Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 557

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 557: Devilish nature

“How to jump? You don’t need to care about it, leave it to me.”

The voice of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng transmitted out from the Wheel of Imprisonment, and slowly added, “The matter you promised me, did you consider it carefully? That crazy woman White Haired Heavenly Empress Zhao Tianbi however isn’t easy to deal with.”

“No matter how powerful White Haired Heavenly Empress is, she will not be able to stop my steps. If I cannot save Zixia from under the Heavenly Yao Peak, then I am not a man!” Ye Chuan replied without any hesitation.

After learning Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia was suppressed under Heavenly Yao Peak, he was angrier than anyone else.

Like Cloud Mist Sect, Heavenly Yao Sect had a deep relation with him. At that time, when Deacon Hou Shan, Elder Tianqing and others had made things difficult and humiliated him during the time he had gone to Heavenly Yao Sect to borrow Heaven Burning Furnace, he had a thought to destroy Heavenly Yao Sect and eradicate it by roots, but after considering the old friendship with Blue Eyed Yao Empress, the founder of Heavenly Yao Sect, he was lenient. But now that White Haired Heavenly Empress had actually gone crazy and suppressed Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia under Heavenly Yao Peak never to see the sun again, they can’t blame him!

“Hahaha, good, boy, come, this lordship will give you a helping him, jump over!”

State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng roared with laughter, and without waiting for the reply of Ye Chuan, he suddenly released his powerful cultivation. Instantly, the golden light of the Wheel of Imprisonment rose sharply and a hint of cyan light shot out from inside it and entered Ye Chuan’s body. The latter trembled and his energy fluctuation multiplied. After that hint of cyan light entered his body, it transformed into unparalleled energy. This energy was very pure.

This was the origin energy of a peak expert, was the energy essence of a super expert!

Ye Chuan was excited as he quickly understood what was going on. Originally, he had many doubts. He didn’t know how Jiang Tunsheng would help him, wondered how he knew the method to cross this Reincarnation River, and also didn’t know what exactly the relation between Hong Zixia and him was, but he didn’t have time to clarify them. The energy that entered into his body, not only it sharply increased his strength in a short moment, his physical body was also pushed to the limit of endurance and he began trembling. He even had the impulse to attack his next bottleneck and breakthrough to peak Daoist Master realm, otherwise with such an excessive amount of energy, his body would explode.

“What are you waiting for, jump!”

Jiang Tunsheng roared. His voice exploded in the ears of Ye Chuan.

The blood-red wings on the back of Ye Chuan flapped rapidly as he crazily circulated all eleven Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, then exerting all his strength of the tip of his toes, he jumped, breaking the binding of the restriction.

At the end of Reincarnation Path, the restriction was especially powerful, making one’s body very heavy, but, with the help of Jiang Tunsheng, Ye Chuan was able to jump high!

Standing on the shoulder of a giant, one could stand higher and look farther. And with a giant using all his strength to support, one could create greater brilliance!

In his past life when he concealed the heaven, even ordinary Sage realm experts wouldn’t enter his eyes, in addition, he had Blue Eyed Yao Empress, Ghost Hand Medicinal King and other followers, who were also not ordinary people. In this life, he however needed to start from scratch and cultivate again, and now, even a peak Half-Sage realm experts like Jiang Tunsheng were a giant, were a high mountain that he could only look up to in the cultivation path for the current him!

The higher he got in the air, the greater the pressure. Under the help of Jiang Tunsheng, Ye Chuan soared, rapidly feeling the pressure coming from the restrictions of Reincarnation World. But, with the inertia of jumping high, landing on the other side of this Reincarnation River was not a problem.

A dazzling golden light suddenly came from not far away, and yet another Wheel of Imprisonment rose from Reincarnation River. It moved towards Ye Chuan as a cold voice resounded, “Humph, jumping over just like this, do you ask this Lord Hou first?”

Qing Tianhou!

Qing Tianhou who evenly matched or even surpassed Jiang Tunsheng suddenly appeared, wanting to attack Ye Chuan!

After the Seven-Colored Flying Swan Sword was taken by State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng, these two experts had left the Flying Fish World while chasing one another. Then, they had broken into this Reincarnation World, and both were trapped in the Wheels of Imprisonment. Upon seeing the arrival of Ye Chuan, Jiang Tunsheng had lent a helping hand, but at the critical moment, Qing Tianhou however had suddenly made a fatal move. His timing was perfect, the vast amount of energy within the body of Ye Chuan was just exhausted.

“Qing Tianhou, you dare?”

Jiang Tunsheng was furious. Since he couldn’t use Emperor’s Bow under the confinement of the Wheel of Imprisonment, he just used all his strength to move this Wheel of Imprisonment, wanting to collide with Qing Tianhou.

Bang, the two Wheels of Imprisonment ferociously collided with each other. It was quick and fierce. It seemed that even though they were trapped in this Reincarnation River, they were contending against each other. They had collided many times and were equally matched. But now, Jiang Tunsheng was clearly in the disadvantage and was sent flying away. One had exhausted a large amount of energy to help Ye Chuan and the other was secretly preparing to make a fatal move, one could well imagine who would have an upper hand.

“Hahaha, Jiang Tunseng, since you want to help this brat, this Lord Hou will not let you have your way and kill him, hahahaha……”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter. His Wheel of Imprisonment only paused for a moment, then rapidly rushed forward to collide against Ye Chuan. His speed was so amazing that there were sonic booms. If he collided directly against Ye Chuan, then he would definitely be crushed into a meat-pie!

The blood-red wings on the back of Ye Chuan suddenly flapped and his falling body was raised half a meter up, narrowly avoiding the whistling Wheel of Imprisonment. Immediately afterward, he stepped on this Wheel of Imprisonment and jumped forward again and safely landed on the other side of Reincarnation River.

Qing Tianhou made his Wheel of Imprisonment make a turn and ferociously rushed towards Ye Chuan again, but just before it was about to collide against Ye Chuan, it was blocked by the restriction of Reincarnation River.

After being trapped in the Wheel of Imprisonment, Qing Tianhou was still unsettled, he rushed left and right, but he was confined within the limit of this Reincarnation River of mist and smoke. Even though he violently struggled to rush to the shore, it was impossible. Although his peak Half Sage realm cultivation base was very powerful, compared to the ancestor of Sea Demon Clan who had laid the restriction here, there was obviously a big gap.

“Your Excellency State Teacher, is there anything I can do to help you free from this imprisonment?” Ye Chuan asked, looking at Jiang Tunsheng floating up and down the Reincarnation River. After jumping over this Reincarnation River, the time and space gate was right in front of him. But, he didn’t immediately leave, rather thought the ways to help Jiang Tunsheng. Although the latter was powerful, it seemed that it was difficult to struggle free from this imprisonment. He wondered how long he will be trapped here, or even might die in this place after losing all vitality.

“Don’t worry about me, I have my own way. When I breakthrough to Sage realm, I can break this binding and free myself.” Jiang Tunsheng replied.

“Hahaha, what a wishful thinking, Jiang Tunsheng, it will be this Lord Hou that will make a breakthrough first. At that time, the first thing I do will be kill you, hahahaha……” Qing Tianhou laughed. Since he was unable to kill Ye Chuan, he turned to Jiang Tunsheng, this old enemy. Although they were trapped in the Wheels of Imprisonment, he was still arrogant and filled with killing intent.

“Qing Tianhou, you are the one who is having a wishful thinking. In the next three years, if I am unable to breakthrough to Sage realm, then Daqin King will definitely come to save him, but what about you? Who will come to save you? Can you breakthrough to Sage realm in three years?” Jiang Tunsheng coldly looked at Qing Tianhou and said. He then no longer fought a meaningless battle with him, instead, he took out the Seven-Colored Flying Swan Sword he had obtained in Flying Fish World and began to refine it. After refining this peerless treasure, not only he would recover his lost vitality, he might even press on to make a breakthrough, becoming the foremost expert of Wilderness World!

The complexion of Qing Tianhou suddenly became pale. He then furiously glared at Ye Chuan and made the Wheel of Imprisonment sunk into the Reincarnation River to cultivate quietly. If it was not for Ye Chuan, the 18 Demongods Banner of golden sarcophagus and that Eternal Demonic Vermilion Flower would have been his, like that, even Jiang Tunsheng refined the Seven-Colored Flying Swan Sword, he would still be behind, and how could he still be so passive?

The corpses of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples all along the way and the tragic death of Tuoba Xiong had made Ye Chuan filled with dense killing intent. He vowed to kill this great devil Qing Tianhou one day. Similarly, Qing Tianhou also hated Ye Chuan to death. Now he could only gnash his teeth and endure, but, he would breakthrough to Sage realm one day, then Jiang Tunsheng would be the first person he would kill, and then it would be Ye Chuan’s turn!

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