Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 544

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 544: Abnormal expert

With the addition of three great experts under Ye Chuan, Qing Tianhou quickly felt the pressure.

Originally, he had already gained an upper hand against Diamond Ape King and could have inflicted a heavy injury, merely, he was thinking of killing him in one move, the result, he missed the opportunity.


Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo roared loudly. Although he was already dripping with blood, he was getting braver and braver. He roared and launched ferocious attacks. His Golden Stick was heavy and his every move hit hard, as a result, parrying his every move, the purlicue of Qing Tianhou would tingle, so after a while, he didn’t dare to take the attacks head-on.

The addition of Rain Demon, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archifned had clearly restricted the attacks of Qing Tianhou. This eased the pressure on Diamond Ape King and he was able to show his astonishing might. Now, these four great experts were jointly attacking Qing Tianhou with Diamond Ape King as the main attacker. He was also enduring most of the pressure. Plague Archfiend was responsible for defense, he dealt with the counterattack of Qing Tianhou. Old Demon of Mount Yin was responsible for restriction. He summoned countless vines and either tried to bind the limbs of Qing Tianhou or attacked his glabella, throat and other vital parts. As for Rain Demon, he was responsible for a fatal attack. He didn’t easily make a move, but once he made a move, it would be fatal.

The four great experts with different styles jointly launched a wave after wave of attacks.

Qing Tianhou was very powerful, he was absolutely unstoppable under Half Sage realm, but this time, he was having a hard time. Not long after, several bloody wounds began to appear on his body. In this one against four battle where two of them were Half Sage realm experts and all four had unique techniques, the pressure on Qing Tianhou multiplied. But, Qing Tianhou was Qing Tianhou, even if he was in a disadvantageous position, he fearlessly fought back. The four experts were unable to deal a fatal blow on him. If this drags on, then after they used up their power, the situation would reverse.

In terms of cultivation base, if Qing Tianhou claimed to be the second among Half Sage realm experts, then even State Jiang Tunsheng wouldn’t dare to calm to be first; in terms of endurance, no one could compare to him who had come from the Outer World. Even if they dragged on, they would be the one to die due to exhaustion!

The onlookers made remarks in succession and their countenance changed.

All of them could see the power of these four experts. No need to talk about Half Sage realm Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo and Plague Archfiend Abasi, even peak Daoist Master realm Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon were a force to be reckoned with. These loose cultivators and devils were inferior to them. But, even with the cooperation of these four, they were unable to inflict a fatal injury to Qing Tianhou, how powerful was this fellow?

The expression of Plague Archfiend also changed. This situation was anything but reassuring. After hesitating for a bit, he took a dangerous risk. He transformed into Three Eyed Toad, and opening his mouth, he spat out his essence flame, which engulfed Qing Tianhou. The ground under the latter’s feet instantly turned into magma.

After hesitating for a long time, Plague Archfiend finally used his killer move.

“Humph, turned out to be a Three Eyed Toad!”

Qing Tianhou coldly snorted. Then, he suddenly flew out of the flame and instantly appeared above Plague Archfiend. After that, he chopped down at his forehead. Others might fear magma, but he didn’t even bat an eyelid, he was treating the magma like normal ground.

The Golden Stick suddenly swept over along with a golden light, blocking the halberd of Qing Tianhou.

Diamond Ape King timely made a move to resist the attack of Qing Tianhou.

At that time, a blade glimmering with pallid light shot towards the heart of Qing Tianhou from behind; and at the same time, countless vines appeared from the ground and blotted out the sky.

Rain Demon and Old Demon of Mount Yin also rushed over and launched a fierce attack using all their strength.

Qing Tianhon’s expression became cold. He then swayed and instantly writhed away like a snake from an impossible angle, quickly retreating far away. He then jumped back more than ten meters and nearly collided with the onlooking crowds at one side. After suddenly retreating, his halberd shone brightly as he prepared to make a deadly counterattack.

The onlooking crowd hastily retreated in succession.

Especially those people who nearly collided with Qing Tianhou, they looked deathly pale and sweated profusely as they crawled and rolled far away from this place.

Qing Tianhou could do nothing about the joint attack of these four experts and was forced to retreat here. This absolutely was throwing a meat-stuffed bun at a dog.

A hint of pallid light flashed and suddenly stabbed towards the heart of Qing Tianhou from the back.

When everyone was hastily retreating, a person however suddenly rushed towards Qing Tianhou and attacked with his sharp sword.

The old devil Zhong Moli who was lurking in the midst of the onlookers gritted his teeth and after seizing a flying sword of a loose cultivator, he attacked Qing Tianhou. Even when he was just one meter away, Qing Tianhou was busy facing Diamond Ape King and others, this was a very rare chance!

Sure enough, Qing Tianhou was caught unprepared. The sharp sword stabbed his back, but the moment the sword pierced through his body, Qing Tianhou unexpectedly turned around and the sword in the hand of Zhong Moli broke into pieces. Then, with his eyes flashing with cold radiance, Qing Tianhou ferociously attacked with his halberd before the old devil Zhong Moli had time to react.

“Zhong Moli, who do you think you are? You actually dare to make a move against this Lord Hou, I will kill you, traitor!”

Qing Tianhou was furious. He ignored the piece of blade stuck in his bloody back and immediately made a killing move again.


The physical body of this fellow is so doughty, this simply is abnormal!

The onlooking people turned pale with fright. Buzz, the halberd in the hand of Qing Tianhou vibrated as it slashed towards the old devil Outlying Islands Sanren. He didn’t have time to dodge and he could only watch the blade approaching him.

Along with the angry roars, the four experts rushed over and attacked.

Diamond Ape King jumped up and ferociously swing his Golden Stick towards the head of Qing Tianhou. Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon also initiated their strongest move. Qing Tianhou gritted his teeth. He had no choice but to give up on this prey, Outlying Islands Sanren. He swayed and dodged the attacks of Old Demon of Mount Yin and Rain Demon, then used the halberd to block the attack of Diamond Ape King.

Now, the old devil Zhong Moli also joined the battle, but Qing Tianhou was unexpectedly able to withstand the join attacks of these five great experts.

The onlookers were shocked and frightened. Qing Tianhou, this fellow was ferocious and abnormal. Since even this was unable to kill him, once he broke through to Sage realm, who in the Wilderness World can be his opponent?

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