Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 546

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 546: A step too late

After Qing Tianhou left, numerous devils and loose cultivators also left in succession.

In the valley, there were still some Demonic Vermillion Flowers, but they were either too young or not too valuable or they grew in a place difficult to pick up. But, most importantly, along the wave, people had discovered a pattern. Although Qing Tianhou seized a lot of powerful ancient treasures, he could always discover the clues left behind by Sea Demon Clan and find treasures. Qing Tianhou ate meat and the other people drink soup, but if they broke into another grave world, then they might not even be able to drink the soup.

The onlooking devils and loose cultivators acted quickly. They stepped into the time and space gate and left this grave world to follow Qing Tianhou with the dream of finding many ancient treasures. But, upon seeing Ye Chuan, there were also some who recalled that Ye Chuan had snatched the golden sarcophagus and that Eternal Demonic Vermillion Flower, but sensing the energy fluctuation of Ye Chuan, and again looking at Old Demon of Mount Yin and others beside him, they suppressed their impulse to attack and left.

Qing Tianhou was stronger than anyone else here, but even he ate a loss against Ye Chuan’s group, one could well imagine their strength. Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King, who among them couldn’t instantly kill a great devil?

Since they had misgivings towards the strength of Ye Chuan’s group, the devils and loose cultivators didn’t dare to easily make a move.

Ye Chuan gasped for breath. After narrowly escaping death, he secretly felt lucky. But, he didn’t have time to admire the Eternal Demonic Vermillion Flower. He quickly rushed over to the old devil Zhong Moli and help him treat his injuries. This time, although he was prepared, without the sudden surprise attack of this old devil, he might not have snatched this Eternal Demonic Vermilion Flower from Qing Tianhou.

The injuries of the old devil were serious. That slash of Qing Tianhou had nearly cut him into two.

Ye Chuan frowned. Since the old devil was so seriously injured, let alone fighting, he wouldn’t even be able to walk properly in a short time. So, after helping him bandage his wounds, and giving him some pills, he directly used a technique to send him into Cyan Lotus Space. After that, he stood up and watched around. Now, the valley was already empty. Those numerous devils and loose cultivators were already gone, even State Teacher Jiang Tunsehng had already disappeared without anybody knowing.

“Your Excellency, we finally meet you!”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin greeted Ye Chuan with a look of relief.

After they were separated, he, Rain Demon and Plague Archfiend had been looking for Ye Chuan. They were very worried about his safety. But, to their surprise, Ye Chuan was not only well, he even saved them three at the critical moment from Qing Tianhou.

“What about, Jiajia, Sea Demon Patriarch and others?” Ye Chuan went straight to the topic.

Now that he had found Old Demon of Mount Yin and others, he was even more worried about Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others.

“I don’t know.”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin shook his head and added, “After breaking into this so-called racial holy land of Sea Demon Clan, we had also been looking for them, but we have yet to find their whereabouts. But……, occasionally, we found some traces of sea demon warriors, the command tablet of Sea Demon Clan and the corpses of sea demon warriors. Whenever we don’t know where to go, we would find the trace of Sea Demon Clan. It’s like Sea Demon Clan’s patriarch, he……”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin didn’t complete his sentence. But, thinking about the circumstances they encountered along the way, he was puzzled.

“You mean to say that the Sea Demon Patriarch intentionally left behind those traces?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, it’s exactly like that!”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin nodded his head and said, “After arriving here via transfer formation, we disguised as loose cultivators and moved together with them. Still, we never find even a hint of his whereabouts, but it felt like he was intentionally attracting numerous loose cultivators and devils into these grave worlds. If my guess isn’t wrong, then it seems that even that old man doesn’t know the real location of Lost City. And when looking all around, he either unintentionally left behind those traces or had intentionally left behind those traces to lead people into those grave worlds so as to weaken loose cultivators and devils via the restrictions and guardians of the grave worlds. That old man is good, he is even more cunning than a thousand years old fox. So, with him there, Jiajia and others will not easily fall in the danger, Your Excellency can rest assured.”

“I hope so, let’s go now, perhaps, they are waiting for us in the next grave world!”

Ye Chuan took out the Sea Demon Map and left quickly with others.

Since the old devil Zhong Moli was injured and placed in Cyan Lotus Space, now, there were only Old Demon of Mount Yin, Rain Demon, Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King beside him. But, although they were small in number, every one of them was a great expert. No need to mention Plague Archfiend and Diamond Ape King who had already reached Half Sage realm, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon were also peak Daoist Master realm experts who might breakthrough to Half Sage realm at any time. With these four powerful followers, Ye Chuan was at ease, even if they encountered Qing Tianhou again, he was confident that they could give him a good fight!

Via the time and space gate, the group of five returned to the mountain shrouded in dense mist. Then, after running full speed for half an hour, they arrived in front of another ancient grave. Unsurprisingly, there was also a dark tombpassage here. There were many footprints around that dark tombpassage. It seemed that numerous loose cultivators and devils had already arrived here.

After sizing up this ancient grave for a bit, Ye Chuan entered the tombpassage with others, and after feeling as if the heaven and earth were spinning, the group of five arrived in yet another grave world.

It was a huge lake. Looking around, one could see lotus flowers everywhere and fishes that occasionally jump out of the water surface. The loose cultivators and devils that had entered first were standing on big and small lotus flowers. And those who were accidentally hit by those fishes would fall into the lake and never surface again. Even a feather that fell into this lake would sink, but if one grabbed those fishes, then those fishes would instantly turn into various kinds of flying swords. In the center of this lake, there was a huge golden lotus leaf, and on that leaf, there was a time and space gate, but many fishes jumped around that place, and the treasures found there was also more amazing.

This was a Lotus World, and also a Flying Sword World, or one could say Flying Fish World.

In this bottomless lake, it seemed that there were countless flying swords! One grave, one world, each grave world had different restrictions and methods. All along the way, people had experienced many new things. Still, this Flying Fish World was mystical and beyond the imagination of people.

“Look, isn’t that the disciple of Cloud Mist Sect?”

The Old Demon of Mount Yin with sharp eyes, instantly after arriving in this Flying Fish World, he saw a disciple of Cloud Mist Sect jumping onto the big golden lotus leaf and stepping into the time and space gate.


They were a step too late!

Ye Chuan was excited upon seeing the figure of that disciple of Cloud Mist Sect. Clearly, Zhu Sijia and others had also come here, moreover, they were just a step ahead!

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