Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 563

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 563: Nothing to ask

“Boy, don’t think about delaying for time and play some tricks, it’s useless.”

The eyes of Octopus Empress shone with pallid light. She saw thought the thoughts of Ye Chuan, but she basically didn’t care and indifferently said, “This is not the Lost City, it’s just an ancient grave world. As for the real Lost City, it has already been broken into pieces a long time ago. Some pieces are scattered in some ancient graves, and some are scattered throughout the Wilderness World.”

Octopus Empress took a few steps forward and rune chain that bound her legs chattered.

Even a Sage realm evil spirit was chained and unable to break free, how powerful was this rune chain?

Ye Chuan was surprised inwardly. It seemed that this Octopus Empress was already suppressed for a long time. He couldn’t help wondering which heaven-defying expert of Sea Demon Clan had suppressed this peerless evil spirit here. “Your Excellency Sea Emperor, you mean……, I have to gather the numerous fragments of Lost City for you?”

“That’s right, gather the fragments of Lost City.”

Octopus Empress nodded her head and said, “After gathering all fragments of Lost City, the ancient Lost City will appear in this world again. That is the real racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan. And it is also the only way to remove my shackles. Now, I have already collected all the fragments scattered in ancient grave worlds, only the fragments outside are left. When you gathered all of them, this lord will release these two women, boy, how about it?”

A gruesome smile appeared on the face of Octopus Empress as she waved her tentacles, suddenly raising Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao high, then tossing them down. The two fell down rapidly and just a moment before they collided against the ground, they were caught and were tossed high again. The two women were so scared that they screamed again and again as this process repeated. They didn’t know what kind of restriction was used on them by Octopus Empress, they were unable to move and could only helplessly watch the death brushing past them.

The onlooking people took a few steps back and gnashed their teeth. Watching such crazy action of Octopus Empress, they wished to tear her body to thousands of pieces if they could. But, regardless of the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, no one dared to act rashly. This evils spirit was too powerful. Mid Sage realm, even if everyone attacked together, they were not her opponent.

The eyelid of Ye Chuan twitched and killing intent began to float in his heart. He was more furious compared to anyone around, but he endured his fury and calmly said, “Your Excellency Sea Emperor, where are those missing fragments of Lost City? How can I collect them? Furthermore, since my cultivation is so shallow, I fear……”

“Each fragment of Lost City has a special fluctuation, just like this, you can sense it when you are in its vicinity.”

Octopus Empress suddenly used a technique and a thing that looked like a rock but not a rock emerged on the sea surface. Immediately, an ancient and tragic aura spread all around. Ye Chuan, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were shocked. Sea Demon Patriarch and all the clansmen of Sea Demon Clan however knelt down. They sensed the aura of their homeland and tears stream down their cheeks.

“Each fragment of Lost City might vary in shape and size, but their aura is the same, boy, memorize this aura.”

Octopus Empress paused and added, “As for your cultivation, it is indeed not up to much, if you encounter a powerful expert, you will not be able to take the fragment of Lost City even if you found it. How about this, for each fragment you bring back, I will give you a reward to improve your cultivation. As long as you work hard enough, not to mention Half Sage realm, even reaching Sage realm is not impossible.”

After shocking Ye Chuan and others with her great strength, Octopus Empress tossed out benefits. She used both stick and carrot ways to make Ye Chuan work to bones for her.

“Noble son Ye, agree her!” Sea Demon Patriarch urged. Seeing Ye Chuan was silent, he however couldn’t was impatient.

When the fragments of ancient Lost City had emerged on the sea surface, he found it difficult to control himself.

For Octopus Empress, gathering all the fragments of Lost City was the only way to free herself from her shackles. But, it was also very important for Sea Demon Clan. As long as all the fragments were collected, their racial holy land, Lost City, would emerge again. Then, regaining the former glory of their Sea Demon Clan wouldn’t just be a dream!

The sea demon warriors looked at Ye Chuan with expectation. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others however were different. They were nervous and worried in their heart. This Octopus Empress had such a heaven-defying cultivation level, but even she was unable to complete this task for so millions of years, this task naturally was incomparably dangerous. The remaining fragments might be buried deep in a dense forest no one knew or might already be in the hands of certain great experts, how could it be so easy to gather them?

“Well, Your Excellency Sea Emperor, I agree you, I will do my best to gather the fragments of Lost City for you, but……”

Ye Chuan paused and looked at Octopus Empress and added, “I don’t want any reward, I can breakthrough to Sage realm on my own someday, as long as you release Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao, I have nothing to ask.”

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

“Noble son Ye, don’t, don’t!”

Everyone was shocked. As for Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao who were still caught by Octopus Empress, their eyes were filled with tears.

“Hahaha, hahahaha……, boy, I truly didn’t expect that you are this kind of person!” Octopus Empress roared with laughter. Then, her complexion turned cold and lifted both Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao very high, “But, boy, do you have the qualification to bargain with me?”

“Your Excellency Sea Emperor, with your cultivation, you can easily kill them, and even all of us. But, if you think you can do whatever you want like this, then you are wrong.”

Ye Chuan indifferently replied, making a move that surprised everyone. He walked towards Octopus Empress while speaking. Old Demon of Mount Yin reached out to stop him, but he was a step too slow.

Walking over like this, wasn’t Ye Chuan just courting death?

Everyone became pale. Octopus Empress was also surprised and she lowered her tentacles that bound Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao.

“Your Excellency Sea Emperor, I will exchange a life for a life, let Jiajia and Xiaoniao go, I will be your hostage and let my subordinates gather the remaining fragments of Lost City for you, how about it?” Ye Chuan calmly took one step after another, getting closer and closer to Octopus Empress. Even in front of this Mid Sage realm peerless evil spirit, he didn’t show any fear.

“Boy, are you truly not afraid of death? Or, do you truly think that this lord doesn’t dare to kill you?”

Octopus Empress sneered and released her terrifying energy fluctuation. “This lord can kill you all and wait for another one hundred years for the next fated person. Boy, I am going you a way to live, but it seems that you are truly tired of living!”

Invisible gale suddenly blew the sands and people felt strong killing intent. In an instant, everyone including Diamond Ape King and others became very tense.

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