Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 562

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 562: The fragments of Lost City

After this peerless evil spirit transformed into a huge octopus form, everyone trembled.

Not to mention captured disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors, even Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon and others involuntarily shuddered.

From peak Daoist Master realm to Half Sage realm, there was a big gap, and from Half Sage realm to Sage realm, there was an even bigger gap.

If one encountered a half Sage realm expert, then the cooperation of several people might be able to put up a good fight, but if one encountered a Sage realm expert, then no matter the number, they were absolutely not the opponent, it was useless to even put up a fight. Not to mention encountering Mid Sage realm expert, she could crush all of them with her finger. Hundreds of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples and sea demon warriors captured alive were the fine example of this.

“Hahaha, boy, come! If you can reach within three meters of this lord, then I will consider it your win and spare all your lives, hahahaha……”

Octopus Empress laughed heartily and her tentacles wriggled. This frightened the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors so much that they screamed.

“Your Excellency……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others looked at Ye Chuan in unison. They looked tense.

This Octopus Empress was so powerful than it was impossible to defeat her, but if they rushed up together, then approaching within her three meters was possible.

The four experts were eager to give it a try, they toughen their scalp and prepared to rush up together. The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors also watch over in unison and closed their mouth. Now, their life and death were in the hands of Ye Chuan and others.

“Put away your weapons.”

Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Chuan didn’t step forward bravely and led these four experts to rush up. He instead took the initiative to put his Iron Blooded Banner away. It appeared as if he was actually taking the initiative to allow himself to be seized with his hands tied.

“Your Excellency, this……”

“Noble son Ye……”

Everyone was greatly surprised, regardless of Old Demon of Mount Yin or Sea Demon Patriarch, everyone exclaimed in fear.

Since the time they had went out to the seas, they had faced many dangers along the way. Ghost King Dusen, noble son Blacksnake, Blacksnake Demon God, Qing Tianhou……, which one was not extremely vicious? But, no matter how dangerous it was, when did Ye Chuan ever give up?

All along the way, no matter what dangers he faced, he had persisted gritted his teeth, but now, even though Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others were caught in front of him, Ye Chuan took the initiative to give up, allowing himself to be seized with his hands tied, this……

Everyone was caught unprepared, they looked shocked, disheartened and even incomparably disappointed.

In particular, Sea Demon Patriarch who was caught in a tentacle, he nearly lost his consciousness. He had requested Ye Chuan to go out to the seas and explore their racial holy land to have the aid of his strength. All along the way, Ye Chuan truly didn’t disappoint him, but at this last juncture, Ye Chuan however……

Sea Demon Patriarch felt like vomiting blood. Although this Octopus Empress was very powerful, how come he gave up without even trying to fight?

“Boy, are you afraid?”

Octopus Empress was also very surprised. She had already set up her posture and was waiting for Ye Chuan and others to rush up. She was prepared to display her might and make Ye Chuan and others taste the bitterness. But, who would have thought that Ye Chuan would take the initiative to put his weapon way? After thinking for a little while, Octopus Empress was still unreconciled and said, “Boy, why don’t you make a few moves? Okay, not three meters, if you can reach within seven meters of this lord, I will consider this your win, how about it?”

“Your Excellency Sea Emperor, is that so amusing? Speak, why on earth did you take great pains to attract us here?” Ye Chuan came straight to the point.

After Octopus Empress displayed her true form and true strength, Ye Chuan had already made the choice.

As a former Great Sage who once dominated the entire Wilderness World, no one knew better than him about how powerful a Sage realm expert was. Only another Half Sage realm expert can deal with a Half Sage realm. No matter how powerful a peak Daoist Master realm expert was, he was useless against a Half Sage realm. At best, he could only escape unscathed. As for a Sage realm expert, it was even more like that, only another Sage realm expert could deal with a Sage realm expert.  Thus, in front of this peerless evil spirit Octopus Empress, even with them five together, it was useless.

The strength of the other party was transcendent, this was one matter, but what made Ye Chuan give up this fight was the purpose of this Octopus Empress. This fellow was already so powerful, if she wanted to kill people, then Zhu Sijia and others would have already died, how could they still be alive? Similarly, she wanted to kill him, Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, then she would have attacked immediately! Since Octopus Empress hadn’t done so, she must have a purpose, or even a matter she wanted to ask!

Ye Chuan thought rapidly. When other people were shocked and fearful by the strength of Octopus Empress, he however was calmly guessing the purpose of this evil spirit.

“Hahaha, hahahaha……”

Octopus Empress laughed heartily. Her body shook and transformed back into her peerless beauty form. Now, her gaze looking at Ye Chuan had a hint of admiration, “Good, good, people who can come out from Reincarnation World truly has some capability. Although your cultivation is not up to much, far inferior to those two trapped in Reincarnation River, your head is much smarter, perhaps, you truly can complete a task for me, hahahaha……”

The eyes of Octopus Empress suddenly shone, and it appeared as if she could see through all secrets of Ye Chuan. In front of her, no one can hide any secrets. At that time, cold energy circulated within the body of Ye Chuan from head to toe, then it slowly faded away beside his eleventh Heaven Swallowing Talisman.

Sure enough, this evil spirit had something she wanted! The eyes of Ye Chuan lit up and he inwardly felt relieved. As long as this Octopus Empress had a demand, it was easy to handle this matter, “Your Excellency the Emperor, what is the task?”

“Gather all remaining fragments of Lost City, even one less won’t do!”

Octopus Empress said word by word. She looked solemn and ceased to smile, “Ye Chuan, was it? As long as you help this lord complete this task, I will release these two women, how about that?”

The Octopus Empress spoke as she released her tentacles. Numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors fell down. Some fell on the sandy beach and some directly fell into the river, but all of them hastily fled towards Ye Chuan, wanting to get as far away as possible from this Octopus Empress. Although Sea Demon Patriarch was oldest in age, his speed was the fastest. Now, only Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao were in the hands of Octopus Empress and she used them to threaten Ye Chuan.

“The fragments of Lost City?”

Ye Chuan looked at still badly shaken Sea Demon Patriarch. This was the first time he heard this information after breaking into this mountain shrouded in dense mist. So, he asked, “Isn’t this the Lost City? What do you mean by fragments? What exactly is going on here?”

It was practically impossible to win a direct battle, so Ye Chuan was forced to drag on while secretly thinking of ways to rescue Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao. But, at the same time, he was also curious about what was going on here. Sea Demon Patriarch who was standing behind him was also confused as if he also didn’t know what was going on with those so-called fragments of Lost City.

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