Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 55

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 55: Flame Devil’s tears

Under the night curtain, Ye Chaun and Flame Devil, one in front one in the back, left, quickly leaving behind the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect.

Ye Chuan walking in the front touched the crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster in his bosom from above his clothing.

This time, coming to Swallow Water Bay, he didn’t have his wish of finding the clue of Qingyang fruit’s seeds fulfilled. This was somewhat regrettable, but en route he accidentally obtained the crystal core of Thousand Legged Monster, which was enough to make up for the latter. This was a pleasant surprise for him.

With this crystal core plus a number of medicinal herbs, he could refine Qianyang pill, this would rapidly restore and strengthen his spirit.

Ye Chuan was calm and composed while thinking about Qianyang pill which he had not refined for a long time, and he couldn’t help but get somewhat excited in his heart. And also recalling Tuoba Xiaoniao’s fair and smooth jade body, furthermore that embarrassed, angry and unable to flare up expression, he evilly smiled.

“Noble son……”

The hoarse voice of Flame Devil suddenly rang out from behind.

Ye Chuan stopped, turned around and looked. He noticed that the circumstance of Flame Devil was far from good, and his entire body was shaking. “Flame Devil, are you injured?”

The complexion of Ye Chuan shrunk, then rushing forward, he supported Flame Devil. After that, he stretched out his hand and pressing on the heart of Flame Devil, he sent out pure spirit power into his body. Slowly, the condition of Flame Devil slowly took a favorable turn, and no longer trembled. After that rolling up his right hand’s sleeve, Ye Chuan noticed his arm was weak and powerless, the bones under the elbow part were practically crushed.

In Swallow Water Bay, Flame Devil amazed the world with a single brilliant feat. With a single move, he changed over ten thousand jin heavy bronze cauldron of Old Monster Tong Bi into a molten iron on the spot. This even shocked extremely vicious Old Monster Tong Bi, and he just looked at two people leaving without uttering the sound. On the surface, the cultivation of Flame Devil was exceedingly high with no equal, but in fact, he was already injured heavily by the impact force of the bronze cauldron.

When a formidable enemy was glaring like a tiger, Flame Devil was calm, pretending as if nothing had happened, but as soon as he left Shallow Water Bay, he was unable to go on.

In this period of time, with the help of Ye Chuan, he passed his life and death calamity, finally resolving his heart’s peril of many years, but his vitality was also greatly injured, so now he was weaker than himself during his prime by a large extent. Fortunately, he was able to frighten Old Monster Tong Bi with one move, otherwise, if that old man had seen through, then both he and Ye Chuan would have their bones buried in the wilds.

“It’s okay, you only cannot fight with others for the time being, and your foundation is not injured.”

Flame Devil forcibly stood and urged: “Noble son, let’s go quickly, we must leave this place at once.”

“Okay, you must endure for the time being.”

Ye Chuan nodded his head, then supporting Flame Devil’s hand on his shoulder, he left.

Cloud Mist mountain range continuously stretch 10000 li and yao beast ran wild in this place. The daytime was dangerous, no need to mention about the night, they could encounter ferocious yao beast at any time. And the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect were also as ferocious as wolves and tigers. Old Monster Tong Bi was a cunning person, afterward, he would very likely send someone to chase after them to see the situation, so the longer they delayed on the road the dangerous it would be.

Sure enough, not long after Flame Devil and Ye Chuan left, an elite personnel of Black Cauldron Sect chased after them. And looking at the place where two people had stopped just a moment ago, he looked around feeling somewhat uncertain. Looking at the footprints, the steps of Ye Chuan and Flame Devil were rather messy, something had definitely happened here. But he couldn’t find even a little bit of bloodstain, so he was unable to tell whether those two people were injured or not.

After searching carefully, the elite personnel of Black Cauldron Sect continued to chase forward. Unfortunately, after the delay, he was no longer able to catch up to Ye Chuan and Flame Devil. And after seeing the mountain entrance of Cloud Mist Sect far away, he had no choice but to turn around and leave.

Ye Chuan and Flame Devil hurried all the way, but still was too late to return to Purple Cloud Peak, as Flame Devil will not be able to hold on much longer.

Ye Chuan didn’t dare to delay, he immediately found a cave on the spot to treat the injury of Flame Devil. Picking a number of medicinal herbs, he chewed them into a paste, then evenly smeared on the right arm of Flame Devil. Then carefully inspecting the latter’s body from head to toe, his complexion slowly sunk more and more. The physical condition of Flame Devil was far worse than his imagination. The injuries left behind by the killing weapon bronze cauldron of Old Monster Tong Bi was less important, but the damage of backlash of Divine Flame Body was even more problematic. Accurately speaking, Flame Devil still hadn’t completely pass life and death calamity.

“Noble son, is my calamity still not passed?” Flame Devil asked, prolonged illness turns a patient into a doctor, he himself was clearest about the circumstance of his body.

“Well, you can say that, but it’s not accurate, the time is still too short.” Ye Chuan paused, then continued on, “Unfortunately, currently I am still at Wuzhe realm, so many methods are useless. Flame Devil, be sure to keep in mind, for the short time, don’t fight with people and also don’t force yourself to cultivate. Just rest properly for a period of time, and slowly recuperate with the help of Purple Cloud Peak’s elixir qi.”

The complexion of Flame Devil became ugly, and said feeling somewhat disheartened, “Then doesn’t that signify, my cultivation will stop at this point, forever unable to ascend?”

After achieving success in the cultivation of Divine Flame Body, their power will be alarming, but the cultivation course was too dangerous. They generally have a tribulation once every 8 to 10 years, and as long as they weren’t able to pass through this tribulation, all of their previous efforts would be wasted. Along the way, Flame Devil had already undergone unknown numbers of tribulations but now, he couldn’t help but somewhat lose his heart.

“No, only for the time being, I’ll tell you what to do next after I breakthrough to Xiushi realm. Here take this cultivation method, but in this period of time, don’t urgently cultivate it, first ponder its profoundness completely.” Ye Chuan took out a thin booklet from his bosom and gave it to Flame Devil.


Flame Devil opened up this booklet and take a look at it, then he suddenly cried out in alarm. The more he looked at it, the more shocked he got. After that, he spoke incoherently, “Noble son, this……, is this All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique? No, not, the details are even more profound, and has a lot of content. Noble son, this is……”

“Yes, this is All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique, real All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique. Your former cultivation technique was incomplete, missing a lot of key points, so cultivators are likely to walk into the fire and become a devil. Flame Devil, cultivate properly.”

Ye Chuan indifferently said. The shock and question of Flame Devil were already within his expectation.

This booklet was written by him in these two days when he had some spare time. To Flame Devil, All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique was something priceless which couldn’t be exchanged for any amount of silvers. This technique was his sect’s secret technique that was not allowed to hand down, and was also his life technique that he used to have a foothold in this Wilderness world. But to Ye Chuan who was once able to conceal the heaven with his hand, this technique naturally was considered nothing. He could pick out even sage cultivation technique without extra trouble.

“Yes, this is complete All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique, real All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique!”

Carefully looking for a while, Flame Devil got excited endlessly, then he suddenly knelt respectfully in front of Ye Chuan, then with tears flowing from aged eyes, he said: “Heaven shows mercy, Scorching Sun Sect’s 73rd generation disciple Yi Yanzi finally found the complete All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique, completing the long-cherished wish of the sect. Noble son, please accept I, Yi Yanzi’s kowtow, from today onwards, I, Yi Yanzi’s aim isn’t to set foot on the peak of cultivation, but only following noble son throughout my life, never leaving.”

For the past many years, Flame Devil had roamed all around in Da Qin Dynasty, then hid in the underground Ghost Market. And in this vast Wilderness world, he only had two wishes in his heart. One was to resolve Divine Flame Body’s backlash calamity, and another one was to find real complete All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique. This was the sole wish of his master before his death, and also was his Scorching Sun Sect’s successive sect master’s long-cherished wish.

For many years, possessed by the demon of disease, gradually Flame Devil was discouraged, no longer having the hope to find the real All Compassing Scorching Sun Technique, and he thought that he would also be depressed just like his master till his death. But he had never expected that, Ye Chuan, this Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect, who in former days was famous in Cloud Mist mountain range as a mediocre person would make him accomplish his long-cherished wish!

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