Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 552

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 552: Reincarnation Grave

After feeling as if the sky and earth were spinning, Ye Chuan returned to that mountain shrouded in dense mist again.

He took out the Sea Demon Map and looked, then flew towards the location of the sixth grave. If his guess was correct, then Sea Demon Patriarch must have left clues along the way to lure loose cultivators and devils who survived Flying Fish World to the sixth grave.

Ye Chuan was very careful. He looked around while advancing.

Sure enough, not long after, he discovered several sea demon warriors lying on the pool of blood. He then placed his finger below their nose and confirmed that they had already stopped breathing and was impossible to save. They were dripping with blood as if someone had hit them with a brute force or some kind of ferocious beast had torn their flesh.

Ye Chuan increased his pace. He was very worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others. Along the way, he discovered more corpses. Other than the corpses of sea demon warriors, slowly the corpses of Cloud Mist Sect’s disciples also began to appear. Their injuries were different. Some didn’t have any injuries on their body, they only had their eyes wide open as if they had seen something terrifying before their death. And there were some corpses that were cut into two halves, and in the vicinity of those corpses, there were rocks that were also cut into two halves. The cut was very smooth, ordinary people didn’t have such ability. It seemed that this was the handiwork of that fellow Qing Tianhou.

The complexion of Ye Chuan tightened and a pair of blood red wings suddenly appeared on his back. Then, he accelerated towards the sixth grave.

This mountain itself was dangerous, but if Zhu Sijia and others were caught by Qing Tianhou, then that would be even more troublesome. And on the top of it, if Jiang Tunsheng was also added, then Zhu Sijia and others wouldn’t be able to resist. Even if they fought desperately, he feared that no one will survive!

Outside Flying Fish World, the advantage of Remex Armguard was not as obvious. But, with this treasure, the speed of Ye Chuan had clearly increased a lot. In less than half an hour, he arrived at his destination.

This was a neither small nor big grave. Its look was also ordinary and unremarkable. But, Ye Chuan didn’t dare to be careless. Looking around, he saw there were many stones around, and he also found a rock fragment where ancient words were carved. But, due to the erosion of a long time, those words had become blurred and difficult to read.

“One grave… one… world, one life…… one…… reincarnation……, Reincarnation Grave.”

Ye Chuan walked over and after carefully looking for a while, he recognized the words carved on that rock and was shocked.

Reincarnation Grave!

Just the name alone was sufficiently frightening. In addition, the dark tomppassage shrouded in dense mist emitted cold air which oppressed people.

The glabella of Ye Chuan twitched and he was restless in his heart.

The five ancient graves before were very dangerous. After breaking into them, the numbers of loose cultivators and devils had decreased drastically. Not talking about other graves, just in the Flying Fish World, numerous loose cultivators and devils had died. In the grave worlds, many treasures were sealed, but although they might be able to seize those treasures, they might not necessarily be able to walk out alive. Only a very few people were able to step into the time and space gate to exit those grave worlds.

In the Flying Fish World, all the fishes that jumped out of the lake surface were treasures, but once one fell into the water, one would die without a doubt. What about this Reincarnation Grave in the front?

What kind of treasures were sealed inside and what kind of dangers lied inside?

Ye Chuan hesitated for a bit, then strode into the dark tombpassage. In the past, he was a step too late and just missed Zhu Sijia and others in Flying Fish World, now, if he hesitates again, then he might be late again.

After a dazzling light flashed in front of his eyes, Ye Chuan arrived in yet another world.

Looking around, he saw that this place was covered with dense mist like the mountain outside. He could vaguely see outlines of some mountains. It was very quiet around. There was no wind and no sound of insects, it was like a huge gloomy graveyard. He couldn’t see any trace of Zhu Sijia and others, and he also couldn’t see any trace of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsehng. It was like he was alone in this Reincarnation Grave.

“Jiajia, Xiaoniao……”

Ye Chuan yelled the name of Zhu Sijia and others. When he had entered Flying Fish World, Zhu Sijia and others had just left. After that, he had stayed in Flying Fish World for a short time, then rushed over here as his fastest speed. It was very likely that Zhu Sijia and others were here in this Reincarnation World.

In such an ominous and unfathomable place, it was naturally not a good choice to reveal one’s whereabouts by yelling, that would greatly increase the danger. Ye Chuan who had explored numerous ancient ruins and ominous domains in his past life naturally knew this by heart, but in order to get together with Zhu Sijia and others, he had to do it.

But, there was no response. Only his echo reverberated throughout the air.

“Little Long’er……”

Ye Chuan boldly advanced forward, but for an unknown reason, his heart was very restless.

In his past life, he was a Heaven Concealing Great Sage that could summon winds and rain in the entire Wilderness World. But, in this life, since he had restarted cultivation from being a nobody, he had experienced the happiness, anger, grief and joy of a nobody. With the company of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao, Heavenly Maiden Hong Zixia, Little Long’er and others, he experienced warmth and affection he had never experienced before. In the heart of Ye Chuan, he had already considered Zhu Sijia, Little Long’er and others as his family. If they were all killed here, then he would never be able to forgive himself.

Ye Chuan who had always been calm and composed was somewhat frantic. He was more and more worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia and others. At that time, he staggered. He seemed to have kicked something and nearly fell on the ground. He lowered his head and looked. It was actually a person. And instantly, the scalp of Ye Chuan tingled.

“Big……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

The person lying on the ground was covered in blood and was already cold, but he still had one last breath left. He reached out and grabbed the left leg of Ye Chuan, “It’s……, it’s me, Big……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother……”

Ye Chuan immediately squatted down and quickly turned him over. Sure enough, he was a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. Ye Chuan tore his battle robe and examined. He saw a big wound on his chest that ran through his body. He had already lost a lot of blood and was beyond saving.

“Big……, Big Senior Apprentice Brother, don’t……, don’t worry about me, quickly……, quickly……” The disciple of Cloud Mist Sect knew that he was already beyond saving. He was already on the verge of death and his body was getting colder and colder.

“Where are Jiajia and others? Who was the assailant?” Ye Chuan injected his own vital qi into the body of this disciple. Even with this, he couldn’t save this disciple, could only delay for a short time.

“A……, a youth……, with long halberd, Jia……, Jiajia, they……”

The disciple raised his right hand with great difficulty and pointed towards the south direction, then he stopped breathing. The wound on his chest was too serious. It was not caused by a simple blade slash, rather was caused by the blade slash that cut and then stirred up the interior of the body. His internal organs were already smashed. In front of such injuries, Ye Chuan was also helpless.

“Qing…… Tian…… hou……”

Ye Chuan quickly understood what had happened. He knew who the assailant was. He gnashed his teeth and placed the corpse on the ground. Then, turning around, he flew towards the south direction.

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