Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 555

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 555: One step, one reincarnation

After struggling in his heart for a while, the old devil Hei Kui unwillingly admitted the defeat and began walking in the front with a miserable complexion. Naturally, Ye Chuan also wouldn’t let him easily fall in danger. He tied his body with Dragon Trapping Whip so that he could immediately pull him back if something happened. After he was tied by this Dragon Trapping Whip, this old devil Hei Lui felt a lot better. Moreover, he was not the unluckiest one as nine Evil Eyed Cow Demons were in front of him.

Under the direction of Ye Chuan, the first Evil Eyed Cow Demon stepped into the reincarnation path, then the second, then third……

And after seeing these Evil Eyed Cow Demons were fine, the old devil Hei Kui and Ye Chuan also stepped into this reincarnation path. With so many Evil Eyed Cow Demons in the front, they were at ease as they would be able to avoid unknown dangers. But, just after stepping into the reincarnation path, Ye Chuan felt something was wrong. For a moment, he found it hard to breathe and his consciousness blurred. He felt as if he passed through countless time and space tunnel and finally arrived in ancient times. He had become a servant responsible for raising a horse in a big residence. And he didn’t know what wrong he did, he was suffering the punishment of the master. Under the ruthless lashing of a tough horsewhip, he felt great pain as his flesh cracked.


This is an illusion!

Ye Chuan suddenly woke up and discovered that he had already stepped into the reincarnation path. That big residence, ferocious master and terrifying horsewhip had already disappeared. The nine Evil Eyed Cow Demons were still slowly walking forward. But, he could feel tears at the corner of his eyes.

That was not an illusion, rather the spirit had truly passed through time, returning to the previous incarnation.

Ye Chuan touched the tears at the corner of his eyes and was greatly shocked.

At that time, he heard the sound of crying. The old devil Hei Kui who was walking in front of him was in tears. Clearly, he was immersed in the sorrow of his previous incarnation.

Ye Chuan tuggled the Dragon Trapping Whip, waking up this old devil.

“Hei Kui, tell me, how was your previous incarnation? Don’t tell me that you were a little girl violated by others for crying so sadly?” Ye Chuan teased while directing Evil Eyed Cow Demons to stop.

“I dreamed of my previous incarnation, I truly was a little girl and I saw my mother. She laid me on a cradle and continuously swayed it. In this life, I once was able to summon rain and wind with my Puppet Technique, but I have never seen my mother, so……” The old devil said with red eyes. If Ye Chuan hadn’t helped him, then he might have truly lost himself in his previous incarnation until his soul dispersed. But, after he woke up, he could no longer feel the warmth of the mother. That was something he had never felt in this life, which made him sorrowful.

“Do you still want to continue walking ahead?” Ye Chuan asked, no longer teasing this old devil.

“Your Excellency, what do you say?”

The old devil made a bitter smile. Who was Ye Chuan? If there was another option, then would he have taken such risk?

“Well, then continue, discard all distractions and focus on our true purpose.”

Ye Chuan then commanded nine Evil Eyed Cow Demons to continue walking forward. And taking a step forward again, he took out the wind chime from his Cyan Lotus Space. Come to speak of it, there was something odd, they had nearly lost themselves in their previous incarnations, but the Evil Eyed Cow Demons walking in the front were completely fine. It seemed that it was better to have lower intelligence here as they would not be affected by the restriction of this reincarnation path.

After taking a step forward, his spirit became blurred again. This time, he found that he was a brave soldier with a sword charging towards a centaur yao beasts. He beheaded one with one slash, but at the same time, the spear of another centaur pierced his chest. Instantly, his body shook and he neither felt pain nor heard the loud battle cries of the battlefield. Even his soul seemed to fly out of his body……

A clear and melodious ringing sound suddenly resounded, and Ye Chuan slowly came back to his senses. Looking around, that battlefield with rivers of blood had already disappeared. He was still in the reincarnation path. Merely, he still felt stabbing pain in his chest. Thus, he removed his clothing and looked. He saw a red spot on his chest as if he was truly injured just a moment ago.

One grave one world, one step one reincarnation! If one was lost in the reincarnation world, then one might never wake up!

The heart of Ye Chuan turned cold and after directing Evil Eyed Cow Demon to stop, he tugged the Dragon Trapping Whip, waking up the old devil Hei Kui who was still lost in the reincarnation world. Ye Chuan didn’t know what this old devil encountered this time, but he looked deathly pale and his eyes were filled with terror.

“Hei Kui, return to Cyan Lotus Space and cultivate well.” Ye Chuan pulled back Dragon Trapping Whip, preparing to put Hei Kui away.

“Your Excellency, then wouldn’t you……” The old devil Hei Kui looked at Ye Chuan with worries.

If he stayed in Cyan Lotus Space, then he wouldn’t need to personally take risks, but Ye Chuan would be by himself. If by chance, Ye Chuan fell in danger, then who would help him?

“No problem, I have my means, you just cultivate well and rebuild your fleshy body as soon as possible!” Ye Chuan calmly said as he had already understood the dangers of this reincarnation path. One step one reincarnation, the key point was he couldn’t lose his spirit. Although Hei Kui was experienced, he was clearly not helpful in his place, so it was meaningless to make him walk in the front.

“Your Excellency, then, take care of yourself!”

The old devil also knew what was going on. Not only he was unable to help Ye Chuan, he had even become a burden, so after bowing, he transformed into a wisp of cyan light and entered into Cyan Lotus Space. Now, in front of Ye Chuan, there were only nine Evil Eyed Cow Demons.

Ding, ding, ding, Ye Chuan swayed the wind chime on his hand and directed nine Evil Eyed Cow Demons to advance. And taking a step forward again, he returned to another previous incarnation again. And every time when his spirit was going to get lost, the wind chime in his hand would ring and bring him back. This time, this windchime given to him by the cyan robed Seventh Elder played a vital role again.

Who exactly is that cyan robed Seventh Elder?

What kind of treasure is this wind chime?

And how is Cloud Mist Sect doing now?

Ye Chuan had a lot of questions and his desire to return to Cloud Mist Sect became stronger. With the help of the wind chime, he walked out of those absurd dreams again and again as he gradually advanced on this reincarnation path.

Now, he didn’t know how much time had passed, perhaps, only an incense stick worth of time had passed or several months, but Ye Chuan discovered that he had subconsciously arrived at the end of the reincarnation path. Sure enough, there was a time and space gate shining with golden light just one hundred meters away. He could leave this dangerous Reincarnation World stepping into it. But, to enter this time and space gate, he must first pass through a long river of mist and smoke. This river had suddenly appeared here, he could neither see the origin of this river nor where this river was heading. But, there were three single-planked bridges with a stone tablet at their side. On those stone tablets, three words, ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ were carved. The air was also filled with heavy pressure, and after arriving here, even using Remex Armguard with all his strength, he was unable to fly. He could only choose one of the three bridges.

Past, present, future, which bridge should he choose?

The past represented past incarnations, the present represented this life, and the future represented later future incarnations. If he could only choose one, then did he want to live the past, live in the present or live in the future?

Ye Chuan stood still. He was perplexed for a moment. He didn’t know what to choose.

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