Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 554

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 554: Reincarnation Path

After burying the corpse of Tuoba Xiong, Ye Chuan continued to advance.

After the sand dune, the mist was a little thinner and one could feel the wind.

At this time, Ye Chuan discovered that this Reincarnation World was a vast desert. Other than a few small shrubs, there was not even a blade of grass. There were many rocks, but their shape was irregular after being subject to the wind and sand for unknown numbers of years.

Ye Chuan advanced towards the south direction, and all along the way, he found corpses of sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. The number of causalities among them was a lot higher compared to all previous five ancient grave worlds combined. In order to lure intruders to this sixth ancient grave world, Sea Demon Patirarch had paid a heavy price.

Since the mist was a little thinner, Ye Chuan increased his speed again, and Six Winged Cicada flew wildly in the front. He encountered more and more corpses along the way. In the beginning, he stopped to carefully examine these corpses, but later, he was already numb. He just took a quick glance and rushed forward. And after crossing a river that was already dried long ago, he suddenly stopped.

On the side of this dried river, there was a wilted old willow tree. A handkerchief was hung on one of its branches. Ye Chuan could sense a familiar aura from this handkerchief.

“This is……, Jiajia’s handkerchief!”

Ye Chuan picked up this handkerchief and sniffed it. A familiar fragrance entered into his nose and penetrated his heart. He was sure that this was the smell of Zhu Sijia without a doubt. This faint fragrance was already engraved in the heart of Ye Chuan during the usual interaction with Zhu Sijia. He looked all over this handkerchief and saw bloodstains on it.

Is Zhu Sijia injured?

Ye Chuan put this handkerchief in his bosom and accelerated forward.

Tuoba Xiong was dead, and this Reincarnation World in itself was very dangerous, but Qing Tianhou was even more dangerous. If Zhu Sijia and others were caught up by Qing Tianhou, then he feared that no one would survive among them!

Recalling the strength and ruthlessness of Qing Tianhou, Ye Chuan felt chill, and he sped up, fearing he would be late. If he could, then he would rather meet Qing Tianhou alone in the wilderness. He was unwilling to place Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others in danger.

He noticed more and more traces of Zhu Sijia and others. Now, he could even sense their lingering aura. But, even after running wildly for a while, he was still unable to see their figures. After breaking into this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, they had never been so close before, but since he was still unable to see their figures, he was particularly anxious.

Ye Chuan ran forward while yelling. He crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and emitted his majestic energy fluctuation. He didn’t care about revealing his whereabouts and shouted the names of Zhu Sijia and others. He also provoked Qing Tianhou, wanting to attract the attention of the latter.

The mist was still dense. And even after running wildly for half an hour, he still saw no nothing. He neither caught up to Zhu Sijia and others nor encountered Qing Tianhou. But, he still continued to run forward wildly and suddenly stooped when a burst of wind blew over.

More than a thousand meters ahead, the dense mist slowly dispersed and revealed a path paved with bluestones. Both sides of this path were filled with dense mist. Unlike other places, the mist here was black in color and he could sense dangerous fluctuation in it. Clearly, there were terrifying restrictions. This path was even more dangerous than the Demonic Dragon Path with deadly poison mist on both sides in Demonic Dragon Paradise Realm.

At the entrance of this bluestone path, there was a stone tablet with two words ‘Reincarnation Path’ carved on it. At the end of this path, one could vaguely see a golden light flickering in the dense mist. It was like something was continuously moving in the midst of this dense mist. And listening carefully, one could vaguely hear strange groans.

Reincarnation World, Reincarnation Path, embarking on this path might make one enter the reincarnation!

Ye Chuan was solemn and he couldn’t help becoming nervous.

The seven ancient graves marked on the Sea Demon Mark, one was more dangerous than others. This reincarnation path in front of him looked peaceful, but the restriction fluctuation filled the air. The restriction here was very profound, even Ye Chuan was unable to comprehend anything. And after careful observation, just outside the bluestone path, he noticed many messy footprints and even broken Dragon Headed Flying Crossbows and command tablets of Sea Demon Clan. Clearly, Zhu Sijia and others were ahead. They had already entered this dangerous reincarnation path. At the other end of this reincarnation path, it was very likely that there was a time and space gate to leave this Reincarnation World. Like the previous five ancient grave worlds, there was a life gate. If one was lucky enough, one would be able to leave with life, but one was not lucky, then one would die here and enter reincarnation.

Now, a difficult choice was placed in front of Ye Chuan.

Even with the knowledge of his previous life when he was Heaven Concealing Great Sage, he was still unable to comprehend the restriction of this place, so rushing in was very dangerous; but if he wanted to catch up to Zhu Sijia and others and wanted to leave this Reincarnation World, then he had only this path in front of him.

A cyan light flashed as Ye Chuan summoned a group of Evil Eyed Cow Demons from his Cyan Lotus Space. He then summoned puppet doll Hui Kui too.

Facing this unfathomable and dangerous reincarnation path, Ye Chuan quickly made a decision. Regardless of anything, he had to enter this dangerous path in front of him, but he was also unwilling to be reckless.

Ye Chuan who had restarted cultivation after getting out of God Burial Valley with great difficulty was lucky all along the way. But, he didn’t believe in luck, he only believed in absolute strength and calmness. Moreover, compared to others, he had a unique advantage. He could let numerous yao beasts explore the path first.

“Re……, reincarnation path, Your……, Your Excellency, what is this place?” The puppet doll Hei Kui looked around, and seeing the words carved on the stone tablet, his eyes were filled with panic. Don’t talk about anything else, just these worlds were already frightening enough.

“Nothing, it’s just a bluestone path. And at the other end of this path, there is a portal to leave this place. If you are lucky enough, you can leave this place with your life, but if you are unlucky, then you can say goodbye to this miserable life and enter the reincarnation.”

Ye Chuan explained briefly. He had already calmed down, but the puppet doll Hei Kui on the other side was trembling in fear. Although his face had no chance in expression, forever was smiling, his eyes however were filled with fear and he subconsciously retreated.

He was so pitiful. In the Evil Dragon Abyss located at the back mountain of Cloud Mist Sect, his fleshy body was destroyed and he was forced to use his unique technique to attach his soul in this wooden puppet doll, becoming neither ghost nor a person. In an average person was in his place, then he might have already fallen apart and committed suicide. But, he stubbornly gritted his teeth and held on for tens of thousands of years. He never gave up and hoped to rebuild his own body and regain his freedom someday. But, if he stepped into this reincarnation path, then even as a puppet doll, he might lose his life, so he was very afraid.

“Your……, Your Excellency, I am a little dizzy. Recently, I seemed to have a problem in my cultivation, making my qi deviate. It is better to put me back into the Cyan Lotus Space.” The old devil Heikui said to Ye Chuan looking very miserable. Seeing this situation was anything but reassuring, he didn’t want to step into this reincarnation path and immediately started to retreat.

Every time Ye Chuan summoned him, they were always in a bad situation. He knew what was going on just after looking around. He didn’t want to explore ahead like before as the next step might truly take him to the next reincarnation. Other than these dumb Evil Eyed Cow Demons, who would dare to walk in the front?

“Okay, no problem, but if I met an accident, then we both can enter the reincarnation cycle together.” Ye Chuan nodded his head. The complexion of the old devil Hei Kui however turned green.

He might not encounter any danger if he hid in the Cyan Lotus Space, but if Ye Chuan was killed, then Ye Chuan might enter the reincarnation cycle, but he might not even have the chance to enter the reincarnation cycle!

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