Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 547

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 547: Remex Demon

After looking all around, Ye Chuan and others looked down and saw that they were also standing on five different lotuses.

Everyone who entered this grave world was teleported onto different lotuses. Then, along with the ripple and flowing water of the lake, they would be gradually pulled away from other lotuses.

Ye Chuan secretly noted that. There was no doubt that this was also a kind of restriction.

Even though he once was the Heaven Concealing Great Sage, this was the first time he encountered this kind of mystical restriction. It was not easy to seal a real vast world in the grave, Sealing this kind of mystical world was a heaven-defying means!

The seven graves marked on the Sea Demon Map were one more amazing than others. There was no tombstone in front of this grave. On the surface, it was no different from other nameless ordinary graves. But when it comes to the grave world inside, it was even more mystical than the Great Monarch Grave.

A light vibration suddenly came from the lotus below.

And Ye Chuan who was lost in the admiration of this grave world suddenly came back to his senses and circulated the Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body. At that time, a fish jumped out of the water.

This fish was not big, only one inch wide and its entire body was covered with silver fish scales. It didn’t look threatening. But in the next moment, the glabella of Ye Chuan twitched in danger. The speed of this fish was too fast. It flicked out from the water surface like a spring, and arrived in front of him in an instant. Even before it collided with his body, Ye Chuan could also feel a strong wind and vast strength contained in its small bent tail.

Ye Chuan extended his right hand and grabbed this silver flying fish. In an instant, he along with the lotus below him was forced back more than 17 meters before the strength of this silver flying fish dissipated. Then, a silverish light flashed and right before the eyes of Ye Chuan, this silver flying fish turned into three inches long silvery flying sword. Its blade was vibrating as if it was struggling to break free from the grasp of Ye Chuan and fly away.


What kind of restriction was this?

Ye Chuan was even more surprised. At first glance, one couldn’t tell what grade this silvery flying sword was and what materials were used to forge it, but its forging technique was extraordinary. On the blade of this flying swords, many difficult to comprehend runes were carved. This forging technique was completely different from the forging techniques of Wilderness World. Of course, this flying sword was still not up to much for Ye Chuan, but for ordinary cultivators, this flying sword however was a great treasure. Now, many loose cultivators and devils who had entered this grave world first were trying to grab these flying swords while standing on the lotus leaf. Those who were lucky were able to grab a treasure, but unfortunate ones were miserable. They were knocked down into the lake and disappeared without a trace. Even an air bubble wouldn’t appear on the water surface.

Opportunities always had inherent risks!

Those capable ones were collecting treasures, but those incapable ones who had broken into this grave world had turned into the ghost of this grave world below the lake. But, in addition to being a capable and strong cultivator, one also needed luck. Not far away from Ye Chuan, there was one peak Daoist Master realm devil. He had already grabbed seven flying swords, but he was unfortunately hit by two silver flying fishes and fell into the water. Then, he became fish food.

Ye Chuan clearly saw the tragedy of this great devil and felt chill slide down his back.

This tragedy had happened less than five meters away from him. Even if Ye Chuan didn’t want to see clearly, it was difficult. But, he didn’t dare to lend him a helping hand.

This lake was vast, he couldn’t see the end. On the lake surface, there were lotuses everywhere, and below the lake surface, there were countless flying swords. This place was a huge treasure deposit and also a huge graveyard. All the cultivators that had entered this grave world had nowhere to go, but even peak Daoist Master realm experts would similarly die if they fell into this lake!

The seven ancient graves marked on the Sea Demon Map, one was more amazing than others, and one was also more dangerous than others. These grave worlds not only tasted the cultivation of intruders, they also tasted their fortune. Without fortune, not to mention ordinary cultivators, even a Half Sage realm experts might not be able to escape unscathed from those graves!

Ye Chuan was tense. He became even more worried about Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others. Although there was that cunning fox Sea Demon Patriarch with them, he couldn’t be optimistic after personally seeing the bad end of the devil. If an accident occurred, then he feared that it would be very difficult for that Sea Demon Patriarch alone to protect them.

A cold aura suddenly came from behind.

Ye Chuan turned around and saw an amazing scene.

After teleported into this grave world, other people were either standing on the lotus leaf, not daring to move or boldly taking advantage of this chance to grab flying swords. But, one old man wearing grey clothing was different. The lotus leaf he was stepping on was drifting back and forth, moreover, its speed was amazing. He was freely controlling the lotus leaf as if it was an extended part of his body.  He was taking advantage of this chance to rob and kill others. Even after he had already seized dozens of flying swords, he was not satisfied, and he was unexpectedly coming towards Ye Chuan.

“Hahaha, kid, this lordship has been paying attention to you for a long time. Hand over Eternal Demonic vermillion Flower and that golden sarcophagus, then this lordship will give you a painless death! Otherwise, you will die very miserably, hahahaha……”

The old man in grey robe roared with laughter as he approached closer. His killing intent was also soaring.

The lotus on the lake surface was very light, any carelessness could make them sink into the water or lose their balance, thus, most of the cultivators didn’t dare to move. This old man in grey clothing however had the technique to control the lotus leaf. And when other people were having a hard time just to hang onto their life, he was freely moving back and forth. Now, although his cultivation couldn’t be considered high, only was peak Daoist Master realm, and it seemed that he was even inferior to Old Demon of Mount Yin, with this unique technique, his combat power had vastly increased here!

Ye Chuan looked tense and his glabella twitched in danger.

It’s finally happening!

After he had grabbed the golden sarcophagus in the Great Monarch Grave, he knew that he would be targeted by numerous loose cultivators and devils, so he was particularly low-keyed and cautious throughout the way. Unfortunately, it was useless no matter how cautious he was. What should happen would happen sooner or later. When there was no chance, these cunning devils wouldn’t recklessly make a move, but when there was a chance, they would attack ruthlessly!

“Your Excellency, watch out!”

“Remex Demon, you dare to attack our Excellency, are you tired of living?”

Old Demon of Mount Yin and others roared, and at the same time, they tried to control the lotus leaf below them to rush over to Ye Chuan. Rain Demon even directly shouted the name of this old man in gray clothing. During the blockade of Bellowing Waves Island, he had secretly investigated the loose cultivators and devils in the nearby waters, so he knew the origin of this old cultivator.

If they were on the ground, then with four great experts Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King here, they could have easily forced this Remex Demon to retreat, but now, they were helpless in this situation. They could only watch Remex Demon who was laughing heartily thrusting his iron hook straight towards the throat of Ye Chuan.

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