Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 551

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 551: Seven Colored Flying Sword

A tall figure suddenly rushed out and successively knocked down several loose cultivators on his wave. Then, he grabbed the empty void and pulled that eye-catching seven covered fish towards him.

He was Qing Tianhou holding a halberd. He had suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started to kill.

A super expert was a super expert. Even in this mystical Flying Fish World where ordinary cultivators would find it hard to maintain balance on the lotus leaf below them let alone fly in the sky, Qing Tianhou was still going strong.

“Hahaha, this treasure is mine!”

Qing Tianhou roared with laughter as he grabbed this seven-colored fish. The seven colored fish struggled in his hand for a while and slowly reverted back to a three inch long seven colored flying sword. Immediately afterward, a powerful energy fluctuation spread across the sky. This powerful energy fluctuation was emitted by this flying sword.

What a good killing weapon!

The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk as he sensed the power of this seven colored flying sword. He feared that this flying sword was superior to the Dragon Slaying Flying Sword given to him by the cyan robed Seventh Elder. It was absolutely the best flying sword among the best!

Qing Tianhou was already powerful, with this seven colored flying sword, wouldn’t he become a tiger with wings? Who would be able to suppress him in the future?

Ye Chuan suddenly made a move. He flapped his blood-red wings and quickly flew towards Qing Tianhou. This seven colored flying sword can fall into the hands of anyone else but absolutely shouldn’t fall in the hands of Qing Tianhou, otherwise, no one in this Wilderness World would be his opponent. Even the cooperation of several Half Sage realm experts would be useless!

Whoosh, a whistling sound resounded as a wisp of golden light shot towards Qing Tianhou at lightning speed.

The reaction of State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng was faster than Ye Chuan’s.

Qing Tianhou who was laughing heartily suddenly couldn’t laugh anymore. His laughter ceased abruptly and metal colliding sound resounded. The seven colored flying sword he had just grabbed was sent flying by the golden arrow of Jiang Tunsheng. It then fell into the water and unexpectedly turned into a seven-colored fish again. After that, it shook its tail and swam away. Its speed was very fast.

“Surnamed Jiang, wait until this Lord Hou seizes this fish, then this Lord Hou will definitely kill you!”

Qing Tianhou was furious and he glared at Jiang Tunsheng with a burning gaze. He couldn’t wait to retaliate, but this was not the right moment. He jumped onto another lotus leaf and chased after the seven colored fish. At this critical moment, it was more important to seize the treasure.

“Qing Tianhou, if I cannot get it, then don’t think that you can also get it, hahaha!”

Jiang Tunsheng roared with laughter and similarly chased after the seven colored fish. Even if he couldn’t obtain it, he would definitely not let Qing Tianhou obtain it. At this moment, they were equally matched, but once one of them obtain an ancient great killing weapon, the delicate balance between them might be broken.

And with these two super experts contending against each other for that seven colored fish with dense killing intent, the one to suffer were loose cultivators and devils on the lake surface.

There was no land in this pace, so although the movement technique of Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng was very powerful, they still needed to have a foothold. It was fine when they jump onto the lotus leaf with no one on it, at most only the lotus leaf would be destroyed, but once they jump onto the lotus leaf with a person, that person would suffer a tragedy. These two super experts fought against each other without decreasing their speed, and the loose cultivators and devils who didn’t have time to avoid them fell in the water in succession. And once they fell into the water, they could no longer escape their bad end.

A scream after another resounded. The loose cultivators and devils were greatly frightened. They were busy avoiding the battle between Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng, because once they were implicated, they would die without a doubt.

But, the worse matter was, whether it was intentional or unintentional, the seven colored fish would always swim towards the location with most people. Moreover, it wouldn’t just swim under the water, it would also jump out of the water surface to knock them into the water. Soon, more than 20 loose cultivators and devils fell into the water and the number was still increasing. In the beginning, when they had seen this seven colored fish for the first time, everyone had thought that it was a peerless treasure and chased after it to grab it, but now, this peerless treasure had transformed into an ominous thing, wherever it went, there was a blood calamity.

At this moment, Ye Chuan however was standing still on a lotus leaf. And looking at this seven-colored fish that was swimming in the midst of the crowd, he gradually became solemn.

This seven colored fish, why was it always swimming towards the most crowded area?

Sea Demon Patriarch, that old fellow was very cunning. He would definitely not leave behind a trace to lure people in these ancient grave worlds without any reason.

A bold thought appeared in the mind of Ye Chuan.

The seven graves marked on the Sea Demon Map were one more dangerous than others. If Sea Demon Patriarch was indeed intentionally luring people to enter these ancient graves, then there was only one possibility. He was borrowing the strength of these graves to kill people. He would deliberately trigger the restrictions of these grave worlds, thereby getting rid of many loose cultivators and devils who had intruded their racial holy land.

Sand Demon, Blaze Spirit, Demonic Vermillion Flower Valley, in addition, this Flying Fish World……, weren’t they all very deadly?

Ye Chuan suddenly woke up and became all the more cautious.

Along the way, he had gained a lot. He had even obtained Eternal Demonic Vermilion Flower and golden sarcophagus, but this was not due to his strength, rather by luck. At the critical moment, if he had taken a wrong step, then he would have already died before. Thinking about it, Ye Chuan felt chill in his heart. With just these Eternal Demonic Vermilion Flower and 18 Demongods Banner in the golden sarcophagus, this trip to Overseas World was already worth it. Should he still risk his life to seize this seven colored flying sword?

Ye Chuan was somewhat hesitant as he looked towards the time and space gate above the huge lotus leaf at the center of this lake. Compared to treasures, he was now more worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others. So, he was considering whether to leave this Flying Fish World early or not. This move of Sea Demon Patriarch was very effective. He used the borrowed sword to eliminate numerous loose cultivators and devils, but this was also playing with fire. If they accidentally got trapped in the grave world, then that would be very dangerous. Old Demon of Mount Yin and other experts were all here. On the side of Zhu Sijia, there were only Little Long’er and the disciples of Cloud Mist Sect. If they truly fell into a seriously dangerous situation, then Sea Demon Patriarch along with the sea demon warriors might not be able to help!

At that time, a cold snort resounded.

When Ye Chuan was lost in thought, Qing Tianhou and Jiang Tunsheng had collided again and again. In the end, that seven-colored flying fish happened to fall beside Jiang Tunseng. The latter laughed heartily and grabbed this seven colored flying sword. Immediately afterward, he jumped onto the lotus leaf at the center and stepping into the time and space gate, he disappeared.

“Jiang Tunsheng, leave that flying sword to this Lord Hou!”

Qing Tianhou roared angrily and similarly disappeared after stepping into the time and space gate.

“Good, very good, those two plague gods have finally left!”

“Brothers, what are you waiting for? Let’s collect treasures taking advantage of this chance, if we miss this chance, we will never have such a chance again!”

The loose cultivators and devils finally relaxed and displayed their techniques to grab the fishes that jumped out of the water surface. Compared to the seven colored flying sword, the other flying swords were naturally a lot worse, but they were also rear treasures. Even the worst one was earth grade. Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were also busy collecting treasures. All the things that were sealed here in this racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan were extraordinary, so no one was willing to miss this opportunity.

“Rodes, I will leave first, you all, be careful!”

After taking a glance at Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, Ye Chuan instructed. Then, flapping the blood red wings, he flew towards the time and space gate. He was worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia and others, so he left first.

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