Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 540

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 540: Golden Stick

Compared to Ye Chuan, the old devil was even more nervous.

After they were intercepted by the Super Electric Eel, the remaining apes and monkeys quickly thought of a way. They roared and threw heavy rocks at them. And with hundreds of such rocks flying towards them, how could he block?

Even if those rocks were blocked, after these rocks fell into the water, they would become a foothold for these apes to rush over to this boulder. At that time, a fierce battle would occur!

The heartbeat of Ye Chuan also accelerated upon seeing the movement of those apes.

If he missed this chance to break out, would he have a second chance?

Ye Chuan had to consider this issue. Now, since the most powerful Diamond Ape King was down, it was the best chance to break out of the encirclement, but if he left just like this, then he would miss this opportunity to have a super expert.

Looking around, Ye Chuan quickly thought of a way. He used a technique, preparing to put collapsed Diamond Ape King away into his Cyan Lotus Space. After it was confined into Cyan Lotus Space, this fellow would have nowhere to run and he would eventually tame it.

A cyan light flashed and the Diamond Ape King was shrouded with a layer of cyan light, but, just before it was put away, this fellow woke up. Its gaze was somewhat blurred for a moment, then it knelt in front of Ye Chuan, frightening the old devil, and said, “Golden Kingdom’s defender, Jin Teluo, pays respect to Your Excellency!”

The ferocious Diamond Ape King was finally subdued by Ye Chuan. Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, this technique truly didn’t disappoint him. Henceforth, his Yao Beast Legion has another expert. Ye Chuan had always wanted an expert who could take the role of the vanguard and he finally found it.

Rain Demon was good at assassination, Old Demon of Mount Yin Rhodes was good at the chaotic battle, surprise attack and scheming, and Plague Archfiend Abase’s strength was superior, but he was somewhat similar to Old Demon of Mount Yin, he was more adept in a chaotic battle. But, the addition of this Diamond Ape King filled up the deficiencies of Yao Beast Legion. Hereafter, even if they encountered a powerful expert, they would be able to charge ahead!

Ye Chuan was very excited. As for the old devil who was standing beside him, he had his eyes wide open in disbelief, and soon after that, he also became excited. As for the monkeys and apes with dense killing intent at the edge of the pond, they put down the rocks and the fierce battle quickly ended.

“Jin Teluo, what did you say? This is Golden Kingdom? Where is the gold?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, this world is called Golden Kingdom. All the treasures here are made up of gold. But, hatefully, practically everything has been robbed, even the Golden Seal has been robbed.” The Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo replied. When he mentioned the treasures of Golden Kingdom, this guardian was filled with detest.

“Who robbed it?” Ye Chuan asked.

“It was that young man holding a halberd. In addition, after taking away the Golden Sea, he even cut off the stone pillar with one slash!”

The Diamond Ape King hatefully said. Ye Chuan immediately understood, sure enough, it was that fellow Qing Tianhou.

Speaking about Qing Tianhou, the countenance of this ferocious Diamond Ape King changed. There was even a hint of fear in his eyes. He had a lingering fear of Qing Tianhou’s sword techniques. He had long tempered his physical body so much that his physical body was nearly invulnerable. Average people with a sword couldn’t even hurt a single strand his fur even if he stood still. But, Qing Tianhou was completely different, his one slash would draw blood. The injuries on his body were left behind by Qing Tianhou.

“What kind of treasure is Golden Seal? What kind of power does it have?” Ye Chuan frowned and asked again.

Qing Tianhou was already powerful enough, now that he had seized an ancient treasure, Ye Chuan feared that his combat power would rise even further and State Teacher Jiang Tunsheng might not be able to suppress him. Moreover, if he broke through to Sage realm, that would be even more troublesome. Not to mention Cloud Mist Sect would be in danger, the entire mainland might be shrouded in his shadow. Even the mighty Daqin Dynasty might be defeated and fall.

Wilderness World is chaotic and the situation is already in disorder, but Qing Tianhou who had come from the Outer World might make this great chaos befall in advance!

I don’t have much time!

Ye Chuan took a deep breath as he felt a heavy pressure.

“Golden Seal is a peerless treasure left behind by the ancient Golden Great Monarch. After one thoroughly refined it, one can control Golden Kingdom to confine enemies. After that, one can use the power of restrictions to crush them to death. Your Excellency, wait a minute.”

The Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo suddenly turned around and left. He walked to the front of the golden pillar located at the center of the underground square. He then hugged this thick stone pillar.

What does he want to do?

Was he unwilling to leave this place, or……

Ye Chuan and the old devil were somewhat confused, but in the next moment, they had their eyes wide open.

The Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo suddenly exerted strength and shook this golden pillar. It appeared as if he wanted to uproot this golden pillar.

Has this ape gone crazy?

The two were shocked. The numerous apes and monkeys around were also shocked. They then roared as if they were excited.

The ground suddenly shook. The Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo however just roared and continued to shake this huge golden pillar, which in turn, shook this entire underground square.

What kind of innate strength is this?


The pupils of Ye Chuan shrunk, and he was shocked in his heart. Every time he condensed a Heaven Swallowing Talisman, he could gain the strength of 18,000 jin. Now, he had ten Heaven Swallowing Talismans, so he had the strength of 180,000 jin, which was sufficient to defeat all the experts of the same realm. But. Compared to this Diamond Ape King, he was inferior. This guardian of Golden Kingdom, the king of Diamond Apes, truly was amazing!


The Diamond Ape King roared and along with the shaking of the ground, he truly uprooted the golden pillar. And immediately after it was uprooted, many runes on this huge golden pillar shone and this huge golden pillar began to shrink, instantly becoming a golden stick that was as tall as a human. And at the same time, the entire underground square swayed and many cracks began to appear on the ground, in addition, big and small pieces of rocks and muds began to fall down from above.

This huge underground cave began to collapse.

“Your Excellency, this place is collapsing, we must leave!”

The Diamond Ape King Jin Teluo called out to Ye Chuan, then roared. After that, numerous apes and monkeys rushed into the time and space gate, quickly leaving this grave world.

Ye Chuan and the old devil also didn’t dare to waste time, they quickly rush over. Along with rumbling sounds, large and small pieces of mud and rocks fell from above and the entire pond was completely buried. At that time, a silver light flew out of the pond and entered into the body of Ye Chuan.

The Super Electric Eel was fast. It flew out just before the pond was completely buried.

“Let’s go!”

Looking back at the magnificent underground square one last time, Ye Chuan yelled and entered into the time and space gate. The old devil and Diamond Ape King quickly followed after him. And after the three of them left, the entire underground square thoroughly collapsed along with a loud rumbling sound.

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