Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 54

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 54: Wife, don’t worry

In a sect, other than old ancestors who are in seclusion all year around, often, the cultivation of Sect Master is strongest. And just like Cloud Mist Sect’s Sect Master Yun Feiwu, although he had gone out to travel and hadn’t returned for many years, moreover it was not clear if he was dead or alive, but the sect’s influence still exists. But Black Cauldron Sect’s Old Monster Tong Bi was the exception, allegedly his cultivation was above current Sect Master Tuoba Xiong. Even temperamental Tuoba Xiong who considered himself the best in the world often concede to him to some degree.

Seeing the figure of Old Monster Tong Bi, the eyes of Black Cauldron Sect’s personnel simultaneously lit up.

With Protector Elder personally here, where can Ye Chuan run to now?

Tuoba Xiaoniao didn’t express anything, but Hong Lie roared with laughter. Just now, he had practically suffered a defeat and nearly died in the hands of Ye Chuan, moreover he had greatly lost his face in the public, so now, he wanted to see how Ye Chuan would die!

“Who are you?”

Seeing Old Monster Tong Bi blocking his way, Ye Chuan asked calm and composed, as if he was entirely unaware of dangerous situation he was in. And again after a series of crackling sound, he circulated Heaven Swallowing Talisman and straightened his body, indifferently facing the pressure of this old man squarely.


Old Monster Tong Bi was somewhat surprised, then looking Ye Chuan up and down several times, as if a cat that had caught a mouse, he laughed, “Elder Tong Bi, this one is Great Protector Elder of Black Cauldron Sect, you can call me Your Excellency Elder, or you can also call me Old Monster Tong Bi, gagaga, I think you have heard about my reputation, when I am in good mood, I kill people for fun, and when I am in bad mood, I also kill people. Boy, are you scared? Gagaga……”

Old Monster Tong Bi laughed strangely, but Ye Chuan didn’t even bat an eyelid. But hearing these words, the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect were frightened secretly. Even overbearing Hong Lie secretly had his throat dried. This old man Old Monster Tong Bi had an eccentric and terrifying reputation within the Black Cauldron Sect.

“Old Monster Tong Bi, is it? Sorry, never heard of it.” Ye Chuan replied.

Instantly, people were dumbstruck, and Old Monster Tong Bi’s laughter also ceased abruptly, and his expression became incomparably splendid. He was surprised, and his face became red, then got angry. After that ferociously walking a step forward, he ferociously said: “Brat, are you seriously tired of living?”

The angry Old Monster Tong Bi looked even more frightening. His beard rose, and the bronze cauldron he was carrying on his shoulder buzzed, as if about to brutally smash head on.

Seeing the circumstance was bad, the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect secretly retreated, fearing the disaster would fall onto them too. Ye Chuan nevertheless didn’t even bat an eyelid, and he suddenly felt a slight reaction in his heart, then raising his head, he looked towards the distant horizon and said indifferently, “Old man, it’s not me who is tired of living, it’s you. Looking at your cultivation, it seems it was not easy for you to reach your current cultivation realm, still return back and cultivate properly. I am not interested to argue with an old man who already has his one leg in the grave.”

Old Monster Tong Bi considered himself best in the world, but just with a single glance, Ye Chuan discovered that he was already a setting sun, his lifespan was already exhausted.

Once one breakthrough and reach Xiushi realm, cultivators would leave the category of mortal, and their lifespan would vastly increase. And after cultivator reach Daoist Master realm, their lifespan would increase further, but it was still limited. Although Old Monster Tong Bi was powerful, but he had not reached the point of heaven defying realm where he could free himself from limited lifespan.

“Brat, you……”

Old Monster Tong Bi was startled and was also angry, he didn’t know whether Ye Chuan was speaking thoughtlessly or talking nonsense, but seriously asking his own heart, he knew that he was in great trouble. Then stepping forward once again, he ferociously said: “Now, I will give you two choice, either destroy your cultivation, or obediently come with me to Black Cauldron Sect and become my item refining boy. And after you attend me nicely, I might take you as my disciple, aren’t you very lucky, gagaga!”

Old Monster laughed strangely, suddenly not wanting to kill people.

Although the cultivation of Ye Chuan was not up to much, but his identity was not ordinary. If he was able to seize the Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect and make him item refining boy, then wouldn’t it be more amusing than directly killing Ye Chuan.

“Item refining boy? Old man, do you know item refining?” Ye Chuan sneered, and once more looked towards the horizon. Moreover in the sky, don’t know when, but indistinct heat waves were spreading.

Before, when he was able to conceal the heaven with only his hand, Ye Chuan naturally had everything he had wanted. If he wanted to refine pills, he would just send someone to grab Alchemy King of that time, and if he wanted to refine an item, then all of the most skilled item refining Great Masters would be round up at one fell swoop and would be brought to him. And now, talking about the attainments of items refining, this Old Monster Tong Bi was not qualified to even lift his shoes.

“Good boy, did you say something, within the radius of 8000 li, if I do not understand, then who understands?” Old Monster Tong Bi laughed in anger, and his two eyes increasingly became red, beginning to go berserk.

“Seemingly far away, actually close at hand.” Ye Chuan answered.

He spoke frankly, merely in the eyes of the people, this nevertheless was bragging unblushingly, no, was tired of living and was courting death.

The Big Senior Apprentice-Brother of Cloud Mist Sect Ye Chaun is stupid, and his cultivation is also trivial. This was something that was widely known by everybody already at an earlier time. Although he was suddenly enlightened recently, making the conspiracy of Black Cauldron Sect unable to succeed, but it was just this and nothing more. His cultivation was still at Wuzhe realm, which was inferior to even ordinary inner disciples. And when did anyone hear Ye Chuan knowing item refining?

Now, he was speaking like this in front of Old Monster Tong Bi, wasn’t that just tired of living and courting death?

“Haha, good, good, boy, I want to give you a way to live, but you insist on courting death! Good, I will fulfill your wish!”

Old Monster Tong Bi was so angry that he laughed, then he suddenly threw that bronze cauldron he was carrying on his shoulder. Over ten thousand jin weight bronze cauldron ferociously smashed towards Ye Chuan, quickly and ruthlessly wanted to directly smash Ye Chuan into a meat pulp.

“Crush him to death, crush him to death!” The gaze of Hong Lie become scorching hot, and the personnel of Black Cauldron Sect excitedly cheered loudly, only the eyes of Tuoba Xiaoniao flashed with a trace of unable to bear, and her mouth moved as if wanted to say something, but the heavy bronze cauldron had instantly reached above Ye Chuan, and even if she wanted to stop, it was already too late.

Raising his hand, Old Monster Tong Bi didn’t leave even a bit of leeway. Once he said kill, he would kill, really was an absolutely lawless temperamental person. If he was not the devil, then he surpassed devil, compared to many rampaging Great Devil of Wilderness, he was still more terrible!

Scorching hot heat waves suddenly spread out in the sky.

When all the people believed that Ye Chuan would certainly die without any doubt, and wanted to see how he dies, a shadow suddenly rushed out from the dark, then stretching out his hand, he firmly stopped the bronze cauldron that was dropping down from the sky. Over ten thousand jin heavy bronze cauldron was unexpectedly stopped by the hand. And the bright red flame emitted from that palm melted this heavy bronze cauldron into liquid in front of everyone present.

Fire of Scorching Sun!

At the critical moment, Flame Devil quickly rushed over, blocking the deadly strike of Old Monster Tong Bi.

Because of the connection between two people, Ye Chuan already had predicted this, but the people of Black Cauldron Sect were greatly surprised. Seeing Flame Devil’s plain clothing, wide bamboo hat on his head and muddy cloth shoes, he completely looked like an old farmer. He was nothing special to look at, but his cultivation was heaven defying which greatly shocked everyone! And the complexion of Old Monster Tong Bi also became solemn.

“Noble son, old slave arrived late.” Flame Devil bowed towards Ye Chuan and apologized humbly. When Ye Chuan didn’t return even though it was dark, Fatty Zhao Dazhi as instructed immediately went to look for Flame Devil. And after he learned of it, he immediately went to look for Ye Chuan, and following the reaction from their connection, he timely arrived here.

“Not late, you came just in time, now let’s go. Wife, don’t worry, we will inevitably have our wedding night one day.”

Ye Chuan looked at Tuoba Xiaoniao who was standing among the crowd, then said with an evil smile. After that, he turned around to leave with Flame Devil.

“Brat, Great Competition is coming, at that time, I will definitely kill you in the life and death arena!” Hong Lie gritted his teeth. He had never thought that Ye Chuan would be able to escape this calamity like this. He resented Ye Chuan in his heart. But seeing Flame Devil behind Ye Chuan, he didn’t dare to chase after him.

“I will accompany you at any time!”

Ye Chuan indifferently answered, and not even looking at Hong Lie, he swaggered off.

Behind, the people of Black Cauldron Sect had ugly complexion. Even the Old Monster Tong Bi was also same. His two eyes were continuously staring at Flame Devil with big bamboo hat, while mumbling, “He is? Don’t tell me that, it really is him? But how could this be……”

Old Monster Tong Bi vaguely recognized the identity of Flame Devil, but in an instant, he was unable to believe it, and suspected that he was misjudging. Cloud Mist Sect has a long history, perhaps before Sect Master Yun Feiwu went out to travel, he left a guardian master beside Big Senior Apprentice-Brother Ye Chuan, this was also a possibility.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter! The old sect master must have been way stronger than the other two sects if a rank 5 Daoist Master is someone he could have left as a guard.

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