Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 548

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 548: Miserable death

The legs of Ye Chuan remained still, maintaining the balance. His upper body however leaned forward and backward, dodging the iron hook.

There was a restriction in the air, making even peak Daoist Master realm expert unable to fly in the sky. The lake water was rippling, and it was difficult to maintain balance on the lotus leaf. But, although Ye Chuan didn’t have the ability to freely control lotus leaf like this Remex Demon, his doughty body and rich experience made him easily dodge the attack of Remex Demon.

“Eh, you truly have some skill!”

Remex Demon was surprised for a moment, but his expression turned ferocious in the next moment. Then, the lotus leaf under his legs accelerated forward and the iron hook in his hand slashed towards the stomach of Ye Chuan. This iron hook was blackened, clearly, a potent poison was smeared on it. Therefore, Remex Demon didn’t need to land a fatal attack, just a small scratch was enough to poison people to death.

Remex Demon sneered and his killing intent flourished. He had great confidence in this attack.

In this mystical grave world, people were unaccustomed and having a hard time. If they were a little careless and fell into the lake, then they would die without a doubt. But, this Remex Demon was like a stranded fish put back into the water and his combat power greatly increase here. He could freely move and attack here, but his opponents couldn’t move freely. Under his attack, several Daoist Master realm experts had already died. Ye Chuan had dodged his attack once, but would he still be able to dodge this one?

Remex Demon strongly believed that Ye Chuan had always been lucky. But, his luck ends here. He rapidly approached Ye Chuan like a swan.

People all around exclaimed. Old Demon of Mount Yin and others who had no time to rush over to save also exclaimed. Many loose cultivators and devils around had also noticed the activity of here, and seeing how Remex Demon could freely move around and attack, they turned pale.

When the onlookers were nervous, Ye Chuan however was calm. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer he was.

This time, Remex Demon was attacking his stomach, was it possible to dodge it while maintaining the balance?

Ye Chuan stood still on the lotus leaf and his pupils shrunk, staring at the iron hook that was getting closer and closer. It appeared as if he was scared and he had nowhere to escape.

Remex Demon laughed, “Hahaha, brat, as I said earlier, hand over Eternal Demonic Vermillion Flower and the golden sarcophagus, otherwise, you will die very……”

Before he could speak out the word ‘miserably’, the expression of Remex Demon greatly changed.

When his iron hook was about to stab the stomach of the standing still Ye Chuan, Ye Chuan grabbed this iron hook that was smeared with poison.

Remex Demon who was laughing just a moment ago was unable to laugh any longer. He exerted strength to pull back his iron hook, but it unexpectedly wouldn’t even budge at all. He felt like it was not Ye Chuan grabbing the tip of his iron hook, rather it was clamped between the thick iron plates.

Since he couldn’t dodge, Ye Chuan simply took the risk!

“Old man, want to see who will die miserably?”

Ye Chuan sneered. Circulating ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, his strength was astonishing. It was only natural that this old man was unable to pull back this iron hook.

Remex Demon didn’t believe that he wouldn’t be able to pull back his iron hook. He gritted his teeth and used all his strength, unfortunately, the iron hook in the hands of Ye Chuan was absolutely still. And although the tip of the iron hook was very sharp, the hands of Ye Chuan was unscathed. And since there was no wound, the poison smeared on it was useless.

This kid is abnormal!

Remex Demon was shocked. After personally experiencing the strength of Ye Chuan, this time, he understood that it was not by luck Ye Chuan was able to snatch treasures from the hands of Qing Tianhou.

“Boy, today, I will let you experience what a true killing move is. Being able to force this lordship use Remex Wings, you have some ability!”

Remex Demon took a deep breath and his robe broke apart as a pair of silvery wings suddenly appeared on his back. They were nearly three meters long and he looked arrogant and overbearing like the legendary angel with a winged shaped arm guard on his left hand. He then laughed as those silver wings began to flap, giving rise to a gale. Immediately afterward, the lotus leaf Ye Chuan was standing on began to spin, and the speed got faster and faster.

Ye Chuan was shocked, but he still firmly held the iron hook, quickly feeling great pressure as the strength on the other end of the iron hook was getting stronger and stronger.

The cultivation of Remex Demon couldn’t be considered very strong, and his strength was also limited, so he was unable to pull his iron hook away. But, relying on the centrifugal force of rapid spinning, the iron hook began to slowly slip away from the grasp of Ye Chuan. At that moment, the winged-shaped armguard on his left hand was shining with silvery light. This reason he was able to freely move inside this Flying Fish World and even this extraordinary strength were all due to this armguard. Usually, he absolutely wouldn’t display it in front of others. He would rather eat loss to conceal the secret of this peerless treasure armguard. But now, in order to pull out his iron hook and kill Ye Chuan so as to obtain his Eternal Demonic Vermilion Flower and the 18 Demongods Banner inside the golden sarcophagus, he couldn’t afford to keep it hidden.

Ye Chuan rapidly circulated ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, trying to resist the increasing strength.

“Hahaha, useless, boy, surrender already. Hand over the Eternal Demonic Vermillion Flower and the golden sarcophagus now and this lordship will leave behind your corpse intact. Otherwise, no matter how you resist, you will die a miserable death in the end, hahahaha……”

Remex Demon roared with laughter and his remex wings flapped even more rapidly as he spun even more rapidly. After a while, people could only hear his laughter, even his face couldn’t be seen clearly, only afterimages could be seen. And due to the centrifugal force, his strength increased vastly. If this goes on, let alone Ye Chuan, even Diamond Ape King might not be able to hold onto this iron hook.

Since he would be unable to resist, Ye Chuan would also not resist, and he also didn’t have any plan to resist. Thus, when the Remex Demon was laughing, he suddenly sneered and let go. And at the same time, he jumped onto the lotus leaf of Remex Demon and tightly grabbed him. After that, he gathered strength on his forehead and headbutt him.

Dong, the laughter of Remex Demon ceased abruptly. Ye Chuan completely unscathed, but his head however was battered and he felt dizzy.

“Old man, how was it? Didn’t you say that I will die a miserable death?”

Ye Chuan sneered and not waiting for his answer, he headbutt again. This headbutt was even more ferocious. The skull of Remex Demon was cracked. Now, the two of them were standing on the same lotus leaf, and not to mention he was feeling dizzy, even if he was completely awake, he didn’t have any technique to use in this situation. The doughty body of Ye Chuan began a key point at this moment. Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not that high, only was Rank 6 Daoist Master realm, when it comes to his physical body, Remex Demon was far inferior.

“Old man, open your eyes and look, in the end, who didn’t know the height of the heavens or the depths of the earth?”

Ye Chuan tightly held Remex Demon and prevented him from flapping his wings. Then, circulating Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body, he headbutt him again. This old man screamed and became powerless. The iron hook in his hand also fell into the water. As for the silvery wings on his back, they gradually faded away and the Remex Armguard in his left hand also simmered down, returning to its original form.

“This armguard is pretty good, I will take good care of it in your place.”

Ye Chuan circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans and directly used brute force to seize the armguard on the left arm of Remex Demon, then pushed him into the water, “This place is pretty good, there is picturesque scenery and lotuses. In the next life, become a flying fish of this place!”


Remex Demon who was feeling dizzy with cracked head finally came back to sense, and he used all his strength to remain afloat on the surface of the water, but after losing the Remex Armguard, he was just like an ordinary loose cultivator. He quickly sunk and disappeared. As for Ye Chuan who nearly died in his hands, not only he escaped death, he also obtained a peerless treasure.

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others sighed in relief while the eyes of onlooking devils and loose cultivators burned, staring at the Remex Armguard in the hands of Ye Chuan.

All of them had seen how powerful this Remex Armguard was, especially in this place, so all of them wanted to get this treasure. With this armguard, wouldn’t they become the overlord of this Flying Fish World?

The loose cultivators and devils who originally were watching from one side began to subconsciously approach Ye Chuan. And at that time, a wave coincidentally appeared and over ten loose cultivators’ lotus leaves rapidly floated towards Ye Chuan.

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