Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 56

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 56: Inheritance

“Yi Yanzi, this is a fine name, are you a person of Scorching Sun Sect?” Ye Chuan asked, and vaguely recalled that millions of years ago, there seemed to exist such sect in the Wilderness World, and the powers they had antagonized with were not few. This All Compassing Scorching Such Technique was the technique he had seized from a formidable opponent of Scorching Sun Sect.

“Yes, noble son, you……”

Flame Devil nodded his head, and stammered, then hesitating for a while, he asked, “Noble son, how did you know about our Scorching Sun Sect? Furthermore, this All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique……”

The thin booklet in his hand where All Compassing Scorching Such Technique was recorded was ordinary, and he could even smell a trace of fresh smell of ink. This obviously was written not long ago. Flame Devil was confused in his heart, no need to mention about Ye Chuan who was famous as a mediocre person in the entire Cloud Mist mountain range in former days, even the elders of Cloud Mist Sect also might not necessarily have heard about his sect Scorching Sun Sect, but how did Ye Chuan know? This real All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique, from where did it come?

“Reading book.”

Ye Chuan answered, indifferently saying two words, making Flame Devil instantly understand in his heart.

Although Cloud Mist Sect was steadily deteriorating, and was experiencing Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect’s suppressing, furthermore might even be thoroughly expelled out from the Cloud Mist mountain range, but it after all had very long inheritance, and was a rare ancient sect of Da Qin Dynasty. The number of experts within the sect was not few, moreover had an all-inclusive vast collection of books, which was something far from what Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect, this type of new sects could compare. And as a Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of the sect, the status of Ye Chuan was aloof, and he had sect master Yun Feiwu’s Purple Cloud Peak and Purple Cloud Courtyard all for himself, therefore was able to read many ancient books that an average person would never be able to come into contact throughout their life.

“Noble son is wise, when young, you didn’t focus solely on cultivation, but read many books too, so as to lay the strong foundation to soar and conquer in the future. The inheritance of Cloud Mist Sect is long, all people said that noble son is a mediocre person, and still hasn’t broken through to Xiushi realm, but little did they realize that noble son is already well-read, and has extraordinary insight. In the future, the person that can truly inherit Cloud Mist Sect and unite the entire sect is only noble son.”

Flame Devil admired Ye Chuan in his heart, and even more felt that his decision to stay beside Ye Chuan was very wise. Who cannot cultivate, and who cannot risk their life to train, but cultivating as well as being well-read while young in age, this was visionary and sagacious!

“Uniting Cloud Mist Sect, this actually is nothing……” Ye Chuan muttered to himself, and became somewhat absent-minded. Then he suddenly recalled those years when the founder of Cloud Mist Sect, Ghost Hand Medicinal King was beside him.

An expert of the later stage of Daoist Master realm can select to enter Da Qin Dynasty’s Many People Hall, enjoying the dynasty’s offerings.

An expert of peak Daoist Master realm can select to enter Da Qin Dynasty’s Many People Hall, obtaining the marquis title.

As for an expert of Sage realm, they are aloof existence, even the Da Qing King would want to perform disciple rite.

To the numerous disciples, protectors and elders of Cloud Mist Sect, inheriting sect and uniting its land was their earnest wish. That signifies becoming a peak Daoist Master realm, or even a super character of Sage realm, enjoying the supreme position and infinite glory. But to Ye Chuan, this basically was nothing. In his prime when he was able to conceal heaven with his hand, Blue Eyed Yao Empress, Ghost Hand Medicinal King and others followers beside him, who among them were not Sage realm expert?

“Noble son, noble son, did you say something?” Flame Devil asked. He had vaguely heard the muttering of Ye Chuan, but he had only heard a noise, so he wasn’t able to clearly hear what Ye Chuan had said.

Ye Chuan came back to his sense, then indifferently said, “It’s nothing, Yi Yanzi, how is your body feeling now?”

“Much better, thank you, noble son, merely……” Flame Devil gripped All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique with anxiety and said: “Merely, in short term, I cannot fight with people, and this old slave fears that I will not be able to help you, noble son. Moreover Great Competition is about to begin, and Black Cauldron Sect and Five Style Sect clearly showed that they wanted to go into the battle with noble son, and they definitely have bad intention, this……”

“Rest assured, since I readily agreed to it, I naturally have a way to deal with it. You only need to focus on nursing your injuries in the mountain.” Ye Chuan replied.

“Well, then this old slave is relieved.”

Even after seeing Ye Chuan’s expression of having a well thought-out plan, although Flame Devil was still worried in his heart, but he didn’t speak that out. And after pausing for a bit, he said: “In addition, these past few days, when walking about in Purple Cloud Peak and calmly cultivating, I always feel ill at ease. From behind the mountain, I often feel the dangerous aura. That aura is very dangerous, and also is increasingly getting intense, as if a peerless monster is about to break the seal and come out. Noble son, what’s going on?”

After staying in Purple Cloud Peak for the short time, Flame Devil sensed the dangerous aura of Evil Dragon Abyss which was located in the mountain behind Cloud Mist Sect. Following the instruction of Ye Chuan, he didn’t easily go down the mountain to see what it actually was, but his heart increasingly became restless.

“That is an abyss located in the mountain behind, Evil Dragon Abyss. It is said that, an ancient evil dragon is sealed under it, but I also don’t know what specifically is going on.”

Ye Chuan answered, then raising his head, he looked towards the mountain that was enveloped with boundlessly thick fog, and said, “Rest assured, the inheritance of Cloud Mist Sect is long, although the sect is deteriorating steadily, but the fate is not absolute. Even if that peerless monster inside Evil Dragon Abyss rushes out, there naturally are powerful hidden experts of the sect to deal with it. The disaster will not reach us, ordinary people. The hour is already late, let’s go, return back to Purple Cloud Courtyard!”

Ye Chuan instructed, then quickly left with Flame Devil, going straight towards the tallest peak of Cloud Mist Sect, Purple Cloud Peak.

Leaving God Burial Valley after millions of years, Ye Chuan had his reason in selecting to live in Cloud Mist Sect, and no other place.

This sect was established by his most faithful follower Ghost Hand Medicinal King, moreover in those years, he had also spent a lot of painstaking effort. The towering peaks inside the sect were moved over to here from far away using his technique in those time. The grasses, trees, mountains and rivers inside the sect, he was more familiar to them compared to all the current people of the sect. From a piece of sect’s inscribed board to mountain peaks, he clearly understood them, and the memories before he was trapped in the God Burial Valley was also here.

Moreover he had never forgotten anything about many ancient restrictions of the sect, which were currently unknown to everyone in the sect. A single grass and a single tree of here gave him a familiar feeling. And the strange things were, there was no Ghost Hand Medicinal King inside the sect, and those group of as if wolf and tiger like protectors of former days were also missing.

Who was that green robed person he had accidentally met beside Evil Dragon Abyss recently? Seventh Elder, is there such a person inside the sect?

Ye Chuan suddenly recalled that green robed person he had encountered when he had gone to survey Evil Dragon Abyss for the first time. And until now, he was the only person Ye Chuan was not able to see through within the sect. Not only the identity of the other was unknown, Ye Chuan was unable to see through even his cultivation realm. This kind of person was very dangerous, fortunately, Ye Chuan didn’t sense any hostility from that person.

After returning to the Cloud Mist Sect, he no longer worried about the attack of yao beast and the hunt of Old Monster Tong Bi. Ye Chuan and Flame Devil relaxed greatly. But, after arriving at the foot of the Purple Cloud Peak, just when they were about to go up the mountain, Ye Chuan who was walking in the front suddenly stopped his steps, and a thick murderous intent directly hit his face.

A white robed youngster with a long sword on his back, don’t know when but was standing in front, blocking the path of Ye Chuan and Flame Devil.

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