Storm in the Wilderness, Chapter 539

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Man Huang Feng Bao, Chapter 539: Put one’s all into the fight

In the blink of an eye, the small pond was filled with ferocious apes and monkeys. In addition, more and more apes and monkeys were still rushing over in succession, and the pond and its surroundings were completely crowded with apes and monkeys. With this kind of encirclement, even a Half Sage expert might find it difficult to break out.

Ye Chuan took a glance at the time and space gate and his heart became heavier and heavier.

From this pond, the time and space gate beside the golden pillar was roughly 300 meters away. Even if he was alone, it might be difficult to break out of this encirclement and rush to that time and space gate using Peerless Style Technique let alone bringing along injured old devil Outlying Islands Sanren.

Dong, dong, dong…… a series of heavy footsteps came.

The apes and monkeys around quickly moved to two sides, making a way. Then, Diamond Ape King stepped towards the pond. Although its entire body was dripping with blood and its injuries had worsened, its killing intent was soaring as if a mad god of slaughter.

Upon seeing this, even the experienced old devil was nervous and asked with a pale face, “Your Excellency, what should we do?”

“I have a way, you just wait for my orders!”

Ye Chuan lowered his voice. His right hand was severely injured and he was unable to use it, thus he could no longer contend against the Diamond Ape King. This situation was very bad, but he was still very calm and his eyes were blazing like a torch.

The more critical the situation, the calmer Ye Chuan became.

This action of hastily leading the old devil to hide in this small pond was not a reckless act in desperation, rather there was a deeply hidden killer move. Naturally, Ye Chuan was also uncertain whether this killer move would work or not in this critical moment, so he was also equally tense. This Diamond Ape King was honestly too powerful!

The Diamond Ape King was getting closer and closer. When it reached the edge of the pond, it stopped and ferociously glared at Ye Chuan and the old devil.

A powerful pressure descended from the air and the killing intent was even stronger.

The old devil sweated profusely. He wanted to become calm like Ye Chuan, but the hand holding Iron Blooded Banner involuntarily trembled.

If they fell into the hands of this cruel Diamond Ape King, then they had only one end, death!

“Boy, you are really strong, you are the third person that was actually able to take me head-on!”

The Diamond Ape King suddenly opened its mouth. Its voice was loud and strong. “But, since you break into the territory of our Diamond Apes, you need to die.”

“As for the other two experts, were they a young man with halberd and a middle-aged man with a bow?” Ye Chuan asked.

“Yes, you know them?”

The Diamond Ape King was surprised, soon after that, it laughed, “Hahaha, this is better, since those two fellows have left after snatching our Golden Seal, you will stay behind and pay for it!”

The Diamond Ape King roared and jumped into the pond. It then rushed towards Ye Chuan and the old devil with dense killing intent.

Ye Chuan however stood still. He was very calm. As for the old devil beside him, he however was very nervous and firmly held Iron Blooded Banner, “Your Excellency……”

“Don’t move!”

The eyes of Ye Chuan were blazing like a torch, staring coldly at the ferocious Diamond Ape King. 20 meters, 15 meters……, the Diamond Ape King was getting closer and closer.

The old devil forcibly suppressed his impulse to make a move and obeyed the instruction of Ye Chuan. But, looking at this ferocious Diamond Ape King getting closer and closer, his teeth chattered. Not only was he very nervous, he was also clearly afraid like never before.

Ye Chuan however still stood still, letting Diamond Ape King approach. But, when the latter was less than 10 meters away, his eyes flashed as he suddenly made a move.

A hint of sliver light suddenly flew out from within the body of Ye Chuan and entered the waters at lightning speed.

The footsteps of Diamond Ape King stopped. When its big eyes had caught the sight of that silver light, it felt danger, but in the next moment, it forcibly suppressed that feeling and continued to advance, then exerting strength in its toes, it prepared to jump over.

But, at that time, the calm water surface suddenly seethed.

And before the Diamond Ape King could jump, bolts of lightning suddenly appeared on the water surface and formed a lightning net.

Super Electric Eel!

Ye Chuan had summoned the Super Electric Eel, this was his final killer move!

On the land, this Super Electric Eel was not much stronger than an ordinary Evil Eyed Cow Demon, but in places with water, it was powerful enough to become an overlord of waters.


The Diamond Ape King screamed and its body trembled. All of its furs also stood erect, then it fell into the water with a bang.

Although its physical body was doughty enough, it had yet to break out from the limits of the physical body. In addition, suddenly encountering lightning bolts in the water, its entire body was numb and paralyzed.

“Zhong Moli, quickly seize it, catch it alive!”

Ye Chuan roared. Immediately afterward, the old devil grabbed the empty void and pulled the Diamond Ape King over.

“Well done!”

Ye Chuan immediately used a technique and dripped a drop of essence blood into the forehead of this Diamond Ape King.

Escaping from this ancient grave world was nothing, even obtaining the treasures was nothing, but, being able to tame this Diamond Ape King using Yao Refining Heaven Swallowing Secrets, this was the true harvest!

Ye Chuan was also seriously injured, but at the critical moment, he took the risk of losing his life to tame this fellow!

A Diamond Ape King whose strength was far above him, if he tamed it, then he would have another strong follower whose strength as even higher than Plague Archfiend Abasi!

During danger, Ye Chuan would always be very cautious, but when the opportunity arises, he was bolder than anyone, he would dare to take the risk to grasp that opportunity.

Along with angry roars, the numerous apes and monkeys around rushed forward in succession.

But, on the water surface, there were many crackling bolts of lightning. All the apes and monkeys that stepped into the water became numb and paralyzed without exception. And in an instant, numerous apes and monkeys fell and the remaining fellows were so frightened that they didn’t dare to take a step forward. They just roared angrily at the edge of the pond.

On the rock located in the middle of the pond, the forehead of Ye Chuan was drenched with sweat as he dripped another drop of essence blood into the glabella of Diamond Ape King. If he successfully tamed this fellow, he could truly charge forward. But, if the taming failed, then the consequences would be grave. In such a close distance, if Diamond Ape King suddenly went on a rampage, then even the Super Electric Eel wouldn’t have time to help him.

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