Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 553

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 553: Hero of the generation

At this moment, the mist was so dense that almost nothing could be seen beyond three meters away. It was very dangerous to flying rapidly in such condition. One might accidentally fall into a trap, or even might crash onto a hard cliff. But thinking about the dangerous situation of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others, Ye Chuan couldn’t afford to waste time. He used Cyan Feather Technique and rapidly flapped his blood-red wings to fly forward at lightning speed. Naturally, for just in case, he summoned Six Winged Golden Cicada and make this little fellow fly in the front to explore the path ahead.

He didn’t know how big this Reincarnation Grave was, but even after running wildly for a good while, he was unable to see anything. There was just dense mist everywhere. All along the way, he called out the names of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao, Little Long’er and others, but there was no response as if they had already gone far away or they had already left this world or had encountered a mishap.

The complexion of Ye Chuan tightened and his heart sunk further. He then crazily circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, and while advancing ahead, he spread out his divine sense without any hesitation. But, even after using all his strength, his divine sense only covered less than ten meters. In addition, an unfathomable energy fluctuation rippled in the air. Clearly, this entire Reincarnation World was shrouded by an ultra large restriction, which intentionally restrained the divine sense of intruders.

At that moment, Six Winged Golden Cicada flying ahead suddenly stopped and then its extremely thin wings rapidly vibrated. This was the sign that this little fellow had encountered danger and it was preparing to attack.

Ye Chuan also stopped and looked ahead. He could see nothing but dense mist around, but his glabella twitched as he similarly felt danger. His heartbeat also accelerated.

Is there an ambush in the front? Or, a trap? Or, an ancient restriction?

Ye Chuan didn’t dare to be careless. He quickly took out Iron Blooded Banner and brandished it. Then the dense mist finally became a little thinner and a shocking scene appeared in front of him.

A hundred meters away in the front, there was a sand dune with a loose quicksand. Below the quicksand, there were sharp iron thorns, and their sharp tips looked dark blue, clearly a deadly poison was smeared on them.

This is a trap, a deadly trap!

Since the dense mist was limiting the sight, it would be hard to notice this trap and once one stepped into this trap, then it would be almost impossible to escape alive.

Ye Chuan thanked his luck for noticing this trap in advance. But, just these iron thorns and deadly poison were nothing, one could feel a peculiar energy fluctuation which made one’s body feel especially heavy after approaching this trap. It seems there furthermore was a powerful restriction in this vicinity of this sand dune. On this sand dune, there were many corpses. Some were just skeletons that had died unknown numbers of years ago, and some had died just some time ago and were still dripping with blood. Their attire was different, some of them were loose cultivators and devils and some were sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect.

“Eh, that……, isn’t that……”

Ye Chuan took a few step forward and suddenly exclaimed with a pale face as he saw a familiar head. This was not a person nor a corpse, was just a bloody head. Those thick eyebrows, that tall bridge of the nose, that big beard, everything was very familiar.

Tuoba Xiong!

On this dangerous sand dune, Ye Chaun saw the head of Tuoba Xiong. Although his bloody face was somewhat blurred, he was sure that he was undoubtedly Tuoba Xiong, the father of Tuoba Xiaoniao. Sure enough, after a careful look around, he saw a huge bronze cauldron Tuoba Xiong used to carry in former days nearby. The greater part of it was already sunk below the quicksand.

Ye Chuan immediately flapped his wings to fly over and landed beside the head of Tuoba Xiong. Seeing this once formidable enemy dying here without an intact corpse, he felt somewhat unhappy. When all was said and done, all big feeling of resentment between them were already resolved, moreover, whatever one says, Tuoba Xiong was the father of Tuoba Xiaoniao. And like even if it was not for the monk’s sake, but for the Buddha’s, Ye Chuan had already forgotten the grievances between them.

Yes, what about Xiaoniao?

Ye Chuan was suddenly startled. After Tuoba Xiong suffered a heavy blow, he was so downhearted that he ignored all the affairs around him. In his heart, only his daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao remained and he always accompanied the latter. Since innately strong Tuoba Xiong had died so miserably, what about Tuoba Xiaoniao?

Ye Chuan hastily looked around. Fortunately, although there were many corpses of sea demon warriors and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, even after looking for a good while, he didn’t see any hint of Zhu Sijia and Tuoba Xiaoniao. This made him slightly relieved. He also found the body of Tuoba Xiong, and he discovered that there were many wounds. But, the fatal one was this move on his throat that beheaded him. Even his bronze cauldron that weighted several thousand jin was also cut into two halves. Clearly, it was not the trap of this sand dune that took the life of Tuoba Xiaoniao, rather a person!

Who was so fierce?

The heart of Ye Chuan shook as an expressionless youth appeared in his mind.

Qing Tianhou!

It must be him again!

Ye Chuan was furious and his desire to kill Qing Tianhou became unprecedentedly stronger. But, he took a deep breath to calm himself down. He then dig a big hole and buried the corpses of Tuoba Xiong, numerous disciples of Cloud Mist Sect, and sea demon warriors. After that, he walked over to the head of Tuoba Xiong. It’s a pity, Tuoba Xiong once was an overlord of a region where he could summon winds and rain as he pleased, but now, he died discontented.

“Tuoba Xiong, what are your unfinished wishes? Do you want me to avenge you by killing that devil Qing Tianhou?”

Ye Chuan asked, and reached out his hand to close the eyes of Tuoba Xiong. The result, after he retracted his hand, his eyelid flicked back open.

“Is Xiaoniao in danger, do you want me to chase after her and save her?” Ye Chuan asked again and reached out to close the eyelid of Tuoba Xiong again. The result, like before, after he retracted his hand, his eyelid opened again. But, there was a difference, this time, bloody tears unexpectedly flowed out of the eyes of Tuoba Xiong.

Ye Chuan remained silent. He knew that Tuoba Xiong still had unfinished wishes, so a wisp of his soul was unwilling to depart.

“I understand, Tuoba Xiong, you want me to take care of your daughter Tuoba Xiong for the rest of my life, and like you, look after her and protect her?” After remaining silent for a good while, Ye Chuan finally said, and after a pause, he added, “Rest assured, I, Ye Chuan, take an oath, as long as I have one breath left, I will not let anyone hurt even the hair of Tuoba Xiaoniao. I will not make her shed tears.”

Finally, the opened eyes of Tuoba Xiong closed, but his bloody tears were still flowing down his face.

The eyes of Ye Chuan suddenly became moist. He then deeply bowed to the head of Tuoba Xiong and respectfully buried it.

From the viewpoint of secular world, Tuoba Xiong might not be a good father. He was thoughtless, barbarous, warlike and even unscrupulous in order to achieve his aim to become the overlord of the entire Cloud Mist Mountain range. But, no matter how bad he was, he still was a father and he deeply loved his only daughter Tuoba Xiaoniao. Even though he had already died, his remnant soul was still worried about his daughter and refused to close his eyes even after his death, hoping someone else would take his place to take care and protect Tuoba Xiaoniao for the lifetime.

In life, many things could change, but the affection of parents was the sole exception. The motherly love was like water and the paternal love was like a mountain. When one’s father dies someday, the mountain that held up the entire sky for one would collapse.

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