Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 561

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 561: Octopus Empress

The words of Ye Chuan greatly shocked everyone. Even Diamond Ape King was frightened.

Qing Tianhou was already powerful enough, but now they had to face an evil spirit that was even more powerful than him. What kind of existence was it? How could they deal with it?

The four experts simultaneously became pale, but after a while, with Ye Chuan leading in the front, they toughened their scalp and stepped into the dark tombpassage.

After they felt like heaven and earth were spinning, this group of five appeared on an island.

The island was full was fragrant flowers and lush trees. The air was also very fresh and it was surrounded by the seas as far as the eye could see. It was like a peerless paradise. Even the worldly spiritual qi was several times denser than outside. One could get twice the benefit with half the effort in cultivation. Countless cultivators of Overseas World wanted to find this kind of island and dreamed about living on such an island. But, Ye Chuan and others weren’t happy, they looked nervous and restless.

Not far away in the front, above a rock on the beach, there was a terrifying monster.

This was a woman. She was a devastating beauty with an angelic face and devilish figure. Her clothing was very thin. She was wearing a thin skintight battle robe and short leather skirt, revealing a pair of slender legs that were not any inferior to Zhu Sijia’s. Her skin was even whiter and smoother. Her curvy figure was very hot, but her hands made people feel chill down their spine. Her exposed arm appeared pretty good, but there were countless forks on her shoulders, resembling thousands of tentacles. And the tip of each tentacle bound a person. They were none other than Zhu Sijia and others.

“Big Senior Apprentice Brother, quickly run, don’t come!”

“Noble son Ye, noble son Ye……”

The disciples of Cloud Mist Sect and sea demon warriors caught in the hands of this peerless beauty shouted in succession. Some urged Ye Chuan to run away, and some watched Ye Chuan, waiting for him to save them. After taking a quick look around, Ye Chuan saw Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao, Sea Demoness Hai Lili, Little Long’er and others, and finally, he laid down his worries.

Although this situation was anything but reassuring, Zhu Sijia and others were still alive, this was not the worst moment yet.

“Hahaha, hahahaha……, boy, you truly broke in. Not bad, you have a bit of courage, but it’s too bad, courageous people generally don’t live long, hahahaha……”

The peerless beauty laughed heartily. And seeing her smiling appearance, the people caught in her hands trembled.

“Who exactly are you?”

Ye Chuan was shocked inwardly. This strange peerless beauty made him recall that tentacle monster he had encountered when he was exploring Outer World in the spirit form before and became even more restless. Old Demon of Mount Yin could also use his unique killer move to summon tens of thousands of vines similar to this evil spirit in front of them, but there was a huge gap in their combat power. Even then Old Demon of Mount Yin was insufficient to even put up a good fight.

“Hahaha, who am I? Boy, you have already broken into my grave but you still don’t know who this lord is?”

The peerless beauty laughed heartily and her figure suddenly swayed, then several tentacles flew towards Ye Chuan and others.

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others exclaimed and used their techniques to deal with these tentacles.

Diamond Ape King narrowed his eyes and moving to the side of Ye Chuan, he raised the Golden Rod and ferociously swung down, wanting to break these tentacles. But, beyond his imagination, not only these tentacles didn’t break, those tentacles bound his golden rod, then spread out to wrap his hands and legs.

Compared to the vines of Old Demon of Mount Yin, not only these tentacles were tougher, moreover, they were also very agile. She could truly control them freely like her arms. The hands and legs of Half Sage realm Diamond Ape King were instantly bound. Fortunately, at that moment, before those tentacles could make any other move, Rain Demon and others rushed over.

Plague Archfiend instantly transformed into his true Three Eyed Toad form, and opening his mouth wide, he spat out a mouthful of his essence magic flame to burn a tentacle; at the same time, Rain Demon holding a sharp showed also rushed over and chopped off a tentacle; the other two tentacles were chopped off by Ye Chuan and Old Demon of Mount Yin.

“Your tentacles are so powerful, but take a look at this lord’s unique skill, kakaka……”

Old Demon of Mount Yin laughed and used his unique killer move. Then, hundreds of thousands of vines appeared and whistled towards that peerless beauty, initiating the counterattack. Ye Chuan wanted to stop him in his heart, but it was already too late.

“Trifling skill, just a vine demon but you also wants to be wanton here!”

The beautiful woman sneered and took a step forward. At that time, Ye Chuan and others noticed that a black rune chain bound her each leg, and the other end of that rune chain disappeared into the sea. But, they didn’t have any time to think more, they saw this beauty grabbing the empty air and all vines stopped in midair.

Buzz! A hint of red light flashed through the sky.

Ye Chuan used Dragon Slaying Flying Sword without any hesitation to chop off the vines of Old Demon of Mount Yin. If Ye Chuan was a little slower in making a move, this peerless beauty might have crushed him.

Old Demon of Mount Yin who desired to see the world plunged into chaos in former days suddenly became pale.

Just a moment ago when that peerless beauty had made a move, he had no power to resist. Compared to Qing Tianhou, this peerless beauty whose legs were bound with rune chains was many times more powerful!

“She is not Half Sage realm, absolutely not, Your……, Your Excellency, she is a Sage realm heaven-defying evil spirit……” Old Demon of Mount Yin muttered. He was very frightened.

In Five Fingered Buddhist Cave, he originally was just a small vine demon, but in his long life, he had seen many powerful beings. He was very knowledgeable, thus he quickly understood how terrifying this peerless beauty was.

Ye Chuan remained silent. He put away Dragon Slaying Flying Sword and took out Iron Blooded Banner. Although the energy fluctuation of this peerless beauty appeared weak, just looking at her eyes, the glabella of Ye Chuan twitched and the Cyan Lotus Lamp within his body also got hotter. He knew that this was a very powerful evil spirit.

“Hahaha, hahahaha, you all are somewhat knowledgeable, but, even if you all are knowledgeable, nothing change, obediently allow yourselves to be seized with your hands tied and receive death, hahahaha……”

The peerless woman heartily laughed and her body started to shake. After a moment, she transformed into a huge octopus. This form was far bigger than the true form of Plague Archfiend Abasi and Diamond Ape King, moreover, the energy fluctuation she emitted now was even more heaven-defying. It rose sharply to a terrifying level. In the blink of an eye, just the invisible air blast made all five of them step back in succession. They were unable to even stand stably.

Sure enough, she was a Sage realm expert!

No, accurately speaking, Mid Sage realm!

This was a Mid Sage realm octopus monster, was the true overlord of the seas, was Octopus Empress!

Ye Chuan turned pale with fright and his heartbeat involuntarily accelerated as he recalled the three words ‘Sea Emperor Grave’ carved on the stone tablet. He finally understood the true identity of this evil spirit. But, how to deal with this ferocious evil spirit?

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