Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 542

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 542: Reunion

After running crazily for half an hour, Ye Chuan and Diamond Ape King finally arrived in front of the fourth grave marked on the sea Demon Mark. The contest between the two of them was also over.

After leaving the God Burial Valley, Ye Chuan had paid special attention to strengthen his physical body. He had tempered his physical body again and again. Thus, compared to the other experts in the same realm, his physical body was exceptionally powerful and his speed was also extraordinary. But, compared to this Diamond Ape King, he still had a long way to go. Even though he raised his speed to the extreme limit, Diamond Ape King was able to keep up.

The two waited for a while and the old devil finally arrived. His face was red and was panting.

Ye Chuan didn’t immediately enter this cave. He carefully observed this fourth grave first.

This grave was not big. On the surface, it was no different from the surrounding ordinary graves. But, upon a closer look, one could see that many unknown types of wildflowers were grown on this grave. It was full of vitality. There was also a tombstone in front of this grave, but someone had cut into two pieces. Putting those two pieces together, one could see that the word “Poinsettia” was carved on it.

What does it mean?

A gloomy and ice-cold grave is actually called poinsettia?

Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo exclaimed, but Ye Chuan and the old devil Zhong Moli just remained silent. They felt that this grave was strange and their heart was restless.

“Let’s go!”

After hesitating for a bit, Ye Chuan took the initiative to enter the dark tombpassage.

Other than anonymous wildflowers grown all over, there were many footsteps around this grave. Clearly, many loose cultivators and devils had also come here. Their aura was still lingering in the air. This showed that they were here until just a moment ago. It seems that they were late.

Ye Chuan was worried about the safety of Zhu Sijia, Tuoba Xiaoniao and others. And after he boldly entered, the old devil Zhong Moli and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo also closely followed after him.

After feeling as if the sky and earth were spinning, the three people arrived at another world.

When they opened their eyes, they saw bright red everywhere. There were big red flowers everywhere. On the ground, there were countless vines, bushes and weeds. But, all of them had red flowers of various size. Some just had a nail-sized red flower, but some had a washbasin-sized red flower. The red color decorated the entire world. In addition, there was a strong fragrance of flowers in the air.

At first glance, this bright red grave world looked strangely beautiful, but upon a second look, one would feel that these flowers were too red in color. This red color was so bewitching that it made one feel restless. Even the fragrance of flowers in the air also made people feel somewhat strange.

Ye Chuan stood still. He had boldly entered the grave, but upon seeing this unusually bewitching strange world, he became very careful.

At that time, a cold wind blew over and the red flowers swayed as pleasant fragrance assailed their nose. In an instant, they felt as if thousands of charming women wearing red cloth were coming towards them.

Oh! Ye Chuan issued a thunderous roar and alertly said, “Be careful, this is an illusory formation!”

Ye Chuan was very experienced, he quickly sensed the danger.

This world of red flowers was unusually beautiful, but if one stares at these red flowers for a long time, one would lose oneself into an illusion. Compared to the previous three grave worlds, this grave world was especially dangerous. The entire grave world was a mixture of truth and falsehood. Even Ye Chuan was unable to differentiate which flower was real and which flower was fake.

The old devil Zhong Moli and Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo woke up with a start and started to sweat profusely. If it was not for Ye Chuan’s warning, they might have truly lost themselves in an illusion.

Another cold wind blew over, bringing along vague screaming and fighting sounds.

Ye Chuan carefully listened and suddenly rushed towards the north, “Over there, follow me!”

The old devil and Diamond Ape King immediately followed. They didn’t dare to be careless. Not to mention the old devil Zhong Moli who would not dare to go west if Ye Chuan instructed him to go east as he was already convinced by the means of Ye Chuan, even Diamond Ape King whose strength was far higher than Ye Chuan similarly obeyed his order. He had never left the Golden Kingdom before. He had always believed that the Golden Kingdom was the entire world and he was omnipotent in the past. But now that he was outside, he learned that there was always the sky beyond a sky and he had many shortcomings. If he was careless, then he wouldn’t even know how he died.

For Diamond Ape King who had never left Golden Kingdom, Wilderness World was a foreign world, and every step was especially dangerous!

Ye Chuan brandished Iron Blooded Banner and rush ahead in the front. The other two closely followed him behind.

But, even after half an hour, there was no change in the scenery around them as if they were standing still. But, along the way, they met many unfortunate fellows. Many loose cultivators and devils who had entered before them had already fallen in the illusory formation. Some were circling around a red flower until they collapse in exhaustion; some had lost their mind and were crazily killing each other. There were some fellows who unexpectedly rushed towards Ye Chuan’s group, the result, Ye Chuan didn’t even need to make a move. Diamond Ape King crushed them to death in one move.

Now, Diamond Ape King had the Golden Stick. It was the main supporting pillar of Golden Kingdom and also a powerful great killing weapon. It used to be the weapon of ancient Golden Great Monarch. It alone weights hundreds of thousands jin, and with the addition of the innate extraordinary strength of Diamond Ape King, its power was terrifying. No matter how many ordinary loose cultivators and devils rushed towards them, they would be crushed to death. Unfortunately, since the crucial Golden Seal was taken away by Qing Tianhou, many powerful techniques couldn’t be displayed.

The three people accelerated, and after another half an hour, they finally caught up to a large group.

In this valley full of bright red flowers, numerous loose cultivators and devils were fighting for a kind of flower growing on the cliff. These flowers were especially bright-colored and their appearance vaguely resembled a young girl’s face. After obtaining these flowers, some hastily used a technique to store them, preparing to use them for refining pills after leaving this place, and some were hastily squeezing them into their mouth and swallow them whole, then their energy fluctuation would instantly increase vastly.

“Demonic Vermillion Flower, Your Excellency, these are the legendary Demonic Vermillion Flowers!”

The old devil exclaimed in excitement and his gaze became fanatic.

In the Overseas World, there were legends of many worldly treasures. Among them, there was a legend about Demonic Vermillion Flowers, this kind of especially bewitching flowers in front of them. According to the legend, this flower could not only solidify the foundation, vastly increasing the cultivation, after swallowing it, one would also stay young forever. In addition, it could even resurrect the dead and heal any kind of injury. This old devil was already fed up hearing this kind of legends as he thought that they were just a legend, this kind of treasure wouldn’t exist in this world! But, beyond his expectation, the legendary Demonic Vermillion Flowers truly appeared before his eyes.

Diamond Ape King tightly held Golden Stick and was eager to make a move. Ye Chuan was also excited, but not because of this legendary flower that could make one stay young forever, rather he saw a few familiar figures.

In this valley, Qing Tianhou with his halberd was unstoppable, but now, some people were fighting against him. His opponents were none other than Rain Demon, Old Demon of Mount Yin and Plague Archfiend. In this one against three battle, he still held the absolute advantage. Old Demon of Mount Yin and others were forced to a corner and were in danger.

After a lot of hardships and waiting, they finally reunited!

Ye Chuan was excited. He then circulated Heaven Swallowing Talismans within his body and released his energy fluctuation with great fighting spirit!

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