanted to raise his strength in a short period of time, then the most effective way now was to thoroughly integrate this octopus talisman and refine the energy of Octopus Empress. Like that, he would be able to consolidate his peak Daoist Master realm and attack the bottleneck of Half Sage realm!

Ye Chuan clearly understood the significance of this octopus talisman. If he was able to thoroughly refine it, then his cultivation would make a breakthrough; but if he couldn’t refine it, it was a deadly hidden danger. Not to mention anything else, it might prevent him from making progress in his cultivation, or even might make his cultivation fall down to Rank 7 Daoist Master realm!

He cautiously made his divine sense approach this octopus talisman.

After carefully observing for a good while, Ye Chuan mustered his courage, wanting to thoroughly know the mystery of this octopus talisman.

The slowly rotating octopus talisman stopped, followed by suddenly rotating rapidly. Immediately after that, the divine sense that seeped into the octopus talisman disappeared without a trace. At the same time, he felt tingling pain in his head as if an invisible dagger had stabbed his head. The octopus talisman also shone with a black light, and violent and uncontrollable energy ran rampant within his body, tearing many veins. And in the blink of an eye, Ye Chuan was drenched with blood.

So powerful!

Sage after all is a Sage, what a heaven-defying means!

Ye Chuan was greatly shocked. He quickly retracted his divine sense and no longer dared to probe this talisman. Even though he once was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he still was unable to see through the mysteries of this octopus talisman. The means of this Octopus Empress was extraordinary. She should be an extraordinary Great Sage among Sage ream experts millions of years ago. If he wanted to get rid of this hidden danger, then either similarly Sage realm great expert should help him, or he had to breakthrough to Half Sage realm or even Sage realm.

But, in a short period of time, it was impossible for him to break through to Half Sage realm. There was a huge gap between peak Daoist Master realm and Half Sage realm not to mention Sage realm. Also, where could he find a peak expert to help him?

White Dragon Sage Bai Rulong? Ye Chuan thought about White Dragon Sage who was guarding Dragon King Island, but soon after that, he shook his head. Although White Dragon Sage was powerful, he was still in Half Sage realm, he was not much better than Plague Archfiend Abasi. He couldn’t help him. The same was true for Diamond Ape King and others. Then, there was only one person left who could help him, he was cyan robed Seventh Elder who might be in Cloud Mist Mountain Range. He was the only person whose cultivation Ye Chuan couldn’t see through until now.

The desire to return to Could Mist Sect became even stronger. He wanted to go to Heavenly Yao Sect to rescue Hong Zixia and also get rid of this hidden danger as soon as possible. It was not good to drag these matters on. Not to mention anything else, if he became the puppet of Octopus Empress in the end, then that would be a tragedy!

Knock, knock, knock, knocking sounds suddenly resounded.


Ye Chuan was startled awake. He was so lost in thought that he unexpectedly was unable to sense someone had already arrived outside the door. If it was a first-rate assassin, then what would have happened?

“Your Excellency, it’s me, Rhodes.” Old Demon of Mount Yin’s voice came.

“Enter.” Ye Chuan took a deep breath and calmed down.

Old Demon of Mount Yin pushed open the door and quickly closed after entering. Then, he walked to the front of Ye Chuan and said, “Your Excellency, there is something wrong with that old man Sea Demon Patriarch. Not to mention he is moving secretly, he went to the kitchen to cook in person, saying he wanted to reward us with food and drinks. This subordinate guess that that old fellow is up to something, it is very likely that he took a fancy to……”

“Is that so?”

Ye Chuan quickly recalled Neptune Horn given to him by Octopus Empress as well as 18 Demongod Banner, Eternal Vermilion Flower and other treasures he obtained in the racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan. Speaking about 18 Demongod Banner, it was something he had snatched from Qing Tianhou, but as for Neptune Horn, it had always been the treasure Sea Demon Patriarch wanted. They had come to the sea this time for this treasure. Moreover, that old fellow had been rushing to revive the former glory of their Sea Demon Clan, and in order to do so, he needed this treasure.

“Your Excellency, how about we take the initiative to make a move?” The eyes of Old Demon of Mount Yin shone with pallid light, making a beheading action. On the sea demon boat, although the numbers of Sea Demon Clan was more than Cloud Mist Sect, if they truly got into the battle, then Sea Demon Clan was not the opponent. Just Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King were enough to deal with them.

“No, it has yet to reach that step, act according to circumstances, just be careful. Don’t beat the grass and startle the snake, I want to see what that old man is planning.” Ye Chuan sneered. When they were still in Bellowing Waves Island, he already felt that something was wrong with this old man. But he hadn’t expected this old man to make move so quickly.

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